German 'Crown Mark with N' Porcelain Mark - A J. Uffrecht & Co Figurine?

by Michelle

German 'Crown Mark with N' Porcelain Mark - A J. Uffrecht & Co Figurine?

German 'Crown Mark with N' Porcelain Mark - A J. Uffrecht & Co Figurine?

German 'Crown Mark with N' Porcelain Mark - Uffrecht Figurine query:- Hello, I have a question about this very elegant German figurine.

She looks to be made of porcelain & has a blue 5 point crown mark with the letter N below the crown. Also marked Germany & the numbers 86.

I have tried to locate any information on this particular piece & the closest I've come is a crown mark from J. Uffrecht & Co. that looks similar. Any information would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you!



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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- German 'Crown Mark with N' Porcelain Mark - A J. Uffrecht & Co Figurine query

Hi Michelle

Thanks for your interesting query. I like queries like this because you have done a certain amount of research for yourself and have got quite a long way forward.

Identifying obscure pottery marks is a very specialist area and often needs expert input. Not being an expert in this area, I can but give you my penny's worth.

I have written a special search page which should assist you in your quest to identify and value your porcelain wares or china collections:

This epic post will allow you to research your own items without having to pay an expert.

Your query is interesting to me because it allows us to to go into the bigger subject matter of which German makers have used the famous 'N and Crown' mark of Naples.

It also sheds more light on another company who I have written about before on these query pages: 'Carstens of Tonihoff'

According to, J. Uffrecht & Co., Steingutfabrik, was a branch of the Carstens Kommandit-Gesellschaft Group.

Uffrecht of Neuhaldensleben was founded in 1845 producing figurines, faience, and tea services, amongst other items. They seem to have come under the Carstens ownership in the 1920's during the groups expansion. Carstens Kommandit-Gesellschaft and Erben operated factories all over Germany at one point - namely in Neuhaldensleben, Hirschau, Graefenroda, Georgenthal, Rheinberg, Luebeck, Wallhausen, Greussen, Reichenbach, Blankenhain, Sorau, Elmshorn and Zeven.

Prior to the Carsten's takeover, I could not find evidence of Uffrecht using the 'Crown and N' pottery mark. During the 20th century, it became fairly commonplace for Thuringian factories to use near identical 'Crown with N' marks for their export porcelain. So to narrow the maker down to Uffrecht on the basis of a crown mark with N is not accurate.

Uffrecht did, however, make figurines that have a superficial resemblance to your figure. You can see by the photos above, the original figures dating from circa 1895 are more defined in terms of sculpting quality and production finesse than yours.

This means that your figure could be a more modern
'reprise' of the older wares by Uffrecht in the Carstens era of the 20th Century, or a rip-off from another German firm. I am not qualified to say, but for my money, it is more likely that the high powered Carstens group were trying to cash in on the older more esteemed and valuable Uffrecht figures. The sculpting is elegant, but not in the same genre as the original Uffrecht figurines.

That's my best guess. What do you think?

Just for interest, here are some other German firms who I have found who also use the 'Crown with an N' pottery mark.

    Potschappel, founded by Carl Thieme in 1872, Saxony, Germany. Makers of 'art porcelain' in the 'old tradition'. The factory survives to modern times.


    Rudolstadt, founded by Ernst Bohne Söhne in 1854 in, Saxony, Germany. Makers of luxury porcelain. originally using an anchor mark (blue) together with the initials 'EBS' but replaced this with the crowned 'N' mark in blue under glaze.


    We had a comment come in from Tobi (see below) where he spotted that on the website the mark inset above with the dot to the bottom right is not Ernst Bohne Söhne but attributable to Ackermann and Fritze of Thuringia, Germany - used 1908 onward. This is according to the German standard publication for marks 'Graesse, Fuehrer fuer Sammler von Porzellan'.

    Thanks for this info Tobi

    Peter (admin)

    Sandizell, founded in 1951 by Herr Höfner in 1951 in Saxony Germany. They apparently closed in 2008 and were making figurines and gift wares.


    Note:- If your 5 prong N mark doesn't look like it can fit with one of these identifiable German N marks (in other words it is a different 5 prong crown variation from the ones shown above) - it may be German or it may not be, but, the fact is, it is probably not that easy to identify, even for the experts by just the mark. The quality and details of the make of the item would have to be looked at also. Remember, there are other variations of the N with crown - i.e. 3 prong, 7 prong and also the Germanic looped crown without prongs - often with a small cross on the top.

    Thanks to a very helpful comments post by Judith, a Museum Curator in Germany (see below), we also know the N porcelain mark is also attributed to Johann Gottlob Nathusius of Althaldensleben, 1826 to 1850. We don't have an image though.

Hope this information helps!

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

Comments for German 'Crown Mark with N' Porcelain Mark - A J. Uffrecht & Co Figurine?

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N porcelain mark
by: Judith

Excuse my bad english, I´m german.
But I live in Haldensleben and know, that the porcelain mark "N" means Johann Gottlob Nathusius. He has a small factory in Althaldensleben between 1826 and 1846 or 1850 (I must look to say it clearly!). It was one of the first german privat porcelain manufactories. If you want to know more, you can write me. You find me in the museum:

Museum Haldensleben
Breiter Gang
39340 Haldensleben
Tel.: (Germany)03904/2710

Best regards, Judith.

Pair Toby Jugs with N Mark and 5 Point Crown
by: Anonymous

hello there. I have a pair of small Toby jugs (one unfortunately damaged, handle broken off). They are marked with a blue crown which appears to have five points and a blue capital N underneath. Can you help me date and identify these little jugs?


Peter (admin) says:

Either go to the pubic forum and post your photos, or get them appraised by expert via this site. This page will navigate you to both options:-

Pottery Mark Identification

Crowned N Mark on China Soldiers
by: Michael Miller

I very much enjoyed your analysis of the "Crown and N" mark (for "Michelle") because about ten years ago I inherited ten 4" high porcelain soldiers from my Mother, who had purchased them in Berlin in 1948. Until this week they were stored away and forgotten.

My wife and I just opened the boxes and went on line to try to discern the soldiers origin and value, looking first at the marks. The soldiers all have the "Crown and N", either on the back of the soldier's leg or on the underside of the base. We also looked at a china marks book and saw a difference between the marks on the soldiers Italian Crown and N marks.

We have five different soldiers with two or three duplicates of all but one. This last one seems to shown the finest work. I have attached photos for your perusal and I would be most interested in your opinion. I see the price on antique 19th century porcelain soldiers varies tremendously.

Thank you!

Michael Miller
photos below:-
soldier figurines with N mark and Crownsoldier figurines with N mark and Crownsoldier figurines with N mark and Crownsoldier figurines with N mark and Crown

Reply by Peter (admin):-

Hi Michael

Many thanks for adding to the debate firstly about the crowned N marks, and secondly about the Soldier figurines with the N and crown. I recently wrote a reply to an interesting submission on the subject here:-

Please have a look and continue the discussion here or on the other thread.

Peter (admin)

Answer to the Capital N and Blue Crown Question.
by: Alastair MacDonald

Hi just came across this discussion while looking for values to a piece i have. The one thing I do know is the make and that is Capo-de-Monte. With mine the Blue crown and Capital N is very clear. See this link for some more info.


Peter (admin) says:-

Thanks for your comments, Alistair. However, Capodimonte is not a 'make' nowadays, it is a style of wares, very loosely based on the look & feel of the original Royal Factory. This factory is the one and only true Capodimonte factory, and has a very complex history but, to all intents and purposes, it did not survive the end of the 18th Century (as the article in the link you provided confirms). If you had wares of this 'make' you would be very rich indeed!

The crowned N mark became used by all sorts of companies, some of them Italian, some German, some from the Far East. So the one thing you 'know' is not strictly speaking correct, as there is no such 'make' as Capo-di-Monte. Sorry to dissapoint!

Peter (admin)

3 Hunters and organ grinder sculptures
by: Mike J

When I was station in Germany I bought 2 sculptures that they was hand painted of 3 hunters reading a map, the other sculptures was a organ grinder with a monkey which i also seen been hand painted. The markings on the bottom is a crown 5 points and a N. I have been trying to find out the company or factory. I was in Bamberg at that time 1971 to 1974. I have been trying seen how many and value of these sculptures. Thanks Mike They stand about 16in tall on both

toby jug marked aj
by: maryymous

hi i got a dutch delph toby jug marked aj its very old and about 10 inches high love to hear from other toby jug collectors

Crown N mark with dot to right
by: Tobi

The Crown N mark with a small dot to the right, shown above as Ernst Bohne Söhne, Saxony maybe from a different company.

The German standard publication for marks Graesse, Fuehrer fuer Sammler von Porzellan, attributes this mark to a company called Ackermann and Fritze (I know it sounds funny)in Thuringa, Germany 1908 onward.

I hope this is helpful

Two birds on a tree branch
by: Jamie

Can't identify the markings.......on the left there is a black 5 prong crown with the letter N......then on the right there is a blue eagle with a crown on its head there no writing on the eagle if there is its hard to make out.........could any1 help

A most unusual piece looking for identification
by: Lorraine

I lived in Germany when I was very young, my father was in the Air Force. My parents bought all kinds of china and crystal (Rosenthal, Hutschenreuther, Edelstien, etc.). I have 1 decorative 'plate' that I simply have never seen anything else like it.

This piece has the 'crown over N' mark on the back but it's not completely clear. 5 point (spade?) crown with what looks like writing in the base but in a strange greenish/blueish/greyish color.

The piece is a rectangular shape, 8 3/4" x 6 1/2". It has raised sculpted figures on the front, glazed going from white to almost black depending on the depth of the glaze but it is mostly greenish blue.

It is the figures on the front that make it so unusual. The focus is a man in full armor on a horse facing left. He carries a long pole in his right arm and a long sword on this left hip. There is the head of 2nd horse but not another rider. A dog runs along side the man's horse and small lizard runs the other way. In the background is a long snouted, goat-headed creature standing up also carrying a pole and what looks to be an old man with a crown with snakes coming out of it carrying an hour glass. In the left bottom corner is a skull with a squarish plaque. Within it is: 'S 1513' & below that is what looks to be a flat topped 'A' with a 'D' in-between the base of the 'A'. There are trees, rocks, brush, cliffs & a town or castle far in the distance.

It looks germanic and I believe it was purchased while we lived in Germany. Anyone have a clue as to who/where it was made?


Please send in photos of mark and item
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Lorraine

Please send in photos of both the mark and the item and let's all have a look.

Please send to me and I will manually add them to your post.

send to:-


Peter (admin)

by: Anonymous

I have an item that seems to be a cat body sitting with a monkey/owl face (large glass eyes. Has the blue crown inside over n. It has small holes in the top and a small football shaped object that seemed to have held Pepper or salt maybe ?

Lady with a Fan
by: Anonymous

I have a potschapel-carl-thieme-5prong-crown-N-pottery-mark according to the pictures of the marks above. It is the mark in the center of the three marks. It is a lady with a fan. How do I find more information on this piece. It was a gift from a German woman and has been a family keepsake. Everything I find on my searches are not even close to the quality of this piece. Those that are have a long history. How do I find out my pieces history?

Napoleon on rearing horse
by: Suzi A.

I have a porcelain figurine (7" tall, head of horse to base) of Napoleon on a white horse with gray markings. Rearing horse held up by a brown tree trunk. Marks on bottom: N with 5-pronged crown above, 16 elsewhere on bottom. How many porcelain makers should I research in Germany?

German makers who use the N for Naples (Capodionte) mark)
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Suzi

The one I know about are.....

Potschappel, founded by Carl Thieme in 1872, Saxony, Germany.

Rudolstadt, founded by Ernst Bohne Söhne in 1854 in, Saxony, Germany.

Sandizell, founded in 1951 by Herr Höfner in 1951 in Saxony Germany. Still making today, they make figurines and gift wares.

Johann Gottlob Nathusius of Althaldensleben, 1826 to 1850

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Who's birds are these
by: JaniceAnonymously

I have a pair of birds one bird on each stem of a branch with blue flowers on one,the other has pink flowers on the branch under the bird,I think they are both tits one blue and other one is a yellow tit I think, the mark underneath is a blue crown with N under it,but the mark is a little faded on the left side of the crown on both,looks like there should be five prongs on the crown but only see four clearly,can you tell me who made these p,ease. Thank you,

Five point crown With N Made in Italy
by: Sandy

Hi, I am excited to read all the comments about the crown with N Mark because we have been searching for a year now and not finding good answers. My question Is, If it says Made In Italy , is it of no Value? We have a candle stick (I believe) Goddess with small child at her feet It is the mark that is the plain 5 point crown with N below it that you say is Potschappel but it is stamped below that _Made In Italy Thank You, any comment would be appreciated. This site is great!

Italy Capodimonte Style is Well Collected
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Sandy

No, it doesn't mean if it is Italian it has no value. It might not be as old - vintage rather than antique, but people love to collect Italian designed Capodimonte style wares of the 20th century. The market is still pretty active and ongoing.

The point is, Italian design is respected the world over, in terms of interior design, much more reputation for flair in many ways than German interior design for example.

There is a great story behind the brand Capodimonte as we have mentioned more than once on this site.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

N with a crown on animal sculpt dishes
by: Cecile

Hi Peter

I found these quaint items at a thrift shop.


I am wondering if you recognize the N with a crown marking. They appear to be quite old.

I think they are quite old and beautiful.

Thanks for any help.


Rudolstadt Ernst Bohne Söhne N Mark
by: Peter (admin)

I believe this mark to be a Rudolstadt mark, founded by Ernst Bohne Söhne in 1854 in, Saxony, Germany. This version of the N mark was said to have been used by them in the late 19th and early 20th century - up until about 1921.

This would correspond to the look and feel of these pieces. They are rare, very well made and of much interest.

Peter (admin)

by: Anonymous

I just purchased a cockatoo figurine at an estate sell& it has the crown and N (blue color) on the bottom as well as Germany, which seems to be engraved on the bottom.
Would you know anything about this piece??

Take a look at this item

send email to
so I can post for your viewing and assistance.

crown with arrows
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

have a pair a figuerine Thuringia sytile with bottom mark as folloews: crown but not N under, two crossed arrows!!!!!
Your opinion will be appreciated

by: Phoebe

I have a lidded dish with the Dresden Art Crown mark "N", I have failed to find the exact dish online.

Help with my 5prong crown
by: Ronda

Hello I bought this vase several years ago and I have taken it for appraisal and they were unable to authenticate the crown marks. Could you please help me or suggest how I can get this looked at. Thank you, Ronda Phoenix, Arizona

? re: a figurine I have
by: LaVerne Morgan

I recently bought a figurine that has all the marks of a Dresden couple and the only thing I can find on the bottom is "east germany" and a mark that looks like a shield with a crown on top and maybe an N in the shield Trying to find another one since my housekeeper's daughter broke mine. Having a hard time because of the east germany written on bottom. Not finding any of that on any sites. Can you help me at all?

Porcelain Cat
by: Chautauqua Girl

I have a beautiful porcelain cat, grey striped, standing, with head lowered, back arched, and tail raised. It has green glass eyes, and the mark on the bottom is blue, with an N and a five pronged crown above. It stands 12" high. It is at least 80 years old. Can you tell me anything about it? I am happy to supply photos.

I have a "Lady and gentle on patio"
by: Anonymous

maybe their are more of the these items with the blue crown over "N" with Capodimonte embedded in in blue and has made in Italy. I would like to share more information with you. I would like to be able to contact you, to share our findings.


I have a POINTED crown mark in blue with a block letter capital N...19" figurine of a lady covered with capidimonte flowers.

Hoping to find out more about new find....
by: Juanita

Victorian style man with flower next to lady in chair. Very detailed. On the bottom, it is stamped Germany, has the N with crown, and the number 48.

I sent photos to Peter to add. Hope they come thru.


uploads by Peter (admin)



Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Juanita

Thanks for the photos - very nice contribution to this thread...

Ok I think this figural group in blanc-de-chine (white porcelain) is associated in style and backstamp marking with the Sandizell Höfner Co and most likely dates from the 1950s - a company based in Saxony Germany and set up to fill the gap after the bombing destruction of Dresden in the war.

Incidentally, the figures are Regency - this was the era before the Victorians.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Figurines with blue crown N under crown number 13 on bottom
by: Claudia

Very detailed and heavy in weight beautifully painted vibrant colors deep and earthy
Look expensive are they?

question about porcelain figirine mark (crown with N)
by: Ania

Hello, I have been collecting porcelain for some time, Polish - German (old silesia) and Ukrainian and Russian.
Today I left my interests and bought a figurine unknown to me - a man with grapes. Perhaps it is a Chinese product, or Taiwanese, contemporary. Signature is not painted. Please help me identify. I'm taking pictures and I'm sorry for my bad english.


Help! Do not know time period.
by: Leah Bryant

Hello I am from Ohio. I bought this incredibly beautiful figurine for just five dollars. She has beautiful gold details and lots of details. The figurine is light which makes me think it is porcelain. It is signed "Germany" and "RS". It also has a blue crown and large N. Can you please tell me how old it is ?

Red Parrot figurine N 5 Points
by: Anonymous

I have a porcelain figurine of a Red Parrot on a small white tree section. I did not see how to add picture(s). It has the N with five points on the bottom. This was my Grandfathers, who collected some very nice antiques, so I'm thinking early 1900s. Any idea on value or origin? I'm thinking of selling it, but do not know where to go with it.

A bout the age you think it is
by: Tina

I have a gypsy wagon with the blue crown and the N . At the back it says romany m40 not sure what this means looks very old and quite large can you tell me anything about it very beautiful

by: Katrina

I have found a beautiful black vase which I'm contemplating purchasing, It has a 5 print crown and the Letter N in red. I'm not sure if how old who if this is authentic or what the value would be. Could you please help?

Flower figurine
by: Anonymous

I have a pink rose figure with a smaller yellow rose and green petals

German porcelain
by: Joe

Hello I have a bowl that has a red five point crown marking with nothing else .I've also seen that crown mark on " Viersa " .can you possibly tell me how old it is and if it is Viersa porcelain

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