No Pottery Marks on China Collection Query

by Deana
(Melbourne, Australia)

No Pottery Marks on China Collection Query:- Hi Peter, I have, since my teen years, been collecting a "crazy tea set" which my mother started for me many years ago - the "crazy" referring to each set of cup, saucer and sandwich plate being the same, but all the sets are different.

I have recently become quite interested in antiques and two of my sets that came from antiques shops have no marks or writing on them at all, and appear to be hand painted. They are not plain white, generic-looking chinaware, but are very fancy, unusual shapes with tiny painted flowers on them.

One of them looks like it might have been a "second" in that there are a few tiny smudges of paint in the wrong place. Both of them are so fine you can almost see light through them. I guess I'm wondering if these sets are really old and valuable, or just old but quite worthless.

I'm sure I did not pay much for them, but don't remember exact figures. Definitely less than $10 AUS.

Would love to know what you think!



Reply by Peter (admin)

to No Pottery Marks on China Collection Query

Hi Deana

Nice story about your collection. Would love photos - not only to help identify, but also they sound like fun!

Can't really say too much else without seeing pics apart from:-

No markings tends to mean either old = valuable

OR it means modern = cheap tat.

Not much in between, in my experience.

Nice to hear from you with a great story. Thanks

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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No pottery marks
by: Anonymous

I have a cup and saucer that has no markings of any kind. I know you cannot tell me value but maybe you could tell me who the manufacture is or approximate age. I know it is an antique since my aunt bought it over 20 years ago at an antique auction and I inherited it without any info on it. I do have a picture. I will try to describe without the pic since there is no place for it. It has pearl white verticle rows with obvious gold continuous s pattern all the way down it and has odd brown/copper color sections going vertical on the cup. In the center of the front and back gold piece it has a picture of a girl and boy in what appears to be a garden. Their clothing looks to be old english. The boy is wearing a vest and pants. The pants are short with long white socks up to the middle of his chin and a white shirt under the vest and black older style shoes. The girls hair style and clothing are also of an older style. Gold flower outline on alternating brown/copper color verticles. Any idea without a picture or I could send you one. The saucer also matches the pictures and pattern on the cup.

Can anyone help identify my tea set?
by: Anonymous

I inherited a tea pot, sugar basin and milk jug from my mother( maybe grandmother) and as I am 68 they are very old. They have no markings so I don't know where to start.
The items are 6 sided and the lower two thirds is flouted - colour is basically bottle green with gold insides. The flouting is outlined in silver and the handles are also silver as is the foot. The handles have flat tops.
Underneath the base is glazed. Either the clay used is a red clay, or a brown glaze has been used. I think the former. They are very elegant and remind me of the silver Georgian type tea-sets in style. I cannot find any markings. Can anyone help?
Thank you

unknown ornament
by: carl

Hi I have been looking for information on a ornament I is a female sitting down,with a man kneeling down in front of has colours,blue,green,purple,with gold leaf edgings.l would appreciate any information you could provide for me.thank you,mr Hanson.

old piece of pottery from Austria
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a piece of pottery that came over with my Grandmother in 1917 from Austria. I don't know it's age, just that it's the one piece she brought over when she came to America at the age of 18, meeting up with her father and brothers that were already here. the plate has no markings, is white with areas of pale grean around the scalloped edges but not even, more like blended in and out, plus two sets of flowers off to the sides, one side having more elaborate. and then two small handles cut into the pottery. how do I find out more about this?

Tea Cup and Saucer NO MARKINGS
by: MSresale

I had a tea cup and saucer given to me, no markings, no stamps and I am just trying to get an idea of the value. I dont know how to add a picture, but its iridescent with gold floweres(3 on the saucer, 3 on the outside of the cup, one on the inner rim with another small design.) the saucer has lattice lace edging, and the cup sets on 3 rings for base. Can someone help me?

by: Anonymous

Over seventy years ago I found an old buda while playing in the dirt, I have kept it all these years because I found it as a child. I have looked for markings but found none the bottom is rough. It is about three inches tall and a greenish color. Would you know anything about this.

by: Shane

Looks like an urn in a box with hinged lid oriental look with no marking I could see a very intricate pattern on it which may be gold. Would upload pictures if someone could explain how

Need help figuring these things out teapots and shocking cups
by: Brent Dewire

I have some six-sided Oriental cups and they almost look like cherry wood on them I'm guessing your pain but there's no marking on the bottom I was wondering if maybe somebody could help me with this. I also have two teapot sets Oriental not sure they are marks though I also have electric vintage teapot and a dinner set I was wondering if somebody could help me figure out what they are and what they're worth

Family china inherited, marks and so many. They r in quilted silky fitted protective bags that zip around top.
by: Melissa

My family member passed away. I have never even thought about china before. I know these pieces are old, which there are many of. I can't identify due to no markings. It's just white on the bottoms. They are in bags. They look designed for the pieces. And they have protective pads fitted between every plate and piece of the dinner n server set. My question is if I send a picture, would you please tell me all u can. The plates HV no gold but the serving pieces do. The plate is white, shiny,embossed, scalloped edging. It has tiny pink flowers with small lightly painted call it groupings or a small bunch here n there. It is so beautiful. One server piece I took a pic of has thin painted edging that lines the handle of the lid and the handles of the bowl. I have pictures. And Thank you for any information. Melissa

Cups and saucers
by: Anonymous

Hi I was just wondering wat the number 4146 mean.I bought 5 cups and saucers from.a church jumble sale years ago there is no.other markings at all just 146 and tgeres flowers and gold around the edging look forward to hear from u

My Mystery Figurines
by: Flo


I have 6 pieces of this and I love them they are so fancy and pretty.
1. Dancing couple in victorian dress about 6 inches high

2' Lady and man sitting on a settee he is playing an instrument and she is gazing on him
3. A man playing a base instrument

4 Cinderella and her coach arriving the ball
2 other musical ladies

They are all in blue with gold highlights

Just wondering as I can't seem to find any more

Identification of china seen on BBC Father Brown
by: Patricia Kelly

Hello. I have a photo of the tea set seen on the 2013 British television series called Father Brown, but I don't see a way to add the photo to this message. There are many, many fans of the show posting questions about the tea set. We all want to order it for ourselves. I've paused the picture on my tv and there is no mark on the bottom of the teacup. I don't think they'd use an antique set on the show. Please let me know how I can get a photo to you. Many thanks.

I can pics manually
by: Peter (admin)

Be sure to reference this thread

No Pottery Marks on China Collection Query

No marks on fine tea set NEW
by: Bren Holman

Hello.. I have inherited a set of tea cups and saucers, sadly only 5 of 6 that have possibly come down from my great grandmother. The cups are plain white, scalloped in a corset shape and very fine. There are no marks to identify. I have taken a photo but not sure how to attach. Help identifying would be appreciated.

Tea cup NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I was digging and dug up a tea cup out in the middle of know where it is fancy looking and in good condition how can I tell how old it is

chinese plate
by: natasha

hello i have a blue and white side plate that is chinese looking heavy and no mark i will try and upload a photo xx

Tea cup and saucer NEW
by: Naomi

How does one send a picture for you to see ?

Unmarked china NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a china teacup that I’m sure is an antique but has no markings on the base. It has gold colouring on the rim and is light green on the outside with black paint of 3 things- 2 are floral and the other could be a signature or marking it is an incomplete circle with a dot on one ending and what look like 2 curved connected H’s or a HA.
I’m not sure how to find any more information about i

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