Period Figurines Crossed Arrows Pottery Mark

by Rebekkah

Period Figurines Crossed Arrows Pottery Mark

Period Figurines Crossed Arrows Pottery Mark

Period Figurines Crossed Arrows Pottery Mark:- I have these two Victorian Bisque Figurines. One woman and one man. They have on clothes with flowers on them and man has a triangle hat leaning on a cane. They both have 2 blue crossed arrows with four feather like things on end and 6618. I will send another picture after this one so you can see whole figurines. Thanks for any help with identifying them.



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To:- Period Figurines Crossed Arrows Pottery Mark

Hi Rebekkah

Many thanks for your interesting photos. It is always important to have good visuals to help with identification - none more so that this case.

This particular mark is a target for with fakery, particularly from a New York based importer from Japan called Arnart or Homco. They are imitating the mark of quality German makers called 'Kalk' Porcelain of Eisenberg in Thuringia (1900 - 1973), formerly Geyer & Körbitz (1890 - 1900).

If you look more closely, the figurines in the picture don't seem to have the quality associated with genuine Kalk - a maker that prided itself on quality of sculpt and make.

For example, look at the heads. The heads do not match the body. They are children's heads on adults bodies. Bazaar really.

Let's just say, you would be hard pressed to find a genuine Kalk, as there is a proliferation on the fakes around. If you saw a real one you would probably spot the difference immediately. Be on the look out for these poor reproductions.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Caveat Emptor
by: Dale smith

Thank you for this information! I was at an auction and was intending to bid on a pair of bisque figurines that look exactly like the figurines in your photos. This pair have the crossed arrows mark with 4 feathers also.I got stuck with a porcelain lidded handled butlers dish that had the same crossed arrows. Fortunatly, I remembered that event in time and avoided getting cheated again. Caveat Emptor!

Fake Kalk
by: Peter (admin)

Many thanks for your feedback - it makes it all worthwhile to think this website helped you not be diddled. As I say, I am not an expert in what is or what isn't a fake Kalk, I am just reporting that there are said to be many 20th Century Japanese figurines bearing the crossed arrow pottery mark of Kalk.

If I saw something with a Kalk mark that I was looking to bid on, what I would do is look for the quality (or lack of it) in the sculpting and decoration. The devil is in the detail. For example, I would look at how the sculptor understood folds on fabric and took care to reproduce this authentically - this is always a give-away as to quality.

Put a mass produced Far East job against something of quality (and something made over 100 years ago in Germany would almost certainly have quality - whereas something made in the Far East post war almost certainly would not) you would immediately see the difference - it would shout at you, saying "I am quality, made in an era when I had time to be loved and there were the skills to love me". Whereas post war 20th century Japanese ware would be saying "I am an item made on a production line as fast as possible and now we are in the modern world, no one has time or the skills to love me, I am just a product to generate export dollars".

Hope this helps.

Peter (admin)

by: RICH


" Kalk" figurines
by: Donna Perry

I have two beautifully done figurines. Boy and girl, with aprons filled with fruit or vegetables. They are fairly heavy and are children. They each have blue crossed arrows and the number 7400 on the bottom. Done in pastels with gold accents.
Can u tell me anything?


Peter Admin says:-

Beware Kalk fakes by Far East Importer Arnart. We have written a lot about them here - just use the in-house search box top right to research. The numbers are the give away.

by: Beryl

I have the same boy and girl with fruit. Are they real?

Kalk-blue arrows but no numbers
by: Anonymous

Hello, I have a tea set with the blue arrows stamped with no numbers underneath and no other markings. Nothing appears to have been worn off either. Fake? I cannot find anything on demitasse cups or tea sets online. Thank you for your help!

by: Mary Jo

I have a man, woman and child that appear to be peasants-- all barefoot, next to a fancy urn-type thing. Very delicate with gold accents here and there on the base and the clothing of the figures.Lots of tiny flowers. Pastel coloring and the crossed arrow mark on the bottom -- number there, too -- 7586. I'd like to add a photo, but don't see where to do that.

This belonged to my mother -- age of object unknown. (Mom would be 98 years old if she were still living.)

Would like to sell it since I'm not crazy about it, but no idea what to ask. Thanks for any clues.

Can anyone help?
by: Tameka

What would 2 black arrows with 4 straight feathers in each side?

Kalk or fakes
by: Anonymous

I have two figurines , a boy and a girl both sitting girl is holding a doll boy is holding flowers. They are both marked with the crossed arrows and the numbers 441520. are on the bottom of both. are they true Kalk or are they fakes?

Piggy Bank
by: Becky

I have a double piggy bank....a smaller piggy on the back of the larger one. The marking on the bottom has 2 crossed arrows pointing downward and the numbers 33/ 115. Do you have any info on this? The painting is a blue rose with tan leaved with black veining..looking almost with the impressionistic effect.

elephant figurine
by: Barbara

ive had this elephant since i was a young child of about 7 . im 67 years old. it has the two crossed arrows with the number 792 or 7920 not sure. is it worth anything.

L&M 181 marks on statues

Please help me Peter. I have 2 statues marked as above, male & Female. I know they're old, as they were my grandmother's. I can send you pictures. Please email me at thx

figurine crossed arrows
by: patricia

mine has paper labels oraginal arnart creation and another label japan does this make it a fake?Ithink my lady is lovely

chinese japanese roman american ???
by: Carolyn

Hi I bought a beautiful lamp at a charity shop On closer inspection it was originally a vase It has a dragon eagle waves theme No obvious mark or stamp except a black cross with white surround
It looks eartheware The base is old with rust spots There is crackling to tbe enamel It is obviously hand painted / carved
The main volours of the enamel are muted olive green black brown greyish white turqoiuse a tiny bit of yellow and gold detailing and speckles
Can anyone give me a clue Can send photos Though a bit of a techniphobe

Kalk fakes NEW
by: Nancy

I also have a set of lamps with the same marking, and the #7905. They came from my Grandmothers house, so I assume they are actually old. But if their fake yet old are they considered to have no value? Can you show us what the true 'Kalk' marking looks like?

Trinket Box on 4 legs.
by: AnonymousJanice

Hello there, I recently found a pretty trinket box at the GOODWILL. It has 4 cabriole-style legs andis decorated on top with flowers and leaves lots of gold coloured crosses and a golden garland around the flowers and leaves. On the base are 2 blue arrow marks with feathers on the one end. It says:-44/142.
It was a good price and I fell in love with it. The clasp is also golden and goes all around the box. The fastener is a bit worn, but it does fasten.
Is this a fake?

by: Anonymous

i have man,woman,umbrella,dog,girl.arrows on bottom with 6235..can you help me identify?
Thank you,Stormy

by: Tonya

I have a hinged trinket bowl that is in fairly good condition. It has gold ribbons on the lid and gold on the edge. The number on the bottom I believe is 6989.

Blue arrows crossed
by: Anonymous

I have a figurine that has cherubs and a chariot and a goddess it’s all white and has the blue Arrows crisscrossed on the bottom I believe it to be Kalk It was my mothers and she has passed so I don’t know much about it that maybe you could help thanks

Fake Japanese KALK Figurines NEW
by: John

I have just unearthed from storage (20+ years ago > what I'm talking about must be AT LEAST 50 years old ) a set of four(4) fine white approx 5.75" high glazed (standing) MUSICAL CHERUBS, ea with a different musical instrument, with hand-applied gold "touches" ie loin cloth "draperies"s (such modesty!) & mini scrolls on bases.

## ps : I would be MORE than happy to send images but haven't worked out how to do that on your terrifically helpful site...?

From what's been reported earlier its clear these must surely be KALK copies ..marked "Made in Japan" IS printed clearly, with ONE of the four having the double CROSSED arrow in blue ..the give away & faux Miessen if ever you saw it!

Bow and arrow
by: Stephen

I have a center piece with two arrows in blue crossed over with four feathers and a number of 6459 and a base with the number of 6459 BS. Can you identify

Could a Trinket Box be authentic? NEW
by: Janice

I picked up a Trinket Box at a sale. Porcelain with the crossed arrows and a certain number out of another larger number. It is currently packed away in a box somewhere, so cannot photograph the piece. Smallish with floral pattern on lid, 4 feet. Gold trim and a gilded clasp to close. White background porcelain. What would the odds be for a Trinket Box to be a real Kalk?

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