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Poster Designs
by Peter Holland
Kennedy Point
Waiheke Island Series
New Zealand

I am painting a series of beauty spots on Waiheke Island, New Zealand.  As a UK artist, I was tuned into the paradise-like beauty of Waiheke Island by my daughter who lives there.  More about Kennedy Point and why I featured it.

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Kennedy Point continued... 

When my daughter, Olivia, a ballerina and painter/illustrator by trade, first stumbled across Kennedy Point, it was the culmination of a huge adventure for her - and, by association, for me of course - even though I wasn't there. 

First, having been cooped up in a gilded cage since childhood, this trip to the antipodes was her bid for freedom - to discover those oysters I always told her the world kept hid.

So, she arrives at Waiheke Island somehow or other, and realises this place is indeed a pearl within a sea of pearls.  So tuned was she into this place I'd never heard of, and it's beauty, woods, hills, landscapes, hidden beaches, friendly locals, I decided to paint it, based on her findings.

Where to paint?  Why Kennedy Point?  One day, shortly after she'd arrived, she just got on her push bike and decided to explore uphill and down dale.  Then, there it was.  This little sandy bay, where woodland meets ocean like they are vying for supremacy. 

". . . where woodland meets ocean like they are vying for supremacy"

On Waiheke they have solid, wooden, artisan, rotund, sculpted benches in places of beauty which they call 'lookouts'.  Right there was a lookout, of course.  I wanted to celebrate that.  I wanted to celebrate her discoveries, her new life.  As of time of writing, a few years after this discovery she still hasn't come home yet, and maybe earthly paradise is her new home now.

Then I discovered art photographer Chris Gin had also featured this very spot in his work.  Great minds and all that.

Here's Livvy's photo and video of this sandy cove on Kennedy Point.