by Mary
(Plainfield, IL)

Large brightly colored ceramic cat MADE IN ITALY T.K.C TX/?B

Large brightly colored ceramic cat MADE IN ITALY T.K.C TX/?B

Large brightly colored ceramic cat MADE IN ITALY T.K.C TX/?B:- Hello and thank you for taking the time to view my beautiful piece of pottery. I have absolutely no idea what the origin of this is. I discovered this treasure at the local GoodWill store in Joliet, IL so I have no idea where it was before that. It is in almost perfect condition with just a small scrape on the tail. The colors are extremely vibrant and it is very striking.

Please see my pictures. There are three different views of the cat and one of the marking on the bottom.

It is an asian Cat that stands approximately 11 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

I started to research what these marks could mean and the only thing similar I came up with said that similar markings were Capodimonte? But I searched Capodimonte and haven't found another item similarly marked.

The bottom reads

I can't tell what is after the TX. It could possibly be a 4 or a 40 or even an L. The marking after the TX is kind of smudged, that's the best way I can describe it. The black speckles are under the glazing and can't be rubbed off.

I searched t.k.c in the search engine, but unfortunately I don't get any results. I tried MADE IN ITALY followed by T.K.C and that didn't produce anything similar to my item.

A Little about me. My name is Mary and I purchased my first antique when my oldest two girls had moved out. I had a guest room to fill and decided to fill it with vintage items. I don't specifically buy anything for it's value. I purchase things I think are beautiful that I want to display in the room. All of the vintage furniture I have found is so much solid and so much better quality than anything I have ever owned. And the knick knacks are so beautifully made, not like the mass produced items you find today.

I would really appreciate any help I could get. I can't think of any other combination of words to search to find it's origin. Thank you again for reading.



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I have a different piece with the same marking
by: Anonymous

Hello Mary,
I have an Italian bisque box and coasters with T.K.C. TA/3 made in Italy on the underside. Interestingly, This piece also came from Joliet, Il. It was from my grandmothers estate and I was looking to find out more info about it. When I read your page, I found it more than a confidence they had the same markings from the same area. I am going to continue my search, Good luck!

I have a similar cat
by: Anonymous

I have a similar cat but with different designs on it. The bottom reads: T.kc
Made in Italy

It was my grandmother's from Louisville, KY. However, she was known to buy things from yard sales etc, so who knows where it was originally from. I was searching to find out about it when I found your post.


ceramic italy cat
by: dd


by: Anonymous

I too have a cat with markings T.K.C TX45/E Italy.
It's pink and white with big blue eyes. I bought it about 25 years ago from a little antique shop in Ceres Scotland

Cat is from Monterey Calif.
by: Judy

I have a solid white cat with blue eyes, markings are tx3d tkc made in Italy. Does it have a connection to Giuseppe Cappe, master sculptor for Capodimontie ?

L2/54 tkc Italy
by: GregGlass

I found the most beautiful urn style vase,12"x6". Hand thrown with a metallic glaze finish. Crazy beautiful froma thrift store in forest lake mn. Who is T.K.C.?

Ceramic Rooster with markings
by: Anonymous

Hi I saw this post and I just bought a beautiful rooster and underneath it also is hand painted and says tkc ta 7Ea made in Italy. Does anyone know what that means ? Valuable ? or maker? I am in Orange County Calif.

I have vase witk tkc
by: Anonymous

I have tkc vase

I have a sitting white cat , blue eyes
by: Anonymous

I have a sitting white cat with blue eyes labeled
TX 32
I am interested in finding out about where this piece was made - Italy, TX or ??

T.K.C. Italy TX 45/E and TX 41/0
by: Dana

I purchased this set of 2 cats today. I paid $5.75 for the pair at a Habitat ReStore. They are white with pink stripes. I would love to find out their story. They were purchased in Northeast TN.

Italian cat TKC
by: Anonymous

I also have a pair of pink and white cats with the T.K.C. mark on bottom along with TX2/C Made in Italy. Would like like to know who the artist is and their value. 11.5" tall and 15" tall. Thank you

T.k.c. TX 2/d made in Italy
by: s

Hi I also have a white cat with pink stripes and blue eyes. I just love her was wandering the value of her. I got her from cleaning out a house after the owner had passed away land was left behind.

I have a Ceramic piece NEW
by: MaribelAnonymous

Markings underneath T.K.C. Italy 31

K is not used in the Italian language NEW
by: Modfather

so most likely this mark is from the importer and not the maker

I also have a pair of cats NEW
by: Carolann

I have a pair of cats from my parent's estate. Markings T.K.C. TX45 E and TX45 F on the other one. Blue eyes and gold stripes.

Carolann NEW
by: Anonymous

I found this on the web. This is what my pair of cats looks like only with gold stripes and blue eyes.

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