Mystery 'Crown' Pottery Mark - {Editor says 'Arnart China' of Japan}

by Greg

Mystery 'Crown' Pottery Mark - {Editor says 'Arnart China' of Japan}

Mystery 'Crown' Pottery Mark - {Editor says 'Arnart China' of Japan}

Mystery 'Crown' Pottery Mark Query - {Editor says 'Arnart China' of Japan}:- I have had a set of Demitasse 6, with creamer, sugar and tea pot for almost 20 years and tried to find the maker. I doubt it's real old, because it has a "R" in a circle for registered.

Here is a picture.

Many thanks in advance - hoping for a good result!



Reply from Peter (admin) below - just scroll down


antique china values

Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Mystery 'Crown' Pottery Mark - {Editor says 'Arnart China' of Japan} Query

Hi Greg

Thanks for your excellent query! This really is one I can get my teeth into.

After 20 years of mystery and suspense I can finally shed light on your china conundrum. Always glad to be of help to my valuable visitors whenever humanly possible...

The mark shown is one of the 'crown' type pottery mark variations known to be used by a company called "Arnart Creations" (1953 until 2001).

Associated with the influx of cheap Japanese imports post-war (ie before the days when Japanese manufacturing was associated with the highest of high quality industry - cars and electronics etc), Arnart were trading on the edge of being described by some observers as 'fakesters'.

They changed their name in 1957 to "5th Avenue" after securing US based offices, and stopped using a printed stamped 'made in Japan' pottery mark, opting instead for a removable 'made in Japan' sticker (which, surprise, surprise, often got somehow rapidly removed!). As far as I am aware, despite the new labeling, the wares were still cheap mass produced import reproductions, all fairly recently made (since 1950 in contrast to 1750).

Arnart often used brand names such as 'Royal Chintz', designed to be very Western or English-looking pottery marks. Some people describe their wares as 'fake tat', but I always shy away from such a description because there is still the skill of the artisan to be considered. It is not the fault of the artisan what the marketeers decide to do with the products they make. It is not as if they are trying to forge bank notes or anything like that!

It is the ebay sellers who try to pass off wares such as Arnart as something they are not who are the most offensive to me.

In the case of Arnart, the wares are decent enough looking, although I have never handled any with my own hands.

The other thing to look out for with Arnart China, apart from the reproduction china tea sets, are the reproduction ('fake') Hummel figurines.

During the mid 1950's, Arnart decided to go into the figurine business. They were highly 'influenced' by the German Goebel company who very successfully make the Hummel collectibles.

Arnart employed German designer Erich Stauffer who by some accounts never had any connection with
Hummel whatsoever. Other accounts also catagorically refute the fact that these Arnart figurines were ever made by German firm 'Kalk' based in Eisenberg, Thuringia - a story which somehow began to mysteriously circulate. It seems safe to assume these Erich Stauffer figurines were mass produced imports from Japan in the days before Japan became an esteemed and high quality industrial nation.

Actually, this makes the Arnart wares something of historical interest in themselves - as they represent to future generations an interesting snippet of 20th century history.

If I were an ebay powerseller, I would be promoting Arnart wares, not by trying to pass them off as European fine china, but as highly collectible wares of the future.

The only problem with this type of selling is Arnart seem to be still at it, which isn't good form for the collector of bygone rarities.

Trading as 'Arnart Imports Inc.' and based in 230 Fifth Avenue, they went about the business in 2000 - 2004 of discontinuing many old marks and withdrawing some registrations. There was quite a tangle of marks which were similar to famous makers - such as the 'Porzellanmanufaktur Kalk' crossed feathered arrows, the beehive variations etc etc.

Other Arnart pottery marks which are quite widely distributed and you may come across frequently are:- 'Royal Crown' ware, 'Royal Carlton' ware and 'ArMark'.

Some commentators say there must be some connection between Arnart and HOMCO due to the similarity of the decoration marks and the molds. This is outside my field of interest, so I don't know.

What I am interested in is allowing my visitors to use my pages as a means to more easily spot and identify the real quality fine china and porcelain makers and be able to spot the pottery marks which are associated with 'marketing trickery'.

The reason I appreciate Greg's query so much, and have spent so much time and effort writing it up is because Arnart are a very big player in the influx of 'repro' china (especially into the US). They must have had a big and skilled operation in order to make the type of wares they were exporting and it would be a difficult business to operate. Therefore, there could not have been that many big repro players around.

Keep a look out for fine china wares which are marked with any of the pottery marks described above, especially if they are being 'passed off' as 'European' in origin.

I am so glad to be of service in solving 20 year old mysteries for my visitors!

I've written a page especially to help visitors research their wares:

Thanks again Greg, I enjoyed answering that!

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Great site !!
by: flooperdave

Glad I found you
I just purchased a piece at local auction- only cost me $1.00 on the base is ARNART 5TH AVE HAND PAINTED # 2035 ALSO it still has the sticker "made in Japan" it's a piece of this cute old lady mounted on a base to look like a bust figure.
If I sell it on e bay I will use your notes on where it came from I am not one to sell fake as real - great site


Peter (admin says) Thanks flooperD, give us a link if you can, ta. Nice one!

Actually, I can see there being a collectible interest in Arnart before too long.

Arnart Crown pottery mark
by: Sue

What a wonderful reply you had to Greg with regard to the mystery Crown Pottery Mark. It was to thorough and informative....I wish all Ebay members were as thoughtful and honest and informative. Thanks

Crown mark
by: Sharon

Recently purchased a demitasse set with a crown and similar in shape to Gregs, but there is no number nor registration mark. "Japan" in placed under the crown. Both are in gold leaf. The set seems complete except for a missing sugar bowl lid.

Found a few pieces of a similar set on Ebay, said to be of 50's vintage. Their saucers have flower detail that mine do not, otherwise seems the same. They are stamped "made in Japan", but not in gold leaf. Knock-off or not, my set is lovely.

Royal Gregg bone chine
by: mike

I have an royal GreGG bone china england, with crown above it, what originally caught my eye however is that this has a very scottish-english color art onthe other side...

red and blue kilt like patter with fall mable laeves in the middle arranged like flowwers
the blue squeres run horrizantollu and verticaly they meet in the middle on each side of the leaves the middle sqoare is dark blue.

that is as close i can come to it wothout a photo.
all letters are gold but not exactly perfect in relation to each other.

But I am no collector who speciallto find izes in bone china unless it is uniuqe or I am paid it
miroslav gajdos.

Fake Hummels
by: Anonymous

I have 2 figurines- 1 man and 1 woman. They're farmers and are marked "Down on the Farm". I knew they weren't real Hummels even though they look a lot like them. They are numbered: 55/1551 and 55/1555 & still have the Japan sticker. I was also curious whether they were collectible or not. Mine have sentimental value but appreciate the info on your website.


Peter (admin) says:-

I think keep the sticker, keep the authentic Japan thing. Know the history and be honest about it. Big up the story, if you decide to sell. As I say above, I can see a day when the Arnart thing is is recognised as a vestige of the post-war Japanese industrial expansion (to the major world players we now recognise). The whole history of this is interesting and the Arnart repro imports are a good example of this story.

Peter (admin)

royal crown trademark
by: paule

Cripes! Talk about hard to find anything on these things. I have #3668 and #3853. Definately hummel wannabes. More sentimental value than anything else. Still interested in monetary value if any. Thanks for the info and the chance to leave a thread. Will research more. Wanna help or leave some info, email:-

pauless {AT}

....CROWN ROYAL as subject.
Feb 24,2011


Peter (admin) says:-

Hi Paule

Thanks, would love to have your research and contributions here - that's what this site is all about!

Royal Crown is known to be an alias of Arnart. There are various threads on this site on this brand.

To get to them fast, here is a search technique I ought to tell people about....

Use any of the in-house search boxes dotted around the site (there should be at least one on every page - check out the right column).

In this search box (powered by Google, so there will be some ads) put in the following exact search term:-

royal crown -derby

The reason for the - (minus sign) next to the word "derby" (with no gap) is that this tells Google not to include the term "royal crown derby" which is a famous old English maker. This way you will fast-track to all the results for "royal crown" on this site. There are two or three interesting threads as far as I can remember. Pick through the top 6 results or so for the most relevant ones.

Peter (admin)

p.s. I coded your email with the word {AT} to replace the symbol "@" because if I didn't, the spam bots will pick up your address and you will be sent annoying spam. Be careful about leaving your email address online without coding it. Some bots are even picking up this type of coding now, so beware. Google how to safely code (disguise) your email address so that the spam bots can't harvest it. There are various ways.

Thank You!
by: Anonymous

I found your page by accident and am I glad I did. I have a small tea set with the Royal Crown in red with the "R" to the side and the pattern number 55/1417. I looked everywhere to find the mfg. of this tea set and lo and behold you had the answer.: arnart. Thank you so much for this information. MaryAnn

Crown Pottery bowl
by: Charles

How can I send you a photo of an old Crown mixing bowl?

Thank you!
by: Suzanne

So glad to have found this site and this thread. Going through my late mother-in-law's boxes (and boxes...and boxes!) of things and came across a box from her mother-in-law that has several of these Royal Crown/Arnart figurines. Especially glad to have the history! Thank you so much.

Locate replacements
by: Elizabeth

I was glad to find this information; it answered several questions. Unfortunately, even with this information, my biggest question remains unanswered. I received a canister set titled "Kitchen Shop" as a gift a number of years ago. Recently, one of the canisters broke and I would really like to replace it. Any ideas of where to look? I have searched the web and keep coming up with zilch. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Arnat Numbered Hummels
by: Rosalie

I too have two hummels marked Arnat 5th ave. Royal Crown numbered 55/1700. I love them as they were my grandmothers. They are well made and really look and feel like real hummels. Guess they are not of any value except to remind me of my grandmother which I treasure. Thanks for letting me know what the royal crown brand was . I knew they were from the 50's. Rosalie

Life on the Farm
by: Victoria

I have two two of thses Arnart figurines with stickers making them as Life on the Farm. They are both stamped 55/1549. Do you have any idea why all of the figurines mentioned here seem to be numbered 55/ xxxx? Is this really limited edition number or is it something else?


by: Anonymous

Great article! I found my piece at a flea market in Lebanon Ore, and I purchased it for its beauty ( I don't normally buy/sell pottery) and I thought something so gorgeous had to be worth something!!

Well...after searching, and searching, and scratching my head for days and days I finally came across this...thank you!

My piece is a creamer and saucer with the "mysterious" crown marking and Richelieu numbered 2180 stamped on the bottom.

Rose Pattern with Royal Crown marking
by: kristen

I am trying to do some researched on plates passed down to my boyfriends' mother. There is a rose bush in the center of the plate and are marked on the bottom "Royal Crown" with "Germany" below the image of a crown. Is this "Arnart Creations"? There is a similar pattern made by "Royal Crown Derby" but I have not been able to find a link between the two. We are trying to find replacements to make a complete set but have had no such luck as of yet. The replacements listed on "" are by "Royal Crown Derby."

Thanks for any help you may be able to give!

Royal Crown plates w/cup holder insert #884
by: Latia

I picked up four snack plates with the Royal Crown Imperial imprint on the back at the Thrift store. I am trying to locate four cups that would fit. Thank goodness I ran into this site. Interesting story and history about this company. The plates are beautiful and in great condition nonetheless.

Royal Paisley Arnart 5th ave #2509
by: teresa

I have this tea cup set that was my grandmother's and cannot find it. Everything with the #2509 on it is blue schintz. My set is different shades of grey and yellow. Any ideas?

Royal Crown Marks
by: Anonymous

Greg, Thanks for your knowledge and insight regarding "Royal Crown" makers and marks. I have recently been researching same. I do have a piece marked "Royalcrown" (as marked) Registered mark over an older more simplistic crown # 44/592. I have seen several marked the same during my research. If you like I can upload a picture of the mark for your review. In my estimation it appears to be an older mark maybe circa; 1922 or there a bouts. Thanks in advance for your consideration, Mike

Yes please, send us photos
by: Peter (admin)


Send your photos here

Please mark them for this thread


Peter (admin)

Crown Royal Maker Marks
by: Mike

Peter, I did send you the picture of the Crown Royal maker mark that I had previously mentioned. I also sent two pictures off of a "Hummel" like piece titled "farm chores". The farm chores piece is marked Arnart with the 5th avenue address and crown. They were emailed to you at the address given. Please let me know that they were received. I also just recalled reading somewhere that the Hummel like pieces were also made by another company called "Napco". Some of those can be viewed at; What are your thoughts? Thanks again ! Mike

Mike's Pics of Crown Royal and Vantstran Japanese Marks
by: Peter (admin)

Thanks to Mike who sent in these pics of his marks.


Crown Royal/Arnart Maker Marks
by: Mike

Peter, I'm sorry but I didn't sent any pictures of the pieces that match the marks. If you feel that it is beneficial to this thread please let me know. I would be more than happy to do so ! Thanks, Mike

Royal Crown
by: Mike

Vanstrad ? I never heard of that maker...could not fine any information on them. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike

western figurine
by: Anonymous

i have a have pictures of this figurine. How to put it on the site?.


Reply from Peter (Admin)

With these chat comments, the system doesn't yet allow visitors to upload their own pics yet unless they know a bit of simple html code. However, just send the pics to me directly at

and I will upload them for you.

All pics gratefully received, but be sure to write a couple of lines explaining which thread your pictures are for, because there are so many threads I might get confused.


Peter (admin)

Gold Crown With No Other Marks
by: Shelia Chandler

This is the color and design on all the pieces.


Picture from Sheila
by: Mike

Sheila, this is a nice piece. I have seen very similar patterns but, as to the maker mark I am not sure. If I find where I saw the pattern I will add that information to this link. Mike

by: Linda

I also have a Royal Crown piece that I have had no luck locating until I found this site. Thank you!

Uploaded pics below


This is a guitar/ cello hand painted music box
It is marked with the crown and number 3858


Cello is Royal Crown by Arnart
by: Peter (admin)

Thanks Linda. Your item is made by Japanese importers Arnart - Royal Crown in one of their English sounding brand name backstamp labels.

These items do not have a collectible value yet as they are too new - from the 1950's or 60's - therefore vintage rather than antique and mass-produced in that post war expansion period of Japan before they became the electronic giants and world economic super-power they are now.

Best regards


Fummel (Fake Hummel) Boy and Girl
by: Anonymous

I just bought two what I thought were Hummels at a yard sale and the person had no clue what Hummels were, but I didn't recognize them emblem on the bottom, and I know earlier Hummels have a crown emblem stamp. Thank you for the information. These are a gift for my mother, and I know she'll appreciate the sentiment, even if they aren't true Goebel Hummels. I'm just glad I didn't spend too much on them!

Made in Japan acorn plate with crown backstamp
by: Anonymous

I found your research very interesting. I have a bacstamp on a nut dish that says
"Made In"
with the "crown" under that
and Japan under the crown. It is in a circle shape in green.
The crown has 5 points and the base of the crown has a criss cross pattern. There is another square stamp over the entire Made in Japan stamp in black but it does not hide the green stamp. I cannot decipher the black stamp at all.
I have been searching for this crown for hours!
Have you ever seen something like what I described?


by: Mike

Probably best that you post a picture. Mike

ArnArt Clown Lollipop Jar
by: Cy

I have an ArnArt clown lollipop jar that says "I've Plenty of Lollipops for a Good Child." This piece has a red left arm and a green right arm, and the small nose (not the Pinocchio nose) with Asian features.
Any idea as to history, age and if it has any value?

tea cup and saucer arnart 5th ave royal chintz
by: kelly

When my great grandma passed she left a box for me with single cups and saucers. The number on one of my pieces is 1562 which I can't seem to find any where. Could you explain why I can't come up with this perticular number.the pattern is blue green floral

Royal Crown Derby Imari Porcelain
by: Anonymous

I just purchased a vintage Royal Crown Derby Imari porcelain round 5" covered dish with a long 4 3/4" porcelain handle. This looks similar to a fancy container that was used years ago to put cigarette ashes in?
The marking on the back is crossed arrows with the numbers 44/64 written in gold.
My sense is this is not a real Royal Crown Derby Imari piece.
Would appreciate any information you can share.
Thank you.

Here is the link to the site with all Arnart Marks
by: Anonymous

I foudn the site with images of Arnart Creation and Arnart Imports and some info about the company

What are the numbers?
by: Anonymous

I also have a complete espresso set with the Royal Crown mark. The pattern name is Regency, but there are also the numbers 55/1502 under that. Any idea what the numbers mean?

Candle holder?
by: Susan

I have a China or porcelain candle holder with the crown image above the words Royal Crown Apple Blossom and the numbers 2934. Any idea what this is exactly, how old and it's value. I have photos but don't see how to upload them.

Spring time pattern Ardalt Lenwille Royal Crown
by: Joyce Berni

I received my first piece of the spring time pattern in the form of a coffee mug with a "saucer" from my Mom in the 1970's. I say saucer but it can actually be used to stack different pieces. Some of my pieces have the mark of "Royal Crown" in gold, others have no mark but carry a number in the 7000's. And I recently bought pieces with numbers in the 7000's and two different gold and red stickers. One is rectangular and is Ardalt with a line under that and Japan.
The other sticker is hard to describe but states Hand Painted Lenwille China Ardalt Japan with two AA's also both stickers are gold with red writing.

I never pay very much for these items because of my budget but I love the pattern more than the Marks. Pattern Is Spring Time with Butterflies, Strawberries and Lady Bugs.

Mystery Mark
by: JennM

Found a pretty little saucer & it had the same mark. It was only after a long search that I found your answer, so I thank you very much!

Mysterious Royal Crown planter
by: Anonymous

I have a planter with the same mysterious Royal Crown stamp. Also stamped Nosegay 44/869. I can not find anything at all whatsoever about this planter. I can't even find a Royal Crown planter like this at all. It is two separate pieces like a typical planter, has drain hole in pot and pink painted rim on saucer. Someone help please!

Great article
by: Anonymous

Brilliant work. I bought two coffee mugs at a thrift shop. I really like the design. Elegant.
Keep up the awesome work

Figurine NEW
by: JJ

Hi I have a porcelain figurine of a girl hold Pinocchio and it's very detailed it has a crown and the letter N on there and also a signature but very hard to read, I have spent hours looking for this figurine online with no joy, can it be worth something? Xx

Hummel? NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a " mystery crown trademark figurine" it’s a 6 inch hummel type figurine it’s a boy standing holding an umbrella his left hand with his right hand open palm facing upwards it’s also got the number 1550 on the bottom I’ve tried researching this piece I can’t find it anywhere on eBay or Google was wondering if you could shed any light on it thank you

Hummel? NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a " mystery crown trademark figurine" it’s a 6 inch hummel type figurine it’s a boy standing holding an umbrella his left hand with his right hand open palm facing upwards it’s also got the number 1550 on the bottom I’ve tried researching this piece I can’t find it anywhere on eBay or Google was wondering if you could shed any light on it thank you

Royal crown NEW
by: Anonymous

Was trying to identify this myselfi
I have a coffee/tea set marked RoyalCrown Athenia 2674
Was trying to identify them. Thanks for the post❤️

Arnart 5th Avenue hand Painted 2055
by: Elaine

I have this cup that appears to be a demi cup with the above stamped on the bottom with a crown and the letter "R". written in gold. this was among my mother's tea cup & saucer collection and would love to know if it is worth anything at all. Can provide pictures.

Royal Crown Floral Basket NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your in depth answer. In trying to catalog some of my more interesting bric a brac I was unable to find my floral basket. It's very similar in appearance to the Capodimonte baskets, but with the royal crown mark and a Original Arnart Japan sticker. I am still curious as to the value.

Unknown stamp/engraving NEW
by: Reenie


I have this beautiful vase from my mother. I wish I could send you a photo but a description would do.

It looks to be a very old Nippon vase. The bottom is engraved in blue ink

A 67 / 922
There is also a small blue round stamp, blurry, I can olnly distinguish royal on the outer part.

If you can enlighten me, I would appreciate it.

Thank you,


Value? NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a lusterware royal crown Arnart hand painted tea cup and saucer aqua 3737 do you know the value.?

Contemporary 3987 NEW
by: John Francis

Hi Greg -

I have a full coffee service which I believe belonged to me grandmother.

The stamp under each piece shows a stylized crown with the registered trademark symbol, and the words 'Contemporary 3987' below.

May I send you a jpeg of the stamp?

I will help me to accuately assess this inherited china as Arnart china.

Arnat Figure Mystery Solved! NEW
by: Heather

Thank you for posting the Arnat mark and its history. I had been searching "dotted crown" images for quite a while until I stumbled across your post. I couldn’t believe my luck!

The figurine is clearly Hummel-ish but very odd. It shows a small child, capped and gowned like a surgeon, who has a large knife in his hand. In front of him on a small table, is an infant partially covered with a towel. It’s very disturbing, needless to say!

I will send photos of the figurine and mark to you.
Thank you again!

Arnat Figure Mystery Solved!
by: Heather

Thank you for posting the Arnat mark and its history. I had been searching "dotted crown" images for quite a while until I stumbled across your post. I couldn’t believe my luck!

The figurine is clearly Hummel-ish but very odd. It shows a small child, capped and gowned like a surgeon, who has a large knife in his hand. In front of him on a small table, is an infant partially covered with a towel. It’s very disturbing, needless to say!

I will send photos of the figurine and mark to you.
Thank you again!

Thank you for the information. NEW
by: Cher

I appreciate your very complete answer to the original question. I too have a piece that I haven't seen a picture of anywhere. I have an oil lamp with the blue flower pattern and the number 2192 with the crown Arnart Royal Chintz mark.
Thanks again!

Thank you! NEW
by: Brenda in New Jersey

I have spent numerous hours on the internet trying to identify my grandmothers china, to no avail. I am so grateful for your detailed response to Greg, as the mark he referred to is the one on the bottom of her china. Clearly you have a vested interest in your customers and passion for your industry. Thank you again.

Very similar marking but differences
by: Heather Lampe

Hello. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your reply to this post because the marking is the only one I can find that's remotely close to mine.
It's on a white porcelain tape dispenser with gold flowers and trim. The crown is made with dots and the cross is just about the same,but mine is in gold and has more info that's made it difficult, not easier. Under the mark in gold it says Royal Crown Kent 55/1197. I cannot find any information about this company. Everything leads me to Royal Crown Derby.
Can you please help? Thank you very much, Heather

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