Porcelain Mark - Incised W G K C or W K G C or W K C G Crossed Lines

by The Book Hunter

Porcelain Mark - Incised W G K C or W K G C or W K C G Crossed Lines

Porcelain Mark - Incised W G K C or W K G C or W K C G Crossed Lines

Porcelain Mark - Incised W G K C or W K G C or W K C G Crossed Lines:- Please help me identify this porcelain mark below this dual horse figurine...pictures attached.



Here ARE some preliminary deductionS by the Forum Help Elf:-

No one here knows this one (yet!), but here are are some ideas from me.......

In between diagonal crossed lines there are four letters. The letters could be in any order, although presumably the 'W' is the first letter being at the top and then it's a case of trying to work out whether the letters are going in a clockwise direction or anti-clockwise, or the K C are together and the G the last letter in the name.

It seems likely if German or English the 'C' could stand for 'Co' and if German, the 'G' could be for 'Germany'. If so, the words are going clockwise and we are looking for a German company 'WK'.

Any ideas please post.


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Many thanks for submitting, and hope you are finding the site useful. Thanks to Help Elf for his initial contribution.

Let's hope a smart person who knows takes the time and trouble to post on this mystery one.

Best regards

Peter (Admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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by: Anonymous

The company is Weiss, Kuhnert & Germany & Co. This link takes you to a website which gives more details about them.

WK & Co Pottery Marks
by: Peter (admin)

Many thanks to the anonymous contributor who solved this mystery for us! Another one bites the dust! This means that anyone with this mystery mark will now put the letters into a search engine and find this page straight away with the answer!

Now that's how the information age works. Better than books isn't it?

Talking of books, knowing the answer, I then looked up this maker in my copy of Kovels guide and it is listed in the letters section under 'W' - and not listed under crossed lines (whilst a similar crossed lines mark from Rye Potteries is listed under crossed lines). This strange placement is why we didn't find this mark on the first time of asking.

Anyway, some more details about Weiss, Kuhnert & Co.....

They were established in Grafenthal, Thuringia, Germany in 1891 and used this crossed lines pottery mark from 1956 to 1971. They also made items with the backstamp 'Relpaw'. These were apparently made under contract for someone else.

According to Kovels they are still in existence, but according to the website linked above, they went out of business some years ago (not quite sure when - they show a photo of a beautiful old factory obviously long abandoned).

According to Pm&m.com they faded away around 1976 in old East Germany and nothing much happened until a few years after the fall of the USSR state in 1990.

The point is, a modern business has acquired and saved the old moulds from the art deco era and have began doing modern reproductions. These modern casts will have the same markings and be almost be identical to the originals as they are the same moulds, so the only differences will be the quality of the slip used and the decoration, and also the fact that these new pieces will look new, whereas the older wares will look old.

In other words, on close inspection you can tell the difference, but to an unsuspecting buyer on eBay, these items may look deco or antique due to the fact they are shown in old catalogues - but in fact are modern. So buyer beware.

Hope this gives some background to the history of this interesting company.

Peter (admin)

by: Anonymous


by: brita lund

WKCG with crossing clubs is porcelain from Weiss, Kühnert &Co, Gräfenthal in Germany
They used the WKCG in between the clubs from 1956 till 1972

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