Porcelain (?) plate identification

by Nicholas
(Melbourne, Australia)

Crossed Hammers with Crown Pottery Mark on Plate

Crossed Hammers with Crown Pottery Mark on Plate

Crossed Hammers with Crown Pottery Mark on Plate:- Am attaching photo of back/front of one of five plates bought about forty years ago at a flea market behind Oxford Street. Apart from the resplendent colouring I was intrigued by the fact that one had been expertly (to my amateurish eye) stapled (10)along a central break which suggested somebody certainly thought highly of it.

Although the gold(?)leaf pattern is common to each plate there are discernible differences in detail which suggests each has been individually painted.

The wavy tooth edging is also minutely irregular! The contrast of the pattern against the very dark cobalt (?) blue is very striking and in some instances looks unblemished and sparkling though overall, with a few cracks in each plate, and some weathering of the edge toothing, their condition is (I would think) fair.

Still, they give me much pleasure in enjoying their colour, design and, particularly, the detail and I have long (!) wondered if it is at all possible to give them some identity.

There are a few numbers either inscribed or (may be) also stamped into some of the plates.

Thanking you in advance for any attention you can give,

Yours appreciatively,



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Crossed Hammers with Crown Pottery Mark on Plate

Hi Nicholas

This crossed hammers mark is that of Fischer & Mieg of Pirkenhammer, Bohemia (previously Austria, later Czechoslovakia).

Your mark was used from 1873 - 1918 - which explains your fascination with the intricate quality of it as it was the height of the Bohemian (Amphora/Teiplitz) Art Nouveau period.

This company was one of the founder members of the EPIAG, the new Czechoslovakian government led association of the 1920's. For more information on this association, just use my in-house search engine and put in the search term "EPIAG".

If anyone has a piece with this pottery mark let us know what you have - it all adds to the knowledge base.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Fischer and Mieg of Pirkenhammer, birds, bees, and flowers patterns
by: Chrystal Hays, Dallas, Texas

In one of the identification threads, Peter requested we let you know about pieces we may have. I have a cup and saucer by Fischer and Mieg of Pirkenhammer, featuring birds, bees, and flowers.

Below are my photos....





The crown mark with crossed hammers is identical to the one posted in the thread. I have a photo, but since only 4 can be submitted, I did not want to waste one on that.

I have not decided if I will keep them or not, but wanted to share. The pieces are very light and delicate, and the art is better than my poor photography skills can show. They seem to be trimmed in gold. The saucer is 5'' in diameter. They were a gift years ago from a friend who visited Prague.

I believe the birds are swallows. The bees could also be butterflies. I can't seem to identify any of the foliage. All petals are a pale purple or violet tone.

Thank you for such an informative site that is user-friendly!


Pirkenhammer Wares
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Chrystal

Many thanks for your photos and your kind comments. I transferred them directly to this thread as the photos will be most useful here.

Many thanks for your time


Pictures of Blue Plates
by: Georgia

I apologize, the first links didn't work, I've never shared pics like this before. Here are the pictures now.



by: Anonymous

Your plates are lovely. All I know is that they are by Fischer and Mieg of Pirkenhammer, and that is thanks to this site. Perhaps more people who are experts will chime in?

Recent purchase.
by: Anonymous

I recently purchased a beautiful vase by this maker. It's a bulbous vase and is clearly marked. Awesome find

Blue rosé with gold trim bowl
by: Lorraine

I found this bowl at a yard sale, since I grow roses and collect rose themed china etc it intrigued me
It is shaped like a square basket , gold leaf trim, with a cut out on each corner, painted floral with blue rosé in center.
Markings...Pirkenhammer original kobalt Czech Republic 1803
25. 141
Any idea on age or value?
Will try to post a photo

Soup Tureen
by: Jason

Hello from Longview, TEXAS USA.
My grandmother has a Soup Tureen with the same logo.
It has birds and bees on it. All trimmed in gold.
I will take a pic and post it soon.

Fischer and Mieg frog plates
by: Anonymous

I have a set of three plates from Fischer and Mieg with frogs. They have clothes on and pose in a very charming, human manner. On one plate a frog plays the violin while another sits and listens, both of them are smoking. The other two plates have a singing frog in a waistcoat with a little frog dancing beside him. An antique dealer on ebay claimed a similar plate (same pattern and maker) was made in 1897, but I can't be sure. The company made a few different designs for the set and all of them are very funny.

small vase
by: Anonymous

I have a small hand painted vase approx. 6" tall with the crossed hammer and crown mark. It has R.M.R above and 1937 below the mark. Family heirloom but not sure of it's history.

Rose Vase
by: Tamar

How do I upload a picture of an item to your site? TLP3721@bellsouth.net. Tamar Porras

I need your pics for this thread
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Tamar

Just email me or upload them onto Dropbox, or Flickr, or OneDrive, or Photobucket, or any of the other photo websites and share the link

Here's my email:-


Peter (admin)

Similar set of plates
by: Michael

Dear Nicholas:

I too have some of these dinner plates. I have twelve. Mine have the same pretty blue border that is flanked on both sides with a gold border. The borders are a fine pattern. 10.25" dia.

Mine are absent the larger overlay garlands as illustrated on your.

I would like to fine a home for mine. Currently they are in California. They came out of William Doyle Galleries Auction of New York years ago along with a set of "Opaque Porcelain"


Frog Plates -5 designs
by: Anonymous

We have a set of the frog plates someone has already described. All but one of the designs features frogs dressed in fancy human garb and smoking--very whimsical. All have the craossed hammer crown mark on the back.

Chocolate Pot
by: Anonymous

I have beautiful Chocolate Pot with the Fischer Mieg mark. The mark is painted over with gold. The pot also has Dresden on the bottom. The cups and saucers have different marks. I would love to know more.

Dresden Decorator Bought Fischer Mieg Whiteware?
by: Peter (admin)

Hi & thanks for the last few comments.

Sounds like the last contributor has an item that was manufactured as whiteware from Fischer Mieg, then hand decorated at their Dresden studio.

Interesting item indeed.

If you have photos, please feel free to send them to me in order to for me to post them here for you.

Be sure to identify them for this thread - called "Porcelain (?) plate identification" within the "German & Bohemia Marks" section.

If you don't do this, it might never get here as the photos might get lost in the system and I'll wonder what they are and where the heck they are for.

send to: peter@theclayartist.com

Best regards

Peter (admin)

by: Kay

I have a vase with this mark on the bottom along with the name Helen Winn Stoffell. It is a light blue pearlized bud vase, ani it looks like the top of the vase has been dipped in gold. I would love to know more about it. Thank you.

when was this brand
by: eva

Hello my name is Eva. I'm italian. I have six Pirkenhammer dishes.
But I can not determine questio mark that period.
Can you help me?
I leave my mail.
Thanks eva


Fischer & Sieg Vase
by: Anonymous

In Oakland California we bought a Fischer & Mieg vase, 12 inches high by 4 inches at the base, in near perfect condition, with the hammer and crown hall mark and the word "Austria," finely painted with roses, signed, M Davis.

Chris and Marta Elena

Fischer & Mieg of Pirkenhammer
by: Tela

Hello, I've been researching my china, porcelain and cut glass when I came across this site.
Recently I acquired some porcelain that has the crossed hammers with the crown in green. The only writing is Rose written in cursive and the number 1803. I believe this to be the type of pattern.
This is not a plate or cup but I think them to be knife rests. I have 5 total but have been unable to find information on them nor have I found anything on the internet that resembles them.
I am unsure of how to upload a photo of them but if you've got any ideas or knowledge I would be grateful.

Dating Fischer & Mieg Pirkenhammer Pottery Marks
by: Peter (admin)

Hi All

In the absence of Ginni's Bohemian Pottery Mark Website, I am publishing all I know about Fischer & Mieg Pirkenhammer pottery marks.

Manufakutura Pirkenhammer founded in Pirkenhammer, Bohemia, Austria (now called Brezová, Czech Republic)

Founded 1802-1803 by Johann Gottlob List and Friedrich Höcke, the company name was Friedrich Höcke.

They won a bronze medal at the 1835 Vienna Fair and in 1939 a gold medal.

1805 leased by Ferdinand Kranz and Gottlob Winkel.

1811 sold to Christopher Reichenbach and Christian Nonne. Martin Fischer was a strong financial partner. It was known as Fischer & Reichenbach.

1822 it received a porcelain license.

1824 Martin Fischer's son, Christian, took over the business with Reichenbach. He married Emma Karolina von Mieg, and trained at the National Manufactory in Sèvres, France. Christian is credited for the production changing to Bohemian shapes and styles.

1852 Reichenbach sold his shares to Christian; it was then known as Christian Fischer.

1859 Fischer sold the factory to his son, Rudolf Karl Fischer, and son in-law, Ludwig von Mieg, it then became known as Fischer & Mieg. Ownership changed several times within the family until,

1908 when it was sold at auction to Wilhelm and Victor Maier. The name remained Fischer & Mieg.

1918 it merged into OEPIAG and EPIAG in 1920 and maintained its name until,

1945 when it was nationalized by the government and joined the other EPIAG factories to become a part of Starorolský Porcelán, then Karlovarský Porcelán Brezová in 1958.

Here is a photo record of the marks known to me:-






oepiag epiag pirkenhammer louise,luise
by: Anonymous

Thease mark on same complet set number 5507.

Virgin Mary with Christ Child and Angel
by: Debra

I have one plate with the Virgin Mary, Christ child and Angel. I did research and found the original artist was Majolica.

S & M with crossed hammers
by: Christie

I'm helping a friend research dishes her father sent her mother from Germany in the 1960s. A crown is above S and M which have crossed hammers between them, then "Czechoslowakia" is written at bottom. China. Would this be the same company mentioned above?

Epiag Pirkenhammer "Brunswick"
by: Jacira

I have an almost complete dinnerware set of white china with a gold Greek Key design by Epiag, Pirkenhammer, CHESTER, Made in Czechoslovakia, "Brunswick". It was probably from my grandmother, but I'm not sure what year. I would like to upload pictures, but can't see how to do that!

thread - called "Porcelain (?) plate identification" within the "German & Bohemia Marks" section.
by: Dale C

send to: send to: peter@theclayartist.com Sent Photos 09/14/2017

Thank you so much for your efforts on this site!I bought a Covered Round Bowl recently at auction. It was the only piece from this set there. Loved the color, and style at first sight. A few weeks later, I saw what appeared to be a complete set, with this same bowl, sold separately. Unfortunately, I was not available at auction end to purchase the set. This piece has no chips, cracks, or crazing.

Do these sets have pattern names? Any chance I could find that here or elsewhere?

Thank you!

Fischer and Mieg of Pirkenhammer, birds, bees, and flowers patterns
by: Brian

I have 4 cups, 3 saucers and a coffee pot in this design. They seem to use the same patterns as Crystals photos but in different layouts.
Is there any way of narrowing down the time frame between 1873 and 1918?
A fourth saucer would be a nice addition.


Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Brian

The only way to narrow this down would be to look at the piece itself and make a tentative judgement on the style and finish and estimate which era it comes from.

Peter (admin)

by: Anonymous

Check this lovely little bud vase out!


Different cross hammer mark
by: Anonymous

I would like to know who made the plate I have purchased. It has the cross hammer with the crown in the middle with Titanic written underneath. Something else is written under Titanic. It looks like prussia but this isn't their mark. Weird.

Fischer & Mieg Mark
by: Anonymous

Exremely helpful thread. Thank you one and all.

Porcelain plates and biwls NEW
by: Anonymous

I have small to large platters and a bowl in cream porcelain with gold rum. It has four beautiful floral bouquet s in a greyish brown on the sides and a larger one in the middle.
The back has the words PIRKEN HAMMER with hammers and crown and the word Carlsbad underneath
Under that it’s printed Utenlandsk. This was part of my mothers wedding China. She was married 1940 in Norway.
I would love information of this.

Dessert Plates NEW
by: Sandi

I have 4 6" dessert plates that have the Pirkenhammer mark they are all different berries: Currant, blackberry, grape, boysenberry? Different than shown in the other Pirkenhammer insignia is the word Austria and nothing else. The mark is green and the plates are all rimmed with gold. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.

crossed hammer plates
by: nancy gramacy

I have two crossed hammers with crown marking one engraved F and M. And engraved 713. The other plate engraved is 1 over 72. They are in excellent condition for being so old and beautiful.I e-mail you pictures today of the beautiful plates.



Fischer & Mieg
by: Anonymous

Hi Nicholas
How right you were on the Fischer & Mieg! Just want to show off my cabaret set of the same pattern
I have the cabaret set on tray to include teapot, jug, sucre, handled tray and 2 cups and saucers
I am happy to share the photos

Fischer & Meig
by: Peter glaser

My grandfather Dr Eugene Kornfeld from Pilsen Czechoslovakia who perished in the Holocaust owned two beautiful pieces of this China with the crown mark Both prices are perfect and in my possessionIf you give some directions on how or where to send pictures to I would appreciate it He was an oral surgeon and there is a lot of history regarding the Kornfeld family My grandmother was Franciscan Hoffman If you go to the synagogue in Pilsen the glass stained windows were donated by her family I have a lot of provenance for these two beautiful pieces

Vase with this mark NEW
by: Betty

I have a 4-sided bud vase with this mark on the bottom. I believe it is porcelain and was given to me by my grandmother. It was her favorite vase. She was an antique dealer. That is all I know about it. So thankful to find out what the mark on the bottom is

Crown & Crossed Hammers - Austria
by: Vickie C.

I was researching and ran across your site. Great info! I do have a mark of the Fischer and Mieg of Pirkenhammer that is not shown in your marks section. I will add photos.
Lidded Sugar & Creamer set, Art Deco pattern in gold with a foliage spray w/cabbage roses band.
I believe that the wording on the creamer says "Oakdale Art Studios" Austria, surrounding the Mark, the sugar only has the mark with the word Austria.
* Creamer, 3" H x 5-1/4" W (OD spout to handle) x 2-5/8" W (across mouth).
* Lidded Sugar, 4" H. w/lid, 3" H. w/o lid x 6" ( handle to handle) x 4" W. x 2-1/2" at opening.
NOTE: I do not see an option for adding photos.

by: Anonymous

Hi I am trying to find out a little more on a small set of coffee espresso cups. Looking at the mark on the underside they are dated 1918-1938 - they also have a number 8997 - is there anything I can find out about that at all or is it simply a part of a numbered set / batch

I have two beautiful plates with this double hammer mark NEW

I have these two beautiful plates with the double hammer mark. Wondering thier worth?

I have one too !
by: Liz

I have a 5 1/2 inch white vase with gold on it with the same marking, I came across this thread searching for what the marking was so was happy to find out, would love to know if it is considered a hat pin holder or vase and possibly the value. I would add pics but don’t see where to do that.
Thank you

Vintage Pirken Hammer dinning set
by: Anonymous

In 1977 or 1978 my parents drove from Bonn to Czechoslovakia and brought back 2 dinning sets. One was Pirken Hammer, a full 12 person set.

I do not find the pattern we have in the market or in any online research.

I would like to know the name of this pattern.

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