Incised U S A Marked China

by Jennifer
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Incised U S A Marked China

Incised U S A Marked China

Incised U S A Marked China:- I inherited my grandmothers china- I cannot find any like it, I dont know when she got it. I have a 16? serving set? or maybe its 2 9 servings?? I dont know but its ALOT of dishes the plates are ALL blank on the back so are the sugar bowls, but the cups all have USA on the bottom (see pics)-

can anyone help??




reply by Peter (admin) below - just scroll down...


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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Incised U S A Marked China

Hi Jennifer

Great photos and very interesting submission - thanks.

I'll start the debate rolling as there are several interesting points here.

We need a contribution from anyone who knows about US pottery companies. Although the set could be any US maker under the sun, I would first want to eliminate McCoy Potteries (even though these items don't look anything like the McCoy I have ever seen before).

Why McCoy? First, they were a prolific and popular maker in their day (and now collectible), so there is a good likelihood of their stuff being around. Second, with regard to marks, this plain USA mark is something they definitely were known for at different times in their
history. According to the McCoy Collectors Society, there are numerous ranges that were only marked “USA” in a very similar way to your lovely service. Thirdly, Although this doesn't look like what I know to be typical McCoy, who knows if they branched into this type of ware at some point?

A cautionary note though....

It may well not be them as it is so untypical. Please shout if you feel it may be another US maker.

Just a quick side note - there are people faking McCoy pottery nowadays, so be aware, particularly on ebay or other online retail sites. These fakes appear genuine, but look closely for signs of genuine aging and ware.

Trying to get a fix on the date on your mark. I know that for example, originally, McCoy marks were incised, but later were embossed (raised letters) as the glaze can tend to sometimes obscure the mark too much which is not a problem with the raised marks. This may have been a general trend amongst makers.

There must be other American potteries to look at - please post below if you know who this mark belongs to.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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by: Anonymous

I desperately need to find out if you got an answer - I have the same pattern and can't figure out who it is. Thanks in advance.

To Jennifer
by: Margaret

I think your beautiful china is Hazel by SCIO. It is my very favorite pattern.

by: Pam

These are the same dishes I inherited from my grandmother. They are made by SCIO. This is the Hazel Rose pattern.

Thank you so much!
by: Anonymous

I have spent hours trying to figure this out! I just bought 8 place settings plus serving bowls and a couple of small platters for $10!!

by: Whitley Colton

My husband and I (legally folks!) go through poor 'lil houses that have been long ago abandoned by their loved most cases as long ago as 40 or 50 years ago! (you've seen them ...the weathered falling down sad old looking places along the country roads and highways...sad looking places. But we give what's INSIDE of them NEW LIFE! (yes..we make sure there are no heirs, nobody wants them anymore and they are just left to ruin and remain empty.) Mother Nature has just taken over! So we go in and the treasures we find are AMAZING! We actually found an entire SET of these dishes and I thought to myself "good luck 'ol girl in finding out the maker of a set of dishes that just have "USA" on the bottom of them!" And within 10 minutes of being online (the least amount of time of ANYTHING I've looked up since OCTOBER ...HERE YOU ARE with the answer to my question. It's 4:AM here in Sarasota, FL and NOW my kitty cat Sissy and I can FINALLY go to SLEEP with smiles on our faces (my hubby passed out LONG ago! THANKS AGAIN! I am just tickled to pieces..who'd a thunk! January 26, 2013 if anyone is looking to add some to their set!

Why Thank You - Made My Day
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Whitley

Coming from the UK, I was totally fascinated by your time-capsule story of empty untouched abandoned houses in lonely country places left to their own devices and the effects of time. I could hear the creaking doors and feel the very cobwebs! What treasure troves you must find! Any house left empty for even a short while in the UK would be cleared one way or another. Normally 'the other', unlike your honest ways.

Glad you found the answer to your mystery and took the trouble to write in and tell us. Made my day.

I tried to find out a bit more about Scio as this name is totally unknown in the UK.

I could find hardly anything apart from in my little book of "1000 names on American pottery", they were named after the town of Scio in Ohio where they were based and operated from 1932 - 1985. They mainly put just the plain USA mark on the base, but did have a brand of crockery called "Golden Wheat". Apparently they made vases with a "Mercury" pottery mark.

Peter (admin)

Hazel pattern
by: Anonymous

I am looking for a gravy boat and salt and pepper shakers for this pattern. My email is

by: Anonymous

I have been able to secure nearly 30 dinner plates, 8 bread places, 10 saucers, 10 Betty bowls, 3 creamers and 2 sugar bowls. Along with these, 15 coffee cups. The cups are three different shapes...part of them identical except for the flowers inside near the rim; the ones different in shape have nothing inside. 2 sugar bowls are differently shaped than the other and one sugar bowl is shaped different. Perplexed!

I collect these, if anyone wants to sell
by: Kristina

I collect these and search all over. I started with pieces that were my grandmothers. If anyone is willing to part with items that match, email me at

scio china
by: Crystal Myers

Scio Pottery Company of Scio, Ohio was a family oriented business started by Lew Reese in 1933. The pottery was a major employer of Scio citizens at the time. The Hazel china pattern was first produced in 1948 and was named in honor of Lew Reese's wife, Hazel. Mr. Reese wanted everyday people to be able to afford fine china so it was unmarked to cut down on production cost. Pieces of this beautiful china was also given as complimentary gifts to customers of seed and grain stores. I have an original platter with the .69 and a vegetable serving bowl with the .49 prices still stamped on the bottom. I bought an 8 place serving of these beautiful dishes at a yard sale for $10 and have since added many pieces to my set and it is proudly displayed in my china cabinet.

Thank You For Your Info About Scio Pottery
by: Peter (admin)

Dear Crystal

Thank you so much for your informative contribution about this Scio Pottery. Once we have it on record here, it helps so many people - that's what this website is all about.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Love the Hazel SCIO dishes
by: Cindy

I started with a platter that my Mom had and have added more pieces over the years. I have had the most luck finding them at flea markets, Goodwill, consignment shops and etc. I have seen some at Antique stores, but the prices are always a lot higher. I use mine and get a lot of enjoyment from their beauty. Thanks for the history that I have read from others on this site!!

by: Bonnie

Can you tell me if you every figured out how much its worth and who makes it? Thanks Bonnie

Crazy search
by: Cristina W.

I have spent my day today trying to find anything about this China pattern. I received it from my mom and dad who had bought my great aunt’s home and this China was left in the cupboard and my mom didn’t want it. I brought it home and stuck it in a cupboard and didn’t really look at it until today when I was cleaning out the cupboards to rearrange my kitchen. I was thrown off on my search by a piece that was included with it that looks a lot like it but not exactly and has a Homer Laughlin Virginia Rose mark stamped on the bottom while none of the others had a mark at all. The sugar bowl does however have a stamp of what appears to be a number 56 on it. Not sure what that means. When I first received the China I thought it was kind of ugly but now that I’ve stared at it all day I really think it’s beautiful. I’m glad that I came upon this site after a Google image search.

Scio Pottery Co. Hazel pattern
by: Rhonda

Hi, I have been using mine every day since 1985, when I found my first piece in 1985. There have been variations of this pattern, some have the floral center (the ones I prefer), then there are the ones where the flowers are to the side, and there are the dishes that have the smaller flowers on them. I recently(Dec 2018)came across a set on eBay,in the box 16 pc. set, the box said Scio Pottery Co. but the name of the pattern was Florence (it had the larger flowers to the side of the plates), I think the box had a store label on it like Woolworth's. I found it quite interesting. I have been told that the Hazel pattern were giveaways were certain items were purchased, also that they were in detergent boxes also.The time period from my understanding was around the 1940's era.

Scio Hazel Dishes NEW
by: Anonymous

I too have started collecting these after buying the only 6 matching plates that my grandmother owned when I attended her estate sale after she passed away.I knew they had to be special to her as we were never allowed to eat from them when I was a fact I never knew that she had plates that matched..:). I don't believe they made a S & P shaker in the Hazel pattern.

Scio dishes NEW
by: Anonymous

After my husband and I married in 1975, I bought my first set of these dishes at Woolworths. They have been my prized dishes ever since. Last year I discovered a whole box full at Goodwill! They now have a home with me.

USA inscribed china set
by: Rosemary

I think I have the same set of USA inscribed in bottom. Gold rimmed. From great grandma. What are they worth? I'm curious.

China NEW
by: Lora

I have the exact same china! It was my husband’s grandmother’s. We have been searching for 20+ years and have not found any information on it. I will be following this. Hopefully one of us will find the maker!

Same set
by: Anonymous

I have the same pattern set, however none of mine are marked USA. They are all plain like the above plates. Does that mean anything?

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