Is this a Villeroy and Boch? Pottery Mark Photo

by Julie
(Grand Ledge, MI)

Is this a Villeroy and Boch? Pottery Mark Query:- Pottery Mark Photo

Is this a Villeroy and Boch? Pottery Mark Query:- Pottery Mark Photo

Is this a Villeroy and Boch? Pottery Mark Query:- I received a chocolate set from my father a few years ago. He picked it up at an auction sale, not because he thought it might be valuable, but because he knew I would love it. It has a mark that looks very similar to Villeroy and Boch, but I can't find an exact match of this mark. Is this set Villeroy and Boch? What time period? If not, do you have any ideas of other makers I should look at, or approximate years to consider?




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To: Is this a Villeroy and Boch? Pottery Mark Query

Hi Julie


A linguist has visited this pottery mark query and commented that, in her view this cannot be Villeroy & Boch simply for the fact that the word "est" which is an English abbreviation of "established" would never be used by a German maker as the word does not exist in German. The German word is "etabliert" and therefore would be abbreviated to "eta" or similar.

The similarity to V & B marks suggests to me a faker may be in operation. Whether it is a modern faker or older one would be suggested
by looking at the wares more closely. The Japanese post WW2 were good at this, as are the modern day Chinese.
end update {original answer continues below unedited}.....

Thanks for your interesting query, and for sending in some great photos. I really appreciate the time and trouble you took to contact the site and join the Newsletter friends.

The mark is probably not Villeroy & Boch in my humble opinion. Why?

Well, the earliest start date for Villeroy & Boch is normally given as 1748 when François Boch began manufacturing ceramic tableware in the village of Audun-le-Tiche in the Duchy of Lorraine.

As far as I can see from the picture, the date says 'Est. 1828'?

Although the pottery mark is very similar to the many variations of the circular V & B marks, I have never before seen a genuine Villeroy & Boch mark without the extra markings of V & B or Mettlach. The detail is also different.

So while I can tell you who the maker isn't, unfortunately I can't tell you who it is.

I hope this helps you with your very nice set.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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by: Cee

Another clue ...

EST as abbreviation for "established" is an English abbreviation, neither German nor French have this. As a linguist I would conclude that it cannot be V&B.

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Mystery Mark
by: Ruby

I also have apiece with this same mark. It is a 3 footed large (5" x 5.5") lidded jar with hand painted flowers & gilt trim. I thought German or Austrian? Did you ever find out who made it?


Is this a Villeroy and Boch?

by: Anonymous

I have a piece of china with this mark also! It is a 9 1/2 inch floral pitcher with cobalt blue and gold trim. Did anyone discover the company's name that produces this china?


by: Anonymous

I have a set of this also? Has anyone found the name or maker? Thanks!

me too

by: Anonymous

I just bought a set with this mark as well...anyone solve the mystery?

Me too!

by: Tammy

I also have this set and would like to find out about it. I am hoping someone can help us.

I have the same Chocolate set

by: Cheri

My mother has given it to me and it was her mothers before she died. My mother told me she was once offered $800. for it but I don't know if it has any value or not. I'd love to know, I am interested in selling it for my mother since she is moving into an assisted living home.

re: set

by: Kathy

I bought the entire set many years ago on eBay. I am still looking for the manufacturer of this set. Has anyone had any luck doing so? Thank you.


maker mark
by: cripplecreekcollectibles

This is new mark, fake mark from asia. Probably Chinese. trying to fool people into thinking it is a Villeroy and Boch mark or just think its old. If you look at the quality of the painting work, Mainly on the handles and blue trim you will notice the work is done very fast. Not good quality work at all.

Porcelain reproduction mark
by: Anonymous

The mark is the same as Aichi Seitosho except the mark has Aichi in the center and Japan under...otherwise looks exactly the same. So probably a Japanese reproduction.

by: Peter (admin)

Ok, thanks, this is a great find. We have this one solved at last! I think it only took 6 years!!

Thank you to the last poster for their help.

See the pictures below....


Yes, this is a 1960's, 70's Japanese exporter who thought it was a great idea to copy the V & B logo.

I looked them up as best I could. There is really almost nothing about them anywhere - which means they were not any type of significant player in the Noritake league or anything like that.

So where they are getting the 1828 date from goodness only knows.

I did one search which brought up this listing:-

Aichi Seitosho

Phone 0561829335
Company address
Post code 489 0052

So Aichi Seitosho are listed as some kind of interiors company based in Aichi, Japan in a very obscure directory.

My guess is there is or was a Japanese company with trading roots going back into the past in some capacity.

In the export flood of the 1960s/70s they took it upon themselves to become an exporter of European style porcelain with a Villeroy and Boch style backstamp.

Peter (admin)

by: vycheslav

Hi. This mark almost full copy of brand of factory of Kuznetsov. Russian porcelain. Till 1917th year.

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