Pitcher with green stamped crown Bavaria N Germany

by Jackie
(Louisville, Ky 40258)

Pitcher with green stamped crown Bavaria N Germany

Pitcher with green stamped crown Bavaria N Germany

Pitcher with green stamped crown Bavaria N Germany:- hello, I have a pitcher that I was told was actually a vase made to look like a pitcher to avoid the luxury tax on vases that was made in Bavaria Germany.

My pitcher is a light green with blue flowers and gold trim. I bought it because I liked it and have only found one similar in style that was marked as unknown in regards to maker and age.

I have tried very hard to find this mark. It is green with a crown on top followed my the name of the maker that I can not make out, then Bavaria N Germany.

I was also told that little was known about these and the marks used as they were destroyed during WW ll.

I was also told that the flowers were not hand painted and that because I could not make out the factory/maker it was worth $10.00.

Talk about busting someones bubble... I have searched for days and hours, my legs going numb from sitting at the computer trying to research this item.

If anyone can help out it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You... new to collecting but loving it...

I found this lovely item at a peddler mall. This is my new hobby. I have read Kovel's book of marks, warman antique guide and lots of research, but its so much fun...



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Bavaria Porcelain Mark
by: Mary Ellen

I was also looking for the same porcelain mark. It is Waldershof.

Hope that this helps.

Crowned Green Trademark with N NEW
by: Anonymous

I can not see the trademark from your photo, But it sounds like the the N is likely for Franz Neukirchner Porcelain Works. There's were done in green (and other colors) Above the "N" is "Bavaria" and below is Waldershof Germany. Outside the scroll work may we a number which can be used to determine the year it was made, but I do not recall the particulars on the numbering.

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