Mizuno Pottery Mark Query

by Dari

Mizuno Pottery

Mizuno Pottery

Mizuno Pottery Mark Query:- I have a 5pc coffee server set with a blue 4 tier crown and the name Y. Mizuno below that and have had no luck with finding anything out on this. Please help me or at least show me where I need to search.



Reply by Peter (admin)

to Mizuno Pottery Mark Query

Dear Dari

Interesting query. One in a thousand. Please submit some photos. Use a new form for each new photo. I appreciate it. Thanks.

Whoever Y. Mizuno is not known by me or by any of my reference books or by Google.

However, this seemingly undocumented name caught my interest, so I began an uber-search. The detective won through and started down an interesting path where I started to learn lots. That's the type of query I like.

I found only one other connection with the name Mizuno within china and ceramics ranges and although unconnected with your set, this really got me to an interesting place I feel we should all know and talk about. So thanks for flagging this up.

In the 1980's and 90's there was a fine china design team called Swid Powell. This was the team of Nancy Swid and Addie Powell. They produced high design expensive fine china collections amongst other things. They were a small producer but high in design & production values - and expensive.

Swid Powell designed with famous luminaries such as Calvin Klein (and many more) and exhibited at Yale University. They were commissioned by swanky Miami Hotels and are obviously well thought of in a 'glamorous' up-market sense.

Now, I found one set of their china marked Swid Powell, "Rady & Mizuno", Japan. I could find nothing else with either "Rady & Mizuno", or Mizuno on its own or Rady on its own.

On the contrary, your set looks like a typical mid-price range 1950's post war Japanese mass production tea set. The stamp is mass-produced and so are the shapes and pattern, so no connection.

I would carry on your research from here.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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a thank you and another thought
by: Anonymous

Peter, thank you so much for even taking the time to look and search. I will send a picture to you today and just put the Y.Mizuno name and maybe it will catch your eye again. Now, what do you think of this? I have found lots of searches on Y.Mizuno being an author of books and a professional in the antique world in Japan. Could this have been something named for him and not by him?


Reply by Peter (admin)

Yes, I think there is a distinct possibility that this might be one and the same. Someone who has a 'name' of some description over there.

Any luck with Mizuno?
by: Dari

Peter, I sent the photos to you the other day and still have not heard anything from you. I hope that isn't a bad sign. I just was wondering if they helped you any and if you had any more information. I do not want to bug, but you have helped me so much already. Have a great day.

Y. Mizuno
by: Krystle


I also have some china with the name Y.Mizuno Stamped on the bottom with a four point crown--all in green ink. It is on a 6 piece tea set (6 cups, saucers, teapot, creamer and sugar holder. My parents recieved as a wedding present in 1984 from a relative who went i believe to Japan (maybe China). Curious if it is related!


Peter (admin) says: Great clues from all, thanks. Yes definitely the same. Looks to me like a Japanese maker little known over here.

Anyone knows more please post

Mizuno History

by: Bobby Person

I purchased a bone china Lilly made by Mizuno and it still had the pamplet with the history of Mizuno family history with it. The small factory is in Seto Japan. It states that each piece is hand made and hand painted and no two are alike. The factory was started by Jukuro and Fusa Mizuno, they have six daughters and five sons. The piece I have is beautiful and in perfect condition. It has an elegant look, even a child could tell it's not some of that truckstop , cheesy looking stuff.

Bobby Person, Ft Smith, Ar. 479-650-8355


Y. Muzino Mystery Solved by Bobby!
by: Peter (admin)


Now that's why I love this site. You are star and have solved a great on going mystery for this site and now there is a public record for this nice little maker which everyone can tune into when they do a Google search.

Great work Bobby! Thanks for taking the trouble.

Everyone in agreement say "Aye".

Peter (admin)
ps. all my theories were wrong (see above). I wonder if this is the same Muzino potters who worked with Swid Powell though?

Y. Mizuno China set
by: Patsy

Hello, I myself have a set.... for tea...5 pierced edge saucers w/an interior 1" wide ring of dark seafoam green edged inside and out in gold. The very center has beautiful "snowflake flower" center in gold. The green band also has small airy flowers in gold. Very edge of saucer also in gold.... all over beautiful opal china..... I have also 4 teacups and a beautiful teapot to match and am on the hunt for sugar and creamer..... You are the first on "bus stop" in my research... but interesting to note that we have some very hard stuff to find!

I have a tea set.
by: Carol M. of PA

I was given a tea set signed by Y.Mizuno with the four point crown stamped on the bottoms in a royal blue ink. Wonder if they changed the color each year?? My set has 5 tea cups, 5 shell shaped saucers and the teapot. The lower end of the saucer is in a maroon colored paint with daisy looking flowers on it in gold. The upper edges of the shell are painted with a tiny rose with sunbursts in gold. The rim of the entire thing is painted in gold. It is an opal type finishe for the main part of the sauers and cups, etc.

I, too, would like to know the value and history behind this set. It's beautifully hand painted...you can tell.

Carol McLaughlin cmclaughlin528@comcast.net

Bobby wrote the answer above, please read
by: Moderator


Y. Mizuno
by: Tyrone

I have the same Tea set 4 peace, pearl color gold trim with flowers. Inside of lip of cup is a very light green trim.


same set
by: Jenn OKC

I just bought this same set at a garage sale today. One set was Royal Stafford, familiar name and the other this Y. Mizuno. I have been googling the name and really nothing comes up. Doesn't Google know everything? Lol same pattern as the picture on here. Thank you for re info.

Beautiful Pink Set NEW
by: Jewels

Thanks for posting the background on this China maker. My set is the replicate of Dari's set. My husband bought this in Okinawa during his service tour in the mid 80s. Many a tea party has been enjoyed with my granddaughter. Cheers.

K Mizuno NEW
by: Anna

I also have a tea set with inscription as above, interesting to note previous comments. Thankyou for bringing this to forum.

Y. Mizuno
by: Susan Rees

Hello everyone, I have a green tea set, teapot, sugar and cream with five cups and saucers. I bought it when I was stationed in Okinawa, 1982-1983. USMC Beautiful flowers trimmed in gold with heart cutouts on the saucers. I love my set but I could never find out anything about the set. Thanks so much for the information. Semper Fi

Y Mizuno
by: Brad

I bought my wife the same tea set back in 1982 while stationed at Kedena Air Base, Okinawa Japan. Over the years we have not used the set. It is displayed in her China cabinet with her Four Crown China.

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