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To:- Lord Nelson Pottery - date of mark query.

Hi there

Thanks for your interesting submission. Nice find in the loft! I appreciate the time and trouble you took to contact the site and share this handsome discovery.

Lord Nelson Ware started life in Hanley, Staffordshire in 1880 (that is according to Goddens - some other accounts say 1758) as the rather wonderfully named Elijah Cotton (Ltd).

If I were them I would have stuck to that name because it has a very distinctive ring to it indeed.

However, they invented the brand "Nelson Ware" in about 1913 and then the term 'Lord Nelson Ware' seemed to appear around the 1950's (could be earlier though).

This company went on into quite modern times, so the plate could just as well be relatively modern (2nd half of 20th Century?), in fact.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)


Lord Nelson Pottery
by: Roger Williams

I have 3 Lord Nelson Pottery tankards commissioned by my squadron to celebrate the Fleet Review at Spithead - June 28 1977. They are marked with 809 squadron crests and were issued whilst we were embarked on HMS Ark Royal.



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I have a plate to that I got from my mom. IT belonged to my grand mother. dated 4-78 is this really the date or what. It has a gray cat on it with lit yellow eyes .with gold trim and a dot of gold on the back. I like to know something to can you help me.

by: Anonymous

lord Nelson saucer 5-65

1 ceramic mug
by: ellen ludbrook

pictureof cartoon huntsman on comical hores blowing bugle and picture ofa red bird on a branch on reverse,bottom reads lord nelson pottery with crown and letter "N" underhas number 108 embedded around bottom

by: Anonymous


Ash Tray
by: Alex

Looking through my mothers things, I have come across many things.

The Battle of Trafalgar (Ash Tray) five boats named in colour, with gold leafed edge's.
On the back is
Lord Nelson Pottery, over a crown then a capital N with two things either side. 3 dots of gold on the outside of the writing of Pottery.

Hand-crafted in England
Wiggly line
Since 1758

Any ideas please.

Back stamps on ware
by: Liz

The 10 78 will be the month October and the year the pattern was applied, i.e. 1978. This was done for stock control purposes. Any small marks such as paint lines would be the decorators mark. Again this would be on the back or bottom of the item.

mona Lisa plate
by: Anonymous

I have a plate of mona Lisa

Lord Nelson Ware
by: Michelle

I jumped at buying a cake plate in the Lord Nelson Marina patten and now that I have it at home I noticed the backstamp says Lord Nelson Pottery, England 3-85
I have only seen it with Lord Nelson Ware BMC do you think this is a fake?

Not a fake
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Michelle

Even without looking I pretty much know this is no fake. Enjoy your piece and don't worry!

Peter (admin)

lord nelson pottery
by: wendy farmer

I have a three peice set of vase and two candlestick holders. they have lord nelson pottery stamped on the bottom. how much are they worth ?

Stagecoach plate value
by: Anonymous

I have a plate with the mark 1-72 of a stagecoach driven by horses in a storm. Can you help me find a fair value on this plate?

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Is Nelson Ware the Same as Lord Nelson?
by: Megan Kalu, Thunder Bay, Canada


This milk pitcher has me stumped because it doesn't say Lord Nelson Wares, but just Nelson Wares and i can't find any site that says Nelson Wares only and i can't find the scene which is called Homestead.

I've spent hours and i'm coming up empty handed.

Someone's great smarts would make me very and incredibly happy.

Thank anyone in advance.

Megan Kalu

Nelson Ware is the Same as Lord Nelson
by: Peter (admin)

Dear Megan Kalu of Thunder Bay

Great question, thank for asking it. The answer is, yes, they are one and the same indeed.

Elijah Cotton has three trading names. One was NELSON WARE, another was LORD NELSON WARE and he also had a brand in his own name ELIJAH COTTON.

The factory was one of the most important and successful in Staffordshire during Victorian times, and at one point was particularly known for his jugs.


Peter (admin)

Heart shaped ring dish
by: Susan

I have a heart shaped ring holder decorated with 3 white flower and leaves design. There is gold gilt around the edge and on the round top of the ring holder.
On the base it says Lord Nelson England 3730 and 8-78.
It is in perfect condition.
Please could you indicate a possible estimate on its value?
Thank you

Lord Nelson Pottery
by: Trudy

I have a small pitcher, or maybe it's a gravey boat in the pattern 3322. On the bottom In a circle, it says Lord Nelson Pottery England and inside the circle is a crown and the letter N under the crown. Is this possibly worth anything?

lord nelson jug
by: bev

I have a set two jugs in ivory with flannel flowers the makers mark is not circular but has lord nelsons column with lord nelson printed across middle of column and england underneath. It also has two small green dots which im thinking is painters mark it also has the numbers 3321 on one jug can anyone help identifying this please.?

Two young girls little witch vase
by: Andrea

Hello! I am trying to find out if my piece is authentic. It has a gold "Lord Nelson Ware" circle mark. Under the circle it says "Straffordshire England". In the circle there is also a tall gold building. There is what appears to be a letter "A" in blue ink. The design looks to be in the "Blue Children" Royal Doulton Seriesware. The picture is two young girls talking to a little witch. The rim of te case is gold.
Thank you!

Authentic Lord Nelson
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Andrea

There is no reason for it not to be authentic.

The fakers mainly dabble in sought after things or items with relatively high cost to value ratio.

Think fake 19th century Minton majolica or early 1800's Staffordshire ironstone, Imperial Dynastic Chinese Porcelain, 800 year old Korean stoneware, rare German or French figurines etc etc.

Lord Nelson is great and fine, but doesn't really fit the fakers profile in my view.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

BCM/Nelson Ware
by: Sue J

Does anyone know what "BCM" stands for?

by: Anonymous

I have a few large bowls look like flan type bowls I think a mustard pot And a salt n pepper pot it's got a stamp with gaymime on them . The picture is sort of flowers n a bird.... My auntie has asked me find out if they arr worth anything.. Many thanks lisa

i have one plate H M S VICTORY
by: Anonymous

I have one plate H M S VICTORY any good buyer here so email me syed496@yahoo.com

Blue pottery jug with a ring if flowers around the top
by: Anonymous

I have a blue jug with a ring of flowers near the rim it has the nelson ware BCM stamp on the bottom with a blue mark is it real and is it worth anything

by: Anonymous

I have a nelson ware large wash bowl a chamber pot soap dish and a vase in blu with fruit pattens on it is it worth ewt

by: Diane

I have a ring holder that has 3 white flowers and gold around the edge and on top.It has Lord Nelson England and also 5-78 and 3734 on the bottom.

Lord nelson pottery.
by: Wendy

I have a 3 peice set consisting of vase and two candlesick holders. They look like cream ware. They have lord nelson since 1758 on the bottom of the vase. They are gold rimmed. They have a flower design on one side and a garden scene of man and lady on the other. They have gold strokes on them. One on the vase and two and three on the candlestick holders. The vase is about 8ins in height. The candlestick holders about 5ins in height. I would like to know if they are worth anything.

small pot
by: Anonymous

i.ve just got a lord nelson pot it say the mustard shop i paid the great sum of 10 pence can you tell me anything about it thanks

by: Deborah

I found this plate at a garage sale for $3.00, it has an owl on a branch with a gold ring. On the back is Lord Nelson pottery above crown large N, hand crafted in England since 1758, number is 3-80 gold marks and an L is this a good find? I love it no matter what.

lord nelson pottery
by: albert/tatlock

sorry guys but most of it aint
worth much,obviously rare older
pieces are worth a few quid.
sorry to disappoint,have a look
on e-bay for price guide.

Briar Rose
by: Judy M.

I have a stacking tea set that says BCM/ Nelson Ware Made in England. I've been unable to discover the time frame in which it would have been made, with the exception of between 1913-1950.
Can it be narrowed down by anyone?

is this pitcher good
by: Anonymous

I have lord nelson jug rose pattern number3371 and its shaded with a beige colour pattern on the outside under the rose pattern and inside is white with the beige pattern on the inside of the pitcher thanks

by: Anonymtanyous

I have 1075 pears slope plate how old pls x

start date
by: Anonymous

we have two small vases with the mark
Lord Nelson Pottery since 1758 so I assume they have been going since then

Started 1758 Elijah Cotton (Ltd)
by: Peter (admin)

Accounts are sketchy, but it seems this company began in 1758 as Elijah Cotton (Ltd). However, marketing department are known for creativity when it comes to foundation dates. Until I see the public records, or someone posts, we'll just have to assume that's a true date.

Peter (admin)

milk pitcher
by: Anonymousmarilyn

looks to be a 1956 by mark and has a title of god speed the plough and on back side has a tribute to the farm life as opposed to the wealthy. what can you tell me of value..

Marina Creamer
by: citatrue

I have a little creamer, flowers mostly on one side (bluebells most prominent). Gold rim is almost worn away. Mark looks like a globe with possibly a crown at the top. The only word I see says "Marina". There are two little blue marks and three gold dots next to the mark. It also says "Made in Great Britain". Any idea of date and value?

Lord Nelson England 2-10 Gravy Boat
by: Trisha

Hi. I bought a gravy boat of the above. It is creamy white in colour with what looks like a sunflower and Chrysanthemums. The images are mirrored on either side of the boat.
Is there anything you can tell me about it please?
Many thanks in advance.

Gold rim plates
by: Mary

I have a oval set of 6 dinner plates, they have the marking 10.74 on the bottom, are these worth anything

Napkin ring set?!
by: CrysW

I have a blue and off white box set of Christmas themed napkin rings, painted with holly and other floral bits. Each is marked with "Lord Nelson England" in a swirled frame. Can't find any other markings, but the box says "Lord nelson pottery"
"staffordshire england"

Lord nelson pottery plate
by: Kurtis brown

Have a plate with 3 children and a dog and wondering if it has any value

Lord nelson pottery plate
by: Kurtis brown

Have a plate with 3 children and a dog and wondering if it has any value

by: TGA

I have a small round plate with 1cm gold ring inside top edging. Beliow 7gold flowers on wall, the base a color picture a young boy outside wearing cimson shorts brown jacket sitting down beside a lady wearing pink,blue & white dress lace up front showiin skin also sitting both shoe less surroind bestiifull garden very colourful. On the back of plate ((LORD NELSON POTTERY A, crown below 2 symbols each side with a leta N between ,below letas in capitall ((hand crafted in England ) small design ,endin( since 1758)) all imprint in black ink all in a circle also 1 dot + 1cm long imprint in color gold all on back of plste with 1 dot same as above on the side wall it may b a plate that holds jam , bits, etc can I've have some history on my item please thanks .TGA

BCM marking
by: Anonymous

What does BCM stand for?

by: Barbara

I have a Lord Nelson ,greenish,gravy boat,with FL29 ENGLAND,on the bottom,It has Patterns around the rim.Could you tell me if it is worth anything,please?

Lord Nelson Lands End Wall Plate
by: Daniel

Lands Ends Gold Painted Edge Wall Plate 3-76. Any information would be great. Danny321uk60@gmail.com

Lord Nelson Pottery Plate
by: Daniel

I have a lord nelson lands end pottery plate, gold painted egde. Stamp looks like 3-76 or 3-78. Any information would be brilliant.


Old Coach House Stratford plate
by: Carolanne

I have just purchased an octagonal gold edged plate with the Old Ciach Hoyse Stratford on the front to the left and a horseman seated on his horse with a lady standing nearby greeting him. On the back is a gold mark 1- and the stamp Elijah Cotton Ltd Lird Neilson Ware Staffordshire England and the Lird Nelson column. I would like to know more about the date of the plate and it's history.

Lord Nelson Mugs
by: Morrigane

i would like to send you pictures of the stamps on mugs and pictures to get some kind of authenticity.

Lord Nelson pottery
by: Anonymous

I have a vase and what I believe to be two candlestick holders. I think the pottery is cream ware as is very yellow looking in colour. They have gold markings on the bottom of each peice and gold rims. They depict a romantic scene on the vase.

Lord Nelson Jug
by: Penny

I have a jug depicting a Horse and Hound hunting scene. The jug has Lord Nelson Pottery England stamped underneath with a Crown and the letter N. It seems to have (depending on which way up you hold it) M15 or MIS or SIW embedded on the bottom. Any idea of age and value?

by: Steve Birks

BCM stands for British Commercial Monomark

See the following page...


Lord Nelson Pottery Ginger jar NEW
by: Suze

Hi there I am having a clear out on my window ledges and really struggle to part with this ginger jar for some reason - I have had it for a good number of years and noticed the mark on the bottom as Lord Nelson - can you please let me know what you think of this piece and whether or not I should keep it. Not sure how to add the pictures ? on the bottom it says 2 - 76

Otesk NEW
by: tee

I have some plates given too me with Nelson

Lord Nelson Pottery small plate
by: Joanne

I found a small plate of the Mermaid, Rye Sussex. It says Lord nelson Pottery on the back. The crown over the 'N' and three small gold dashes. Any info? Email me at jhoregon@hotmail.com TY!!

Oil Pot? NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a gravy pot, Lord Nelson, with three blueberries on the yellow and red leaves and corn on the cob in yellow leaves on one side, and what looks like some sort of oil pot(with contents white, red, blue) with some yellow onions on, not sure what it is... Has it any value?

Date NEW
by: Shaz

Hi if I have a piece marked 8-71 does it mean it was made August 1971?

2 tier plate NEW
by: Carol

I have a two tier cake/pastry plate, blue floral design, Lord Nelson Ware, England insignia on bottom with 3322 in gold, and 2 small green dots further down on the bottom of the plate. How do I find the year it was made or if it is authentic? Thanks.

by: Christine Pace

I have an oval plate with flowers round the edge. Marks on the bottom are 10/31 and BCM/NELSON WARE MADE IN ENGLAND. Any comments would be appreciated.

Demolition of Lord Nelson Pottery?
by: Amy Boone

Just saw this in the news. Quite sad, considering. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/news/stoke-on-trent-news/beloved-grade-ii-listed-potbank-3612959

lord nelson plates
by: Carolyn

I have 8 square plates. they have the lord nelson marks and 12/77. I can't seem to find this pattern anywhere. Where can I look for this design, so I know what it is. the pattern is 1 pink, 1 light yellow, 1 darker yellow, and small purplish blue small flowers.

Thank you for your help!

2 tier cake stand NEW
by: Steve

Hi I was gifted a 2 tier cake stand with horse and carriage on it has number in gold as 3462 then 19_01 Icant find information on it can anyone help please

by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I have found a 'lord nelson pottery' mug with "N" letter a crown on top and two squiggly bits either side , it has the Queen Elizabeth the second face on one side with boats and the other side it is another bigger boat F421 HMNZS canterbury underneath it.. then the date of the fleet review at spithead. I have spent hours searching the internet and I can find similar ones but nothing identical so that leaves me assuming it might be a knock off? I'm not sure , any information is much appreciated .

Thank you ,

Incorrect Backstamp
by: Anonymous

i have a Lord Nelson Plate front is Rembrandt " Progdical Son" Back Stamp reads " The Holy Family" just a bad run or does it make it worth any more or less. Thanks In Advance for any info.

3 tier cake stand
by: Jeana Ritchie

Hi I wonder if you can give me any advice on a 3 tier cake stand that I have which is nelson ware , stamped I think on the back 6132 ? Is there any worth to it ?
It also says melons ware established 1758
It has a lovely mid blue edge with orange and blue trailing flowers ?
Curved hand,e to the stand
Many thanks

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