Potter mark query - T over C above sea / waves

by Marc Tielemans
(Swindon, England)

Potter mark query - T over C above sea / waves

Potter mark query - T over C above sea / waves

Potter mark query - T over C above sea / waves:- This mark appears on two figurines I have, possibly German / Bavarian ? Can anyone help with this mark ?

Thank you



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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Pottery mark query - T over C above sea / waves or Wavy Lines

Hi Marc

Thanks for the nice pics of the figurines and pottery mark with wavy lines, and the T C letters.

Interesting one! Similar wavy lines to the Copenhagen mark, but not listed as a variation in any book I have. The figurines look very naive and simply done with no particular quality of styling and decoration, yet the new style of marking does not fit with the older era being depicted. This anachronistic treatment together with the lack of quality suggests one thing; cheap Far East imports.

A bit of a mystery, this one. I'll keep looking.


I found this mark to be listed as a 'fake mark' in http://www.porcelainmarksandmore.com


Anyone needing valuations only, please go to this vintage and antique china values page. You can also take the opportunity to liaise with experts on that page.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

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Wavy Line Mark With T and C is a Fake?
by: Peter (admin)

I just updated the main page - see above

I have a similar figure but with lady and man together
by: Elle

Just found this site and glad to have read Marc's query as I have a similar figure obviously made by the same factory, though mine has a lady sitting on a chair with a man standing next to her. Mark identical on base. Is it definitely confirmed that this is a cheap import?

Thank you.


Peter (admin) says:-

Yes, this mark is not that of a mainstream European maker, so is likely Far East or Eastern European. The mark, according to PM&M.com is copied from the marks of the factories of 'Kahla' and 'Torgau' marks.

vintage figurines
by: Judy Hart

I also have a set of figurines a male and a female holding birds. They both have the same markings.

Potter mark query - T over C above sea / waves
by: Anonymous

I have a boy holding a duck and a girl holding a cat

Potter mark info. - T over C above sea / waves
by: John Brett

My mother also has a pair of figurines, one of a man & the other of a woman, each with this mark but also with the addition of a stuck-on label saying 'Made in Japan'. Perhaps this is the country of origin.



Further comment by Peter (admin)


Hi John

Many thanks for your very significant contribution to solving the origin of this mystery mark.

I had suspected this mark originated from the Far East in the post-war period, but this is the first evidence online to confirm this maker is Japanese - very likely in the 1950's or 60's.

There were very many ceramic factories in Japan mass-producing trinkets and figurines in this period, most of which we will likely never know who they were as many of them had vague western influenced pottery markings.

Finding the actual factory is somewhat of a needle in a haystack, and not really worth the effort of the research if it were actually possible.

I think this is likely the closest we are ever going to get to this mark.

Unless someone has more detail on the specific maker, I think this is case closed.

Peter (Admin)

by: Patrice

I have a white horse and red-coated rider. It is a souvenir of the Vienna Spanish riding school, mot too well executed with this marking. Definitely pre-1960s

Pre 1960's - i.e. 1950's
by: Peter (admin)

Yes, likely 1950's in my view.

Thanks for the confirmation that it was pre 1960's. What is your evidence for this please?

Peter (admin)

Recent purchase
by: Lynnda

I bought a pair of these with the same markings at a charity shop for about $2.75. The man is playing a violin; the woman is playing a harp. There is a sticker that reads "Made in Japan".

couple having tea with nice lace skirt and tie...
by: Anonymous

I too found mine in a shop,and someone at one time put a sticker on it saying it was bought in vienna 1983...same marking.

Slightly different mark
by: Anonymous

I have a woman and man sitting having tea (both are together as one figurine. The mark is slightly different.. darker blue and a little more compressed

more info perhaps
by: Leslie

I have a marquis and marquise figurine with the circle and waves mark and did come across a very similar figurine with a sticker saying 'Orleans Worldwide Japan', and an impression of a couple of K's


So interesting to place this mark from 50's in Japan. My figurine, though a different pose and setting, is almost exact in it's type of detailing.

T over C above sea. NEW
by: Vq

We have had a Shepherd with lamb for many decades with the same marking.

figurine couple NEW
by: Anonymous

I have lady and man seated on chaise,she's reading he plays an instrument. victorian style costumes

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