Japanese Bone China - Gold Dragons 21 piece tea set

by Sam

Japanese Bone China - Gold Dragons 21 piece tea set

Japanese Bone China - Gold Dragons 21 piece tea set

Japanese Bone China - Gold Dragons 21 piece tea set:- My grandmother showed me these beautiful cups, saucers, and plates earlier today. There were six of each, plus a tea pot, a creamer, and what I suspected to be a sugar holder.

She reported that she had received them from her father (her parents are from the Philippines and I believe he took part in World War II), and had only used them during her and her twin's engagement parties. She believe that they were Bone china - they had little imperfections in them too.

The dragons on the plates, saucers, and cups are gold relief. When I ran my finger over them, I could feel the texture of the scales! We suspect that the coloured areas (the green, red, and some yellow) may be soft jade. We also have jade "paintings" hanging in the study, but those are actual stone, and I don't think, at only seventeen, I'm qualified to compare them.

However, on the creamer, tea pot, and sugar (?), there were not only the little dragons, but big 3D ones as well. Their mouths served as the spouts, and you could even see a tongue on the inside. Their bodies went up over the lids too, so you had to match them up to put the lids back on. These dragons had three toes (to me, my first clue that the set came from Japan) and were red with some gold.

There were no marks on the cups, and I did not look for a mark on any of the plates or larger pieces (I was so terrified I would drop them!). However, there were two Japanese kanji in a red rectangle on the bottom of the saucers: 日本

I know that this means "Nippon" (Japan), but I did a little research first and found
out that the company/maker that used this print was called "Nichi Hon", and I found a similar tea set that they had made. I can't seem to find it again, but I recall it being blue and silver instead of white, gold, and red (like ours).

Perhaps the most interesting detail in the set was that when the cups were looked directly into, and with enough light, you could see what looked to be the Emperor or the Kogo. It could also be a Geisha, since she seems to have a comb in her hair. I've included a picture of it, although my phone lacks the quality that it needs to take good pictures.

We really just want a date on the set, if anyone would like to help us out. I do not think we plan to sell it (or at least, I hope not!) nor plan to expand it. I also plan to visit the China Cultural Center with more and better pictures, and see if I can receive some Real Life help in finding out more about this set.



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antique china values

Hi Sam

By the way, this is not bone china, it is porcelain - Japan makes porcelain, England makes bone china (a type of porcelain with bone ash added invented by Spode, Staffodshire in 1799).

There is a very lively discussion thread going on about this type of Japan Geisha ware here:-

Japanses Geisha Porcelain

For those wanting valuations go here:

My vintage and antique china values page
Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Japanese bone tea set with etched geisha
by: Anonymous

I have the same gold and red set- any updates? I only have one tea cup left and would love to buy a few more

Repling to Anonymous
by: Sam

Not much, sadly. Most of my information is coming from the other, similar article on here.

Although I have come across a similar set that, if I remember correctly, was selling for anywhere between sixty and a hundred dollars. However, the dragons on the teapot, creamer, and sugar pot were not three dimensional like our own.

tea set
by: Anonymous

I have this exact same set! I have always been curious what the value would be. I recieved it from my Grandmother who bought it in Japan while my Grandfather was serving.

tea set
by: Anonymous

i have 6 cups and 5 saucers of red and gold dragon tea set , anyone like to make me an offer, leave message here. thank you.

by: vijay

I am vijay ... i am interested in it.. i wiuld like to see the pictures of the tea set before i make an offer.



japanese tea set with gold triming
by: Amada Bonilla

I have a set of 5 tea cups, saucers, dessert plates, tea pot, sugar and cream. I have pictures to show, willing to sell azamada@msn.com

Golden Dragons tea set
by: Tammie

I have the same set Listed on this page, and very interested in selling them. I only have 4 cups 4 cup saucers 4 plates 1 tea pot 1 sugar 1 creamer. I have 1 cup with the same picture on this site and I have 3 cups with a different picture in the bottom of the cups. The 3 are all the same picture.There is a crack on the handle of the sugar one and it has been glued. All pieces are in 3-D. Or raised dragons. Please make a reasonable offer.

Origin of tea set
by: Suechan

This set is what they call lithopane and it was made in Japan. If there is no mark on it probably was made before 1900 or very early 1900.

by: Patty Burns


I received a set of 6 sake cups and a sake bottle from a distinguised elderly gentleman in 1984. He reported that he bought it for his wife while stationed in Japan.

No marks on bottom of bottle, just "made in Japan", but there is a mark on the side of the bottle and multiple marks on the cups.

Do they have any value or are they looked at as momemtos from the war?

Valuable or not, I adored this elderly gentleman and was touched that he would make a gift of something that he purchased for his wife, who was deceased. I told him I would always keep it to remember his many kindnesses to me.

Tea set I have this
by: Anonymous

I have this teaser two it was my great granddads think it's over 100 years old.
If anyone has more info on teaset contact me ..

Red/Gold Japanese snack set
by: BFF

Can anyone tell me about my 16 piece snack set -- age, maker, scarcity, value, etc.? It's marked "Made in Japan." Each snack tray is a "figure 8" shape with thumb hole at the end that has a raised rim to hold the cup. The base of the cup has a lip that rests on the raised rim. The porcelain is painted all over in an reddish orange and decorated with Japanese letters, dragons, and wavy lines, all in gold. The porcelain itself is light and thin. I was told a soldier stationed in Japan brought it home with him after WWII.

Made in Japan - tea cups and saucers
by: Anonymous

I have the same but only two cups with saucers, four plates, a cream jug with cover and a tea pot.

Make me an offer!!! I want to de-clotter and buy more practical things. All my collectables are from my mother, she loves china.

email: rpmson@hotmail.com

Have this tea set
by: Lorie

I have this tea set. 6 cups and saucers , sugar, creamer and Tea pot. No markings on bottom except for the words bon china. ( Bon misspelled) The older it is the less marking's you will find.
But, I am confused by the miss spelled word. All pieces are in good shape. One saucer has a few scratches is all. I found one Tea set with dragons on the pour spout and handle but the dragon does not extend over the body of the pots It is just the heads of the dragon. They are asking a LOT for that one.

Japanese Bone China - Gold Dragons 21 piece tea set
by: Brenda

Japanese Bone China - Gold Dragons 21 piece tea set

My father purchased two sets of these beautiful Japanese Gold Dragon tea sets in Korea around the Korea War. One with a white looking back ground with gold dragons and one with rusty/browns tones and gold dragons. They both have the Geisha face in the cups that we have left.

My sister and I will be inheriting these beautiful sets.

She was lucky to find dishware (dinner plates, desert plates etc., however these do not have the geisha face in cups and not as good quality) to match the white/gold tea set. That's the set she wants.

The other set which is rusty/brown tones with the gold dragon is the set that I prefer to inherit. It however, is missing several pieces so I have been looking to see if I could find someone with information regarding this bone china/porcelain and that might have some idea where I might be able to purchase more of the rusty/brown tone gold dragons geisha set.

Does anyone know what pieces the original 21 piece tea set consisted of: For example: 6 saucers, 6 cups, etc.

This site has provided me with alot of important information on these sets that I previously did not know. I have been searching a long time to locate information on these tea sets.

Thank you all for your comments - it's really exciting to finally learn so much about these tea sets that have been in our families for so long. Hopefully I will learn information where I might be able to find replacements.

Please tell me how I can have someone contact me if they have this set and would like to sell. I appreciate all your info and assistance.

I have these
by: Allie

This is a beautiful set. I have two tea pots, sake set, teas set, dinner plates. I have a HUGE selection. If you are interested in buying them please let me know. They are in great shape!

Bone china
by: Anonymous

I have a shell plate with the same design as your dragon plate. And it says Bone China on the bottom.

any updates?
by: kere

I have dragon tea set with the lady on the centre and it will be selling shortly if anyone is interesting.It contains 6 sauces,6 lovely cups and 6 tea plates,jug,sugar bowl and milk jug.
Thank you

by: ladydeath013@yahoo.com

i have the entire set could anyone tell me what its worth??

dragon china
by: Pam

I to have the same set of china, the tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl are 3D with the tea cups the same. I researched one time and thought the maker of this china came from England and move to Japan. I could be wrong, but I got them from my parents that where handed down from an Uncle that was in WW2. Ijust cant find out what they are worth. If anyone has any info please let us know. Thanks Pam

golden dragon tea set
by: Anonymous

I have a cup and saucer with the image of the geisha girl in the cup. The cup has a broken handle and I would love to purchase the same. Either the cup or a cup and saucer set from anyone. Please let me know who wants to sell me extras.

21 piece dragon t set
by: Anonymous

I have gold dragon tea set. But with 22 pieces. Geisha girl embossed in bottom of tea cup. 6 cups 6 saucers 6 t plates. Tea pot. Sugar pot and 2 lids. If anyone knows the value I would love to know . My email. Studeb5264@yahoo.co.uk

Madame Chiang Kai-shek dragon tea set
by: Kim

The women in the tea cups is Madame Chiang Kai-shek. My grandfather was a merchant marine and brought this set back from China for my grandmother. I'm 50 so this set has been in my family for a long time. I have the complete set and just like everyone one else on this post I was wondering what it was worth also. I would never sell since this is a family heirloom as I want to pass it down to my daughter. Just curious.

image tea cups
by: rmgolden@aol.com

I would like to buy a couple tea cups and saucers with the girls image in the bottom of the tea cups.If anyone would like to sell me any please write..

Red dragon teaset
by: Anonymous

Hi would anyone be interested in buying part set of this very delicate dragon teaset. I have one sugar bowl four cups four plates and four saucers. Noooo cracks or chips . Due to house move won't be able to display them anymore sad and they would probably break if I stored them away .

by: Anonymous

Did any one find out the value?

Same set as Sam at the beginning
by: Jag

I have the same set as Sam. My father bought this in Japan when in the Navy in 1951.

tea set
by: Anonymous

i have teapot sugar bowl , 6 side plates 6 saucers but only three cups all perfect same markings as everyone else would love to know more. please post any information here...

many thanks.


by: Anonymous

I have the tea set in 3D - I also have a place setting for 8 that includes: dinner plates, saucers, sauce dishes, soup dishes, dessert dishes, platter, vegetable bowl and 7 cups, one got broke, but one does have the Lithophane in the bottom of the cup. they are in excellent condition and I would like to sell. My email address is mjaeger@radiodubuque.com. Thanks.

want to sell
by: monteqube

We have a six piece set of this type. Deep green with gold and blue accents. Hairline fracture in one of the teapots.

Folden dragon painted geisha tea cup
by: Putut

I have one geisha tea cup with golden hand painted dragon... anyone wanna buy?

Dragon tea set
by: Anonymous

Did anyone figure out the value if this tea set? My mother has this same exact set and was wondering how much it's worth

I have the same tea set
by: In Australia

I have the same tea set mine is exactly the same
It came from my grandparents

Dragon design
by: Anonymous

I have 5 cups and saucers interested to know how much they are worth and if anyone interested in buying

white red green and gold dragon tea st
by: lorraine

Hi I live in England and have the same tea set with tea pot etc.it has lucky imprinted on it. Has anyone any idea the value and at what price should I be selling it thanjs

china money that is needed now
by: kitty fanning

Please can you give rough value of above items China set with Japanese girl in cup gold dragons onsugarv teapot andnjug. 8 Cups and saucers with the girls face. 75 Yearsbold

gold dragom tea set
by: lance

Hi I have a set like this mine is full except for one tea saucer has pot creamer cups small saucers and larger ones. Difference being is mine is stamped with the stamp the original post mentions in orange but on the bottom of the cups it has an emblem of a shield with wings either side and s.p.p underneath I have done some research through gotheborg and Google and gather it is from roughly 1952 it also says made in occupied Japan witch would coincide with people's story's of war servicemen bringing these home. Hope this helps.. Lance

Teapot set
by: Tmosullivan.tos@Gmail.com

Hiya we have the teapot,creamer pot and sugar of this red and gold dragon set we looked up the set and it was worth 750000 Yen the whole set about £3000 in English money. However when we checked out the markings they were not coming up the same as other antique markings I personally believe they are reproductions. I also found that if the tea cups have the Japanese hollergram in side the cup they are apparently genuine.

Gold dragon tea set
by: Cindy

I have 6 set tea cups with saucers, coffee pot, creamer and sugar. 1 small chip on 1 of the tea cups. Others in perfect shape. My dad purchased in Japan early 50's while serving in Navy. Bottom of each piece states "HAND PAINTED, SUNRAY CHINA, KUTANI, JAPAN, 231". 1st time I've researched and came across your picture. Same set. Anyone state value? Thanks. Cindymminter@gmail.com

red dragon with gold dragons on the side 22 piece set
by: sherrie

can anyone help me validate this tea set we have had it in the family for 58 years it was my grandmothers. it is a 22 piece red dragon Japanese porcelain with a geisha girl in the bottom of the tea cups when held up to the light. The tea set includes 6 cups and saucers, 6 tea plates, 1 large sandwich plate, milk jug, tea pot, sugar pot. I am only looking for a validation on this tea set as it have been in family for so long in am just curious.

Tea cup
by: Ronny

Hi i have this set but are missing one tea cup. Do someone have one to sell?

Epost ronny.stava@lyse.net

gold dragon
by: chris

I have the what looks like the same saucer and cup. Mine doesn't have a geisha on it. It says Orion China made in japan.

by: Moo

I have this same tset from my grandfather while he served in the warhe brought it back I'm looking to sell

by: Anonymous

Can you tell me the price of what a 21piece might be worth that my dad bought in 1948 or 1949.


I have a set of these dishes
by: Klemstar5

I have these dishes. Let me know if you are interested. I they have been packed away so if you are interested i will count what i have and let you know.

I have this set
by: Els

Hi all, I have this set and I am looking to sell it. What prices would people suggest?

I have some for sell
by: Anonymous

I have several pieces. Can i send some pics?

Gold Dragons 21 piece tea set
by: Lynn

Hi i have 21 piece set was wondering how much it was worth as i would like to sell. thank you ...flickgirl@hotmail.com.

Gold Dragons 21 piece tea set
by: Lynn

Hi i have 21 piece set was wondering how much it was worth as i would like to sell. thank you ...flickgirl@hotmail.com.

Dragon tea/coffee sets NEW
by: Janis Menlove

I have guisha dragon 3 d unmarked.Pre 1950.consisting of 2tea pots with lids 2sugar bowls with lids 2 cream jugs,with lids.6tea cups,saucers and side plates.I also have 1 coffee pot,cream and sugar(marked made in Japan) no lids and 6 coffee cups and saucers.I also have 8 silver and white coffee cups and saucers and 6 tea cups only 1 saucers with guisha girl bases and inscribed CTS China.Have no idea what theu’ worth but would like to sell.Any advice please.

Japanese bone China dragon dishes NEW
by: Anonymous

I have quite a few pieces given to me by my grandmother I am interested in selling. You can reach out to me at klemstar5@gmail.com

China dragon t set NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the complete set ; six cups n saucers, tea plates, tea pot , sugar n milk jug all immaculate , feel free to make contact if u wud like to anymore info chantellestanbury@me.com
Kept in a cupboard :

I have half a full set mint condition NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a full 12 PC serving. All pieces from th salt pepper shakers to the tea pot and serving trays. Apparently from what I'm told it is a 24 serving set. But that and the Hiroshima story I was told is all I know. I am unsure of the value. If anyone could help me out. It was left to me when my mom passed and never used. Would just like some info as to value and history


I have half a full set mint condition NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a full 12 PC serving. All pieces from th salt pepper shakers to the tea pot and serving trays. Apparently from what I'm told it is a 24 serving set. But that and the Hiroshima story I was told is all I know. I am unsure of the value. If anyone could help me out. It was left to me when my mom passed and never used. Would just like some info as to value and history


Japanese dragon set NEW
by: Anonymous

I also have this set and would like more info on it please contact me on shewil24@hotmail.co.uk or text on 07808512356

vintage Japan dragonware china tea set, lithophane porcelain NEW
by: Sue in UK

Just seen this thought it might be of interest Sam in Arizona pics are identical to yours

vintage Japan dragonware china tea set, lithophane porcelain cups, plates, dragon teapot

Unmarked Japanese Kutani porcelain tea set, with red and gold dragons and geisha girl lithophane at the bottoms on the cups. It's a 1940s or 50s vintage set, complete and in very good condition showing little if any wear, no chips or cracks to any of these pieces.

There's a tea pot (about 9" wide x 7 1/2" tall) and cream pitcher and sugar. There's six plates 7 1/4" in diameter, and six cup and saucer sets.

These are all fairly heavy porcelain, with lithophane ladies visibly embossed. It isn't eggshell thin as some sets we've seen. But we love the dragons, and have never found this particular design in dragonware before!

sale price: $222.25

Japanese Porcelain NEW
by: Anonymous

Most of these sets were brought out in the 40's to 50's. A set 2 pots, sugar and 6 cups and saucers realistically is worth about $150 in good to unused condition. Having said that I bought 8 cups with saucers, 2 tea pots sugar container and 3 plates dragon design with geisha for $50.00 all perfect and never used. Value is only in how pretty and what someone will pay. Send email to rmlrenovations@gmail.com if you are interested in buying.

Just Bought A Set Of 6
by: Anonymous

I’ve just recently bought a set of 6, I’m trying to find out if this set is worth anything? the set seems to be hand painted and has a face on the bottom of each cup. Most are marked CHH China, if anyone can give me any information this would be great.

Value re lithopane NEW
by: Linda

Hi Sam, I have the same set so I was interested when I saw a similar set in green offered for sale at an antique dealer for US$700. I felt this was probably overpriced but it would be wise to get a professional appraisal before perhaps inadvertently selling below its true value.

Dragon tableware
by: Denise

I have same set for 6 but only three cups and no triangles on the bottom .l beleave they came from england

Much loved NEW
by: Linda

I also inherited the beautiful japenese gold dragon teaset.It comprises of 6 cups and saucers, 6 teal ates, milk jug , sugar bowl with lid, and tea pot.All have the face in the bottom .Any idea of its value would be much appreciated.

Same set NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the same set. My mom received it from my uncle when he was in the Navy and overseas. One of the cups was repaired and a saucer chipped. I'd like to purchase a couple extra cups/saucers to have a complete set and a spare if anyone is willing to part with cups/saucers.

Sentimental rather than financially valuable NEW
by: Steven Julians

I have the full set - 6 cups & saucers, 6 side plates plus teapot & jugs - which have never been used. My father sent them back to his mother in the UK when he was in Japan in 1953. He was recuperating there following injury in the Korean War. I inherited them when he passed away in 2015 and they are on display in the dining room.

I had them checked out and valued. They were made by a company called Kanesho but are not valuable as they were mass produced. The complete set in pristine condition is worth less than £100.00 / $130.00. However, they have sentimental value rather than financial value so will remain on display until my descendants inherit them

Value? NEW
by: Anonymous

I have 6 cups/saucers/tea plates/lidded sugar bowl and teapot.
They have the dragon on the outside and the cups have the ladies face at the bottom.
I was just wondering what the value may be please?

Value? NEW
by: Anonymous

I have 6 cups/saucers/tea plates/lidded sugar bowl and teapot.
They have the dragon on the outside and the cups have the ladies face at the bottom.
I was just wondering what the value may be please?

Tea Set
by: Anonymous

I have this beautiful tea set !
Left from my Grandmother

Madame Chiang Kai-shek Dragon Tea set. NEW
by: Emalee

Idk if you still have thus tea set but it is a Madame Chiang Kai-shek Dragon Tea set. I'm currently trying to find one as my mother in law sold one that legally belonged to my father in law to be petty. It was a family heirloom and extremely important to them. I'd you are ever interested in selling please don't hesitate to contact me.

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