IK Within a Circle Mark on Art Pottery Drip Mugs

by J.Robson Koenig
(Winthrop Harbor, IL, USA)

IK Within a Circle Mark on  Art Pottery Drip Mugs

IK Within a Circle Mark on Art Pottery Drip Mugs

IK Within a Circle Mark on Art Pottery Drip Mugs:- Found a set of brown drip pottery mugs. I cannot identify them. HELP, please! I have done research and research and research to no avail. I do not think they are anything too special, but when I buy something, I like to know about the items. It's really just a hobby of mine. I like thrift-storing and antiquing; I have even been known to do a little dumpster diving. These are your average stoneware brown drip pottery with a plain handle.

The rim’s of the mugs are a very light beige color and get darker as the glaze “drips.” They are pretty lightweight, so I do not think they are “earthenware” or “stoneware.” They seem to be made of just ordinary pottery clay, but I am no expert…that is why I am here. I am guessing they were made sometime during the seventies or eighties, or they could be older. To tell the truth, I had never seen the marking before and they were cheap, so I bought them.

Plus, my last name starts with a “K.” That added to the attraction of the mugs. At first glance, I thought they were either Hull or McCoy. When I turned them over, I was a little puzzled and pleased. I do like them, even though they are not Hull, McCoy, or my favorite: Van Briggle

So, here you go…these mystery mugs…

J.Robson Koenig

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Peter (admin) says:-


I don't know this mark nor is it shown in my books. Someone out there knows this mark, so let's hope they find us. The pottery mark looks as if it should be familiar.

For general free advice on how to research your collection, I wrote these pages:

My vintage and antique china values page

value of antiques.

Best regards

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IK within circle on cup (pictured)
by: John Taylor

The mark on the bottom of your cup is an abbreviated form (because of limited space) of that used by Kathy Kale for her brown drip dinnerware line. The full mark which appeared on larger pieces included "Kathy Kale" curved over the top of the circle and "USA" curved below. Ms. Kale is known to have worked for the Watt Pottery, and some "Town and Country" items from Hull Pottery included her logo on shipping cartons. Some collectors believe that she may have worked at the Nelson McCoy Pottery also. I have found no biographical information about her, though at least two generations of Kale potters are known from North Carolina. Pictures of her dinnerware (some with logos) are often posted on eBay and at other sites retrieved by a Google search for "Kathy Kale." --- Best wishes, John Taylor

great info, thanks
by: Nigel

Just a quick heads up to say how great this site is. Thanks Pete!

Thankks for saying thanks!
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Nigel

Thanks to Nigel for the heads-up, it means a lot.

Thanks a million to John for solving this one!!

John wins the 'Assist of the Week' award!

Peter (admin)

brown drip ware
by: Molly

In general, these brown cups/plates/bowls, etc. that have the lighter color "dripping" down the side are known as "brown drip". Other common makers of these were Hull and McKay. If you go on Ebay, and search under "brown drip" you will find a lot that are identical to the Kathy Kale line, by other makers. I love brown drip!

I K in circle
by: Marquita

I've got a chip and dip plate one piece about 11 to 12 inch in diameter. Wonder the value of it.

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