porcelain china plate davenport 44

by ryan ricciardi
(enfield london uk)

i recently purchased a davenport porcelain china plate.

i wanted to find out more so i have searched the internet but i have had no joy.

the markings on the back of the plate say

davenport shiras the marking is engraved with 44 eitherside of the anchor. i convinced this means it was made in 1844 but i am not sure.

i want to find out more about this plate and its value

please help


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porcelain china plate davenport 44

Peter (admin) says:-

"Davenport" on the backstamp of a piece together with an anchor normally would indicate the factory of John Davenport or his sons.

This Davenport factory of Longford, Staffordshire goes back a long way (as far as 1785, when John Davenport was first in partnership with Thomas Wolfe). He branched out on his own around 1794 making earthenwares, but in it's time, by 1815, his factory went on to produce both fine porcelains and pottery. Although it didn't survive into the 20th Century, it is an important part of Staffordshire history.

It was begun by John and passed onto to his sons, Henry and William Davenport. After 1835 following Henry's death, it became known as William Davenport & Co and then in 1869 when William died it was run until 1887 by his two sons.

With regard to the 44 mark either side of the anchor, my Goddens encyclopaedia states that up to about 1860 the Davenport had one version of their anchor mark which had these date markings, so yes, the 44 does denote 1844.

davenport anchor pottery mark with date

This would be consistent with the William Davenport company.

For values, go here:-

My vintage and antique china values page

I have also published a page especially to help visitors help themselves which contains all the searching, valuation and identification tips, links and websites etc called Value of Antiques & Vintage China - Identification Help Page

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Peter (admin)

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Davenport plate
by: Anonymous

Please put a photo up so folks can help you.

Davenport porcelain information
by: Rusti

I have in my possession two small, square plates with rounded corners, (12cm.X12cm. with a floral design in one corner, and a leaf trim around the edges, also some gold trim. They are stamped on the bottom. 'Hughes' 'Longport' 'Made in England' and have a horse as the emblem. This is stamped in green. I would appreciate any information you can provide me with and value.

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