Pottery Maker and Mark Query - Yang USA Studio Art Pottery

by Tracy Hobgood
(Arlington, Texas, U.S.A.)

Pottery Maker and Mark Query - Yang USA Studio Art Pottery

Pottery Maker and Mark Query - Yang USA Studio Art Pottery

Pottery Maker and Mark Query - Yang USA Studio Art Pottery:- Hello Everyone, Well I was at this garage sale the other day and I saw this unusual looking piece of pottery and it immediately caught my eye, so I went over and picked it up and turned it over to look at the bottom of it and saw these beautiful markings, the Makers name and Makers Marking. I think it is an ashtray. I have searched the Internet feverishly trying to find the Makers name and Marking to no avail. Please help me identify who the Makers name is and about when and where it was made.

Thank You,

Tracy Hobgood

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Pottery Maker and Mark Query - Yang USA Studio Art Pottery

Hi Tracey

Thanks for sharing this nice modern piece. Very funky - suggesting a younger artist, so possibly more difficult to track down fore that reason.

To my eyes, the name says 'Yang' which is why I added it to your title (titles are important in search engines finding our site, which is the only way mysteries get solved!)

You said you had search burn-out, but didn't share too much of that research. Anyway, I did some of my own and began to compile a list of studio potters with the name Yang......


Yang Maoyuan

Pearl Yang

Hue Yang

Yang Chaofu

Winnie Yang


Seungho Yang

Wei Yang

That was enough for me. You need to now recover from SBO (search burn-out) and rule out those people one by one. If none are applicable, then find more Yangs. Please post here.

The little horizontal flower motif or device is a giveaway to this person. The Rosenthal Yang would be a good candidate, but the signature is different and no flower motif, so not the right Yang.

Also, if any visitors finding this page have any information on this pottery mark, however slender the info, please post. It all adds to the knowledge base.

Peter (admin)

The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful to solving this mystery mark ……

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Another Yang USA piece
by: Jeny

Hello, just found this thread while researching another piece I found on ShopGoodwill.com. Not sure how to post photos so I will attach the link.

Definitely the same artist! :)



by: Anonymous


This piece is marked "Mana" . What you believe is a "Y" is a tilted "M". It is Native American, Apache Tribe in Arizona. I have several pieces of this pottery and love it. All have the spatter of multi colored background with black stylized figures or animals. The bottoms are all glazed black with white signatures or information. Look on Ebay for some examples of this

"Mana" Tribe Native American Art Pottery - Apache People from Arizona
by: Peter (admin)


Many thanks for identifying this lovely art pottery.

So it's Mana, not Yang!

If anyone knows more, please post here.


Peter (admin)

Mana or Peyote Church Pottery
by: Anonymous

Id like to add some info about Mana Pottery. Its made in Southern Arizona. I believe its actually made by Peyote Church members. This church which I believe is still operating,uses the hallucinogenic drug, peyote, which is found in some Southwestern Deserts growing wild. The 'Buttons'are found on small cacti and harvested and used in some of this particular churches religious rituals.I live in Az and there was a big legal battle here years ago about this religious sect using hallucinogens in their ceremonies.I love the pottery and its very collectable!

Additional Mana Pottery info NEW
by: Anonymous

Mana "Immanuel Trujillo" produced pottery from 1948 until his death in 2010. The ranch near Klondyke AZ is home to the Peyote Way Church, alluded to in another post, and is where the pottery is still produced today. Mana worked in various locations including Denver, Benson, and later around 1970 at the now Peyote Way. Credit is due to several families over the years who worked hard at both the production and sales end of the pottery’s success. The image depicted on this piece is a ghan dancer holding lightning bolts, pronounced gan like can.

Mana NEW
by: Anonymous

It is Mana Pottery

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