Italy Vintage Montrose Poodle Figurine

by elys
(brisbane qld australia)

 Vintage Italy Montrose Label Poodle Figure

Vintage Italy Montrose Label Poodle Figure

Hi Peter

I have been going to an antiques auction house for a few months now and the last one we went to was a ripper a lot of depression glass, ceramics, old toys,and crockery etc

As I love old things I bought quite a few items including six boxes full of treasures. I found this poodle upside down in a box with other various ceramics, amazingly not broken, searched high and low and finally found one other at the Museum of London.

Still don't know anything about it,she has a rose and three green leaves on the underneath, underneath the glaze, and Italy stamped on the left foot, and a Montrose foreign sticker on her back.

Must be a girl as she has a pretty pink bow. I have been collecting uranium glass after finding two pieces in one day at the markets about six months ago, my girlfriend was so jealous as she had never found two pieces in one day.

To digress, I don't have one thing that I collect, its various and varied ranging from orange plastic kitchenware and small plastic scales, found one for ten cents at an oppshop,pyrex,anchor hockingware, some avonwares, all types of horses including donkey and carts,depression glass,pressed and cut glass vases and decanters, uranium glass,salt & pepper shakers, small animal figures, Enid Blyton books, Dr Suess books and clocks, sylvac animals and small jugs,money boxes,silverware, old bone handled knives and so on and so on, and from the same sale got a nice piece of perline glass which is a favourite at the moment, along with a camel I found at a garage sale Saturday which is fully loaded with blankets tiny jugs and baskets, a goatskin made with real leatherwaterbottle and a tiny wooden chest with silver camels inlaid, so realistic so cute.

So I am an eclectic collector bit like a magpie if its pretty, unusual,or unloved, I will probably give it a home.

Therein is my problem as I have a hard time letting go of any of my treasures its getting out of hand I wish I could just collect one thing.

I blame my girlfriend who has recently left her husband and is living with me at the moment, she is a mad collector and I have caught the bug off her as she frequently brings home things I like from the opp shops.

Well there you have me in a nutshell.

Hope anyone can help me out with this poodle as its doing my head in trying to find out anything about it.i

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who can help me out


Elys (Marielys)

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Super-Kitsch Italian Vintage Empoli Montrose Glass Poodle
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Elys

I think this might have quite a little kitsch collectible value to it! It's a super kitsch vintage Italian poodle which might be worth a bit on a good day at auction. Great find. Let's call this one a sleeper, shall we?

In the London Museum of kitsch to boot!

This is glass rather than ceramics and some sources say Montrose is a label of Empoli glass.

Here's a piece of Empoli glass which has a Montrose sticker on it.


I am not sure, but what I do know is Montrose was some sort of import label for decorative goods coming into the US and also possibly Europe in the 1960’s.

Here’s an example of one I label found. I am not sure what colour yours is but there are also silver ones.


Some sources are confident that Montrose was some kind of brand of Empoli glass. If you haven’t heard of Empoli, think of the more famous Murano glass. Empoli is simply another glass making region of Italy, southwest of Florence in Tuscany. It has been known for centuries for the tradition of making a green (verde) glass. There are various companies who made this brand of glass in the region. Said to be less flamboyant than Murano, it has a tradition dating back to the 14th c. The green colour was created from the local iron deposits.

Quite a few examples of Empoli glass are now unmarked as the stickers invariably fall off.

Some Empoli glass seems to be similar to Blenko American glass. Perhaps one influenced the other, but commonly, designers from Italy are the originators of a style.

I am not so sure Montrose was an exclusive label of Empoli because I have found examples of other Montrose labels on non-glass items – for example decorative ceramics. So it sounds as it might be some kind of importing label sourcing from various avenues.

Here’s an example, of a somewhat delectable cute piggybank:-


Hope this explains what you needed to know.

If anyone has more info on this topic, please go ahead and post.

Peter (admin)

re poodle
by: elys

Hi Peter Thanks for your help on the mystery poodle I have seen a few examples of the Montrose label on porcelain it's the red one maybe the glass makers diversified into ceramics and when they didn't prove popular they went back into glass so it's still a bit of a mystery I haven't seen the rose mark on anything else yet will keep looking . cheers thanks for taking an interest.

Montrose sticker NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi all

Has anyone further info on who the Montrose importer was?


Montrose NEW
by: Anonymous

Does anyone have any further info on the Montrose importer of Italian ceramics and glass?


by: Karen

Hi I've just come across a poodle same as yours but don't have the gold mark on top ..underneath is a red flower with green leaves ..I would like to know more about this

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