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antique china values

Hi Randall

Many thanks for submitting, and hope you are finding the site useful.

Knowledgeable contributors please try to help with this one (check out the comments section below for replies).

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……


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Mountainside Art Pottery Bowl
by: Blake

Dear Randall, Your bowl was made by Mountainside Art Pottery of Mountainside, New Jersey. The pottery was started by John Kovacs in 1929 and closed around 1941. Kovacs was an immigrant from Hungary who had been a member of the Rutgers University Ceramics Club while a student. The pottery made Artware vases, figurines and bowls and used both a red and a white clay.
Try running a Google search for more information.

Yours, Blake

MP mark
by: Anonymous

This mark on your bowl is for McCoy Pottery. McCoy pottery was made in Zanesville, OH.


Peter (admin) says:

Dear Anonymous

Being a Brit, I am no expert in McCoy marks, but I have never yet seen a McCoy mark with an MP. I have seen NM, MC, MCO and of course McCoy. What I have seen is Mountainside Art Pottery ware with MP on the mark.

On this site it is all about caring and sharing for the benefit of all, so please tell us where we can evidence the McCoy mark you mention - as I am curious as heck now.

Peter (admin)

Response to Pottery Mark "MP"
by: Maggie

I recently purchased a bowl with the same MP mark as shown at your website. I bought it because it was useful and attractive, and then became curious about the pottery mark. Thus far yours is the only site showing and noting this pottery mark. The bowl is clear-glazed heavy stoneware, roughly 3-1/2" high, 8-1/2" top diameter, and 5-1/2" bottom diameter. The decorative motif is a 2" wide scroll surrounded at top and bottom by plain, wide bands. Do you genuinely believe this to be as you've identified it? I know nothing about pottery, and could well believe the bowl I have, use, and enjoy is merely a contemporary cast clay piece.

MP Pottery Mark on Another Bowl
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Maggie

Thanks for your contribution on this one. We need a solution to this one as we have two different commentators giving two different solutions. I don't know if Blake's answer is correct, although he is an experienced hand in the world of pottery marks who visits the site from time to time to give us a hand in between his other commitments (and is often spot on with his answers to obscure queries).

The other anonymous contributor is unknown to me and when I politely asked him for a bit of further verification, we never heard from this person again.

Both answers may be wrong, but if I was to put money on the right answer I would go for Blake's.

I have tried to search for more information on the firm Blake talks about, but to no avail so far. Perhaps you could try, if the fancy took you.

Also, I would very much appreciate some photos of your dish and mark as we did not get one of the wares with the original submission.

If you do have time, please send them to me at:-

...and mark them clearly for this page, as otherwise, I might have a senior moment and forget where they are for, and start asking you if you want a valuation appraisal.

I will then add them to your post.

Many thanks


Peter (admin)

MP marking
by: Karen

I have a bowl with identical marking. I went to Mountainside Art website and the marking is not the same as the one being identified here. The MP marking that I have is not MP close to and touching each other but Rather a large elongated M followed by a P.

MP label
by: rgn

I too have an off white heavy stoneware bowl with the same elongated M P printed on the bottom. I would also like to find out more about it.

Not mountianside
by: Sandy

I too am trying to find more info on this mark. I have the same swirl pattern bowl with the same mark. it's driving me crazy, I can't find the correct makers name for this piece. It's not a Mountianside potty mark and pretty sure it's not McCoy, but can't seem to find anything like it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer to M P question
by: Michael

Hi, I bought a nice, big, green pottery bowl today because I saw M P carved on the bottom and thought (wrongly) McCoy Pottery. Nope. I just discovered the same green bowl with identical markings on the Internet, with initials like the ones on the bowl posted here. It is a nice vintage piece and I'm enclosing a link so other M P folks can see it is from that Mountainside Pottery kiln, and, sadly, not Mr. Nelson McCoy. Same vintage, not him. Good news? It appears to also be nearly if not just as valuable as a McCoy bowl.
Here is the link, Cheers!

Not MP
by: Anonymous

These heavy MOLDED bowls are not Mountainside Pottery, at least not from the studio of John Kovacs between 1929 and 1941. All of the MP made during that period was hand thrown, used a different clay, and had one (of two) other marks. John Kovacs Jr. re-fired the kilns about 1976, but then moved to Florida where these pieces may have originated.

Mountainside, NJ


reply to all by Peter Admin:-

Thanks BB, thanks to all. This thread is superb! It is chipping away at this identification and we are really getting somewhere. I love the fact that my website facilitates such a great thread which will end up helping lots of people identify some lovely wares. Keep up the good work all!

Peter (admin)

Also curious
by: Kelly

I purchased one of these bowls recently at a thrift/consignment store in Florida. The "M" is crossed as in the photo, as if to resemble mountains. Off white in color with 2 small blue bands.

Mountainside pottery piece.
by: Neil Burgess

Hi, i know little about pottery. I have just purchased a blue piece which appears to have the same MP mark as the Mountain top pieces. The right hand stroke of the M is adjoined to the P starting part way down the M. This piece also has three names on it but it is really difficult to know exactly what the letters are. Looks like Sahalm Stuety Deumuvk. Below this there are the numbers 3310. White clay, blue glaze over brown with small handle, stand up spout and cart wheels on either side. Am in NZ and picked up in an auction of a deceased lot. Also had a beautiful glass vase by Matts Jonasson which was the piece I was after. Does any body have an answer about who made the blue pottery piece? Neil.

by: LGeno

Hi everyone,
I too have the heavy white pottery planter marked with the exact same MP

Here is mine..It is kind of crude
Measures 91/4" by 61/4" about about 3 1/4" high
here is the link to the pic I took


by: ju

My bowl or planter has been in my fam. a long time,
the M P .2 is hand written,the dot or period is center not bottom ,the M is smaller than P but both are in cap style and the USA mark is put on the same way but not as deep. still hunting.I found similar color on a Mcoy pitcher ,dark green(nearly black) ,top is lighter and mottled with 2 shades of green . Bowl is wider in the middle has 10 flatsides. thanks Ju

by: Anonymous

I bought one like this once and thought it might be McCoy since they have so many markings but it is Green Mountain Pottery or some other company if I remember right. Def. not McCoy.

MP Pottery Planter
by: YDD

Just bought an 8-sided planter (olive green) yesterday with what looks like [hand-scripted] "MP" mark. The tail of the P is somewhat faded, making the P look more like a "D". What is interesting about this piece is, in the center of the bowl, impressed in the clay is an upper case "H" or it may be an I depending on how you look at it. Was this common practice of the time? This letter H is about a inch in height. This i my two cents.

I have two MP bowls.
by: Karen

I have two of these bowls. They are two different sizes. The smaller one looks like the white one pictured in the other post but it is 6" round. The other one is 8" round in a gray sand color with an Aztec design. They both have the MP marks and made in the USA marked in the same block letters on the bottom.

I bought both at an antique auction. I don't believe they are worth much, but I thought I could use them as serving bowls. However when I discovered they most likely were used as plant dishes, I was worried they might have lead in them. They are of the heavy mold type, so I really think they are massed produced for plants.

I think I will put them away for my kids to find someday and maybe by then they will be worth something.

Here's My MP Bowl found at estate sale in VA
by: Sue

I also found a light green eight sided bowl approximately 12"x9" and 4" tall. I've never seen any bowl like it in color or shape. Heavy so pretty

MP on bottom of pottery
by: Bearwolf Antiques

I have found several pieces. I did research on the mark a few years ago, and found out that it was made by a company called Mountain Pottery, this company is no longer producing pottery. I have some piecesfrom the 40s. Sorry i can't remember the sppecfics on the company. I know it was USA compny. I keep my pieces in my hooiser cabinet.

Blue MP bowl
by: Anonymous

I just came across a light blue bowl with the MP mark and Florida on the bottom. I am also curious about the company. I knew it was not McCoy as my mother has been collecting that for nearly twenty years and has roughly 2000 pieces of McCoy pottery.

Perhaps this is the maker
by: Anonymous

I just bought a small piece of pottery at a rummage sale with the letters MP, but it is very stylized and straddling a ship. I looked it up by the decoration and glaze and it is Marblehead Pottery. They have had varying logos, but I believe I saw on one of the sites the logo you are describing. Good luck with your searches!

MP marked bowl

I also am curios to this marking. I have tried to send photos.

Pics Please
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Doorjam

Yes please to pics.

Just sent them to me and I will post them up here for you.

Please be sure to mark them for the "MP POTTERY MARK ON BOWL" thread within the the "American & Canadian Marks" section, otherwise, they may well get lost in the system.

send to:-


Peter (admin)

MP 131 mine is maiolica with frog on one side and asian symbols on the other.
by: Anonymous

Mine is MP 131 and below that is a big w but the ends
of the w dont meet.

WP pottery mark
by: Molly

Is there a way to submit a photo of my bowl with the mark?

MP marking
by: Anonymous

This is Mountainside Pottery out of New Jersey.

MP Florida USA NEW
by: Mary Patrice

I have an oval piece, pretty big, with the MP mark and the words Florida and USA on the bottom. Just like what was described about the mountain pottery in the 1970's. Sounds good to me.

MP and EF markings
by: Mel C

Anyone have an EF directly across from the MP? Mine does, but it’s hard to see. My bowl is grey, with lines. It is about 7" across and about 2.5" tall.

Large Shell Shaped Bowl with MP on the Bottom
by: Renn Farmer

Just found this thread on this site after searching for information about a bowl I purchased at a thrift store today. It measures 14"x 13" and is 5" deep. It is in the shape of a shell and has design in the clay at the bottom and almost looks like fins around the other sides. The marking on the bottom is an M in the shape of mountain peaks and a P beside it. The hallmark is identical to the one pictured in the beginning of this thread. Would love to post a picture and would love any and all information about this piece.

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