M in Wreath with "Japan" underneath-Noritake Query

by Ginger
(Augusta, Ga. USA)

M in Wreath with

M in Wreath with

M in Wreath with "Japan" underneath-Noritake Query:- Recently my 92 year old grandmother died and I received a candy dish and bowl from her collection. I researched the marking and it seemed more closely related to the Noritake markings with the M in the wreath but I can't seem to find the exact markings which are on my set. The set is white (well maybe cream colored) and apple or lime green with a gold rim around the top and flowers painted in the bottom.

The marking on the bottom has an M in somewhat of a wreath with just Japan written underneath (all in a light green). Any information about my set would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



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To:- M in Wreath with "Japan" underneath-Noritake Query

Dear Ginger

Thanks for uploading your picture of the M Japan cartouche pottery mark. A picture of the set would have been good too so as to see exactly what we are dealing with here.

Oriental pottery identification and valuation is an area best left to specialists in that field, as it can be a can of worms; with fake marks abounding and even reputable makers of good renown not always putting on marks for the reason of simple identification.

You could have a look at Gotheborg.com as they are the experts in all that is oriental.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Same China w/Same Mark - Fake Noritake Pottery Marks
by: Rachelle

I have a few pieces of this same china with the same marking and the marking looked so different than any of the others I decided to do a search for "Fake Noritake Symbol" and I found this info:

Sorry to Dis-Appoint you, but, this is definitely a FAKE...

Reproductions of all kinds of items are found from coast to coast, and it's now "buyer beware.


Not a fake
by: The Enduring Appeal Antiques,

If it is indeed an old piece from your grandmother, that label is legit. It is Morimura which later became Noritake. The article the other person talked about where on newer items that have flooded the market. If you look at a fake and the real thing, they are not hard to tell the difference.

Ginger M mark Japan
by: Mike M

Ginger, I just picked a green celery or candy dish in a light green with a flower print with the same exact mark. Weird but I was just trying to find out more about it and I often find my way back to this Great Site ! I will try to send Peter a picture to add to your link. Good luck and if I am fortunate enough to gather any information I will most certainly share it with you all. The Best, Mike M

by: Ruth

I have my grandmothers china. it is probably 90 years old. the mark on the botton is green. A wreath surrounding an M .Above the wreath it says NORITAKE below the wreath JAPAN. Not made in Japan just Japan.
I am having trouble finding the name of the pattern.

Photo please
by: Anonymous

Could someone show a photo of the plate, please?

Morimura ????
by: Anonymous

I to have a set from a great grand mother i can not find any info on it. date or maker?? pattern



Same story as Ginger
by: John

I have an old set, same marking on the bottom. After more than half an hour of searching links and pictures this is the ONLY place I have seen this marking. Under a loop, there is no sign of silk screen as the colors are solid. However I believe a stencil was used because I noticed that the line up of the black and green was off. I needed the loop to see it.I also noticed the tiny strokes that transitioned the colors. I am an artist and would have needed a loop and special brush to recreate it. The workmanship is beautiful, counterfeit or not. And as I cannot find another Noritake or Morimura mark like it It doesn't matter. The piece is finely crafted, and is indeed bone china. Still, clarification from an expert would be nice. Gothenborg.com had nothing.


The mark is legitimate
by: Sarah

I have a plate with that same mark so I did a lot of research and finally found it on the Noritake Collectors Guild in their backmarks knowledge library under 1930's.

M in wreath
by: Anonymous

Received a beautiful set of porcelain from my grandmother. Purchased in approx 1931 - all pieces with this very simple marking. Would like to believe it is indeed authentic noritake. Any idea of value by place setting and serving pieces?

Thanks Sarah
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Sarah

That sounds like an excellent resource.

Is it online and can anyone access it?

Best regards

Peter (admin)

M in Wreath with Japan under M.
by: Marija valentekovich

after reading all comments I still do not know are my 12 desert plates vintage 1930 Noritake real or fake (reproductions) Please let me know how to know the truth. Thank you

M cartouche also
by: M Valentekovich

Here is a link to the same cartouche on my china:


The front is here:


Does anyone recognize this pattern and advise if it is legitimate Noritake?

green m surrounded by delicate wreath
by: Anonymous

Morimura brothers were the importers before they became Noritake. They used factories all over Japan. I believe this mark is from only one factory and i believe it is only from 1935 and prior. Patterns were not named. and many have different pieces,because they simply pulled whatever blanks they had on hand. That is why my mothers china had doubled handled soups and square salad plates while the same border and flower group can be found on coupe soup bowls and round salad plates elsewhere. These sets were sent in boxes that held the complete 92 piece set. 12 dinners, 12 salads, 12 bread and butters, 12 cups, 12 saucers, 12 soups, 12 soup plates, large platter, small platter, creamer, sugar, oval veg, covered veg., relish and ?? and they were very affordable. check out Replacements picture of Noritake patterns with an M and a number.
This mark was definitely early Noritake. I even know the department store this china was purchased at

Noritake pre 1935
by: Anonymous

I have found all these comments really helpful - I hope to receive my grandmothers china soon and look forward to using it for many years to come

Confirmation - this is genuine Noritake
by: Peter (admin)


I visited the collector's site mentioned above and found the mark listed as Noritake.

So I found out there that this pale green 'M' mark was design patented notified on June 1, 1935 by Nippon Toki, who are the present day Noritake.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Noritake tea set with "M" designation NEW
by: Dianne B

I, too, am looking for information about my Noritake tea set with the "M" designation.

The tea set I have is a teapot, sugar, creamer, 4 cups 6 saucers. It is a white background, dark blue border with a circlet of pink/rose flowers and gold trip. I have a picture but don't know how to get it into this message (copy/paste didn't work).


Searching for months NEW
by: Kathy

I have been searching for a long time. This is the first site I've seen with the "M" wreath marking but still have yet to see a picture of the china. I acquired a full 10 piece set with 75-80 pieces. Am not sure if they were my Grandmothers, Mothers or Mother in Law's as was given 3 sets of china all within 10 years. All 3 are deceased. The pattern is one yellow flower with pink center, 3 small pink and 4 small blue flowers with green leaves around them. Has gold rim with blue and yellow scrolling. Have yet to locate this pattern. Can anyone help?

My M in a wreath china
by: Ginger

Sorry Peter, didn't come back until now after someone said they were fake. Here are links to the pictures of the two pieces I was asking about.


I still have them and was investigating them further and stumbled onto this site again. Thanks to everyone for all your help. 😀


Me too! NEW
by: Anonymous

First place I've found this exact backmark . I submitted the photo to a site that specifically deals with Noritake backstamps. I see no option to upload photos

My Grandmother's China
by: Gail

This also the first place I'd found a reference to this backmark. Thanks to Peter, Ginger, Sarah and Anonymous I now have the info I need as I pass these down to the next generation. I knew they were circa 1930's and thought my Grandma had said Noritake, but had always wondered why just "M" Japan as a backmark. It's one of those 96 piece sets. She bought them when newly married, in Milwaukee, WI. I received them from her when I married in 1978. If there is a way to upload photos here I would?

M wreath flower basket NEW
by: Anonymous

I also got one from my grandmother who I'm not sure where she got it but it has that same m in the green wreath and Japan underneath it's a flower basket with some looks like gold trim on it if you can tell me how to post a picture on here I totally do it.

M wreath flower basket
by: Derrek

I also got one from my grandmother who I'm not sure where she got it but it has that same m in the green wreath and Japan underneath it's a flower basket with some looks like gold trim on it if you can tell me how to post a picture on here I totally do it.

Noritake Pre WWII
by: Anonymous

I inherited a set of China that also includes the "M" within the wreath with Noritake above and Japan below the wreath. According to my mom, my grandparents received the 12 piece place setting , plus lots of other pieces for their wedding in 1934. My mom told me that the pattern for the China was destroyed in the bombings during the War. So she was not able to find out any additional information. Anyone have any idea if I might still be able to find out more about this pattern?

I am not sure how to upload a picture?

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