Lady Figurine? German or Italian Crown N?

by Aileen

Lady Figurine? German or Italian Crown N?

Lady Figurine? German or Italian Crown N?

Lady Figurine? German or Italian Crown 'N'? Who is she? I already have a page on this site via Peter, who I thank for that sincerely. Here are the photos of the Lady - any comments on who she is, age, place of manufacture etc would be wonderful. I just lover her details and colour.



Dear Aileen

First, let me thank you for sharing once again, Aileen. Second, let me thank you for being one of the first visitors to post in this new section!

Not only that, but you submitted in such a way which was perfect and textbook and I am going to set it as an example for to everyone to see.

First of all, you are talking about a figurine you have in your collection which you love, which is the most important thing. Second, you told us why you love it. Third, you wanted to know if anyone had any information on it, so altogether, there is a bit of a 'buzz' going on.

Also you did it all technically right. What you did was to upload 3 separate forms, each with a different photo, but you kept the same heading for each picture, so I could easily identify the submission.

People seem to get a bit stuck because the form only allows for ONE photo - all you have to do in order to submit several photos is to submit a new form for each photo - keeping the same title which you did beautifully!. I can then merge your 3 pictures into one.

Now onto your figurine lady.... I too share your enthusiasm for this type of very collectible figurine - a lovely European glazed porcelain (rather
than bone china) lady figurine. I think both the modeling and the production appear to be of a high value and I love the detail work of the basket and her rather 'no nonsense' air about her.

For me both the glaze and the realism (rather than caricature) puts this lady into more of a 'Germanic' style than an Italian Capodimonte type.

You know what I mean when I say the southern Europeans have a more sentimental style (Italian Capodimonte and Spanish Lladro). English and Germanic sculpting tends to be more 'real' in tone.

When I work, I know my figurines always seem to have this more 'real' tendency - which is especially apparent when you see my original clay master-sculptures (dotted around this website in various sections).

    By the way, anyone wanting to see more of my original sculptures, I am beginning the long task of documenting my sculptures past and present and publishing an online library of each one in this site. It is often of interest to both collectors and sculpting scholars to see the story of the development of the figurine.

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There are several German factories, mainly from the Thuringia region, who impersonated the Italian Naples/Napoleonic 'N' with a crown mark.

I am not an expert in this area, but you can see all I know on this particular subject in article which outlines German Makers known to use the Naples/Napoleonic 'N' Mark (mainly factories from the Thuringia region)

I hope this information helps and thanks for your interesting submission.

Look forward to your next contribution!


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Lady Collectible Figurine
by: peter/shotts

Hi Aileen, I have to agree with Peter, your description of said figurine is so clear. I would like to add that I think it would be Germanic also. The ones I have got are of Naples/Capo-di Monti, and are of a poorer quality.

In saying that, when I first saw the picture before the stamp, Ii thought it was a Dahl Jenson 'Hedebo Girl'. Dahl Jensen worked for the Royal Copenhagen factory if I?m not mistaken. Anyway Aileen, it is a lovely figurine, and I hope you take great pleasure from owning it.


Collectible Figurine - N with Crown Mark
by: Peter (admin)

Thanks for that, Peter. Interesting observation

Thank you!
by: susan

Hello Peter.
This is my first "visit" to your page, and I just wanted to thank you for being here! I have just "discovered" some very neat tumbling cherubs with the Crown N marking and now I have some information on where they may have been made, etc.

I will visit your site ofter (and when I have some time to relax and enjoy, I will definitely check out your work!

Thanks again.

Lady Figurine - German Peasant Woman
by: Anonymous

My mother was in Germany during the early 1950s and purchased this item, she mentioned that she was on the Rhine River at the time. I too like the colors but unfortunalty my mother's broke many years ago, I have been looking for one to replace hers. I saw two up for auction that sold for about $70 but the action was over.

My mother bought this as a pair with a German Chair Peddler.

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