Japanese Tea Set

by Brenda
(Chandler, Texas USA)

Japanese Tea Set - H inside of a flower and says hand painted japan

Japanese Tea Set - H inside of a flower and says hand painted japan

Japanese Tea Set - H inside of a flower and says hand painted japan:- I am trying to find out all about this Japanese Tea Set. I has a H inside of a flower and says hand painted japan. I am looking to appraise this set. I is a complete set, nothing broke or damaged.

I cant seam to find this mark.

Any help would be gratefully received!



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Japanese Tea Set - H inside of a flower and says hand painted Japan

Hi Brenda

I will throw this one open to others to answer as I am not sure of the answer to this one.

Japanese marks seem to be one of those subjects fraught with complications, twists and turns. The marking quite often doesn't seem to be for the actual purpose of identifying the maker, which is quite baffling to our Western sensibilities where we want to know whos who and what's what.

I am very hopeful an expert collector will come our way and save the day.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Mark ID
by: Annie

The "H" in the middle of the cherry blossom might be "Hotta Yu Shoten & Co". Possibly from the 20's - 40's.

Same mark but very different colors
by: Cyndi

Oct 22, 2012 reply: I have a tea set with the same mark. But my set has a lot of gold scrolled painting around the edges and Mt. Kilimanjaro is the motif. Colrs are subdued blue/green. May be whats called "lusterware"? My mother bought the set at an auction more than 50 years ago and gave them to me in the 1970s.

tiny ashtray
by: Anonymous

i have a small ashtray measuring 3 in..diameter and 3/4 in tall (deep). it has a large black dog with a cigarette in his mouth...cherry blossom with an H in the center..it is numbered...it has three yellow gold wells that the cigarettes rest on...light blue around the outside edge with yellow painted design. ivory colored background behind dog..dog has red collar...can anyone give me any info about this piece?

1920"s tea set
by: Sandy

My husband inherited a tea set from his aunt. It is a blue glaze or mother of pearl blue. Cherry blossom with H stamp on the back. Japan printed underneath. The story is that his grandmother got it in the 1920's. Any sense of the value? Teapot, creamer and sugar bowl, 2 cups and saucers All in excellent condition.

Extra pieces
by: Anonymous

Brenda I have a few pieces for your set. Would you be interested?

Looking for history on china mark
by: K. Myeres

I am trying to find out some History on the pattern on tea set of my grandmothers. Not sure if it might be lusterware. Has H inside of flower and is a swan swimming with house in back. Would love to know history of that pattern. I know it must be 80 years or older.

think this is it
by: Anonymous


Stamp and pottery NEW
by: Arnold B

My wife has this 15 piece set given to her 50 years ago. Her uncle traveled overseas as a part of his job. He bought this on one of his trips prior 1959. I hope I can upload 2 photos for you. I couldn’t get a photo with the geisha looking through the bottom of the cups.

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