Pottery Mark Device Shaped Like a Candle & 'L' or 'i' from Iceland

by Elisabet Arnardottir
(Reykjavik, Iceland)

Pottery Mark Device Shaped Like a Candle &  'L' or 'i' from Iceland

Pottery Mark Device Shaped Like a Candle & 'L' or 'i' from Iceland

Pottery Mark Device Shaped Like a Candle & 'L' or 'i' from Iceland:- I have a small, almost triangular pale pink dish/plate with two fish (or leaves), gold rim. I would like to find out more about this item and also who the maker is, please. Many thanks for having this site where we can help and be helped.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Elisabet Arnardottir

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The forum Help Elf says:-

Hi Elisabet

This is a completely unknown mark to me and is not shown in any of my reference books, so let's hope someone else knows this mark.

I look at quite a lot of china and, without pretending to be any kind of expert, all I can say is what I see.

The styling has a Scandinavian flavour to my eye. Both in the shape, the colours and the fish illustrations. You come from Iceland - which is, I think, classified as Scandinavian, isn't it? I think the design and quality of this dish is really very good and it looks very 1950's to me.

Do you have any way to go to a local library and research any Icelandic china manufacturers, after all the other mainland Scandinavian countries have a long tradition of fine porcelain and very excellent design traditions.

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by: Saulius G.

Merry Christmas everyone.
Very pity to know that it is "completely unknown" mark, because I have got an unbelievable woodpecker figurine. There are natural colors, fine painting and beautiful emotions.
Dear Elisabet, we are only two owners of "real art" things by this sign in the world, ...enjoy!

Best Regards

A little "fish-dish"
by: Elisabet

Hi! Thanks for trying to find out the origin of my little dish. It is quite likely a Scandinavian made object, and maybe I´ll find out one day:)
Best wishes,

Too Bad, I've got the same mark
by: Anonymous

I have a large vase with the exact same mark. The vase is about 14 inches high and is cream in colour with gold paint trim. I wonder if it could be from Germany. It was given to me by someone who was from Germany and was a collector of Meissen china.

Unknown mark, candle-L
by: Elisabet

Thanks you guys!
I guess my little fish-dish remains a mystery...

L Shaped Candle Mark Answer Found

by: Peter (admin)

Finally! I found the identity of the maker who used this mark! Big Whoop!

The maker is from the region of Thuringia, Germany (not Sacndinavia like I thought) from the town of Lichte. There are a few makers from this town going back to 1822, but according to Rongtens, this maker is a modern maker called VEB Porcelainwork Lichte (in German 'Porcelainwerk'). As far as I can see in the encyclopaedia the firm was founded in 1948.

This particular mark was used from around 1958 to 1990.

Glad we nailed that one at last!

Peter (admin)

Fish dish mystery solved
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot Peter, wonderful to a last know the origin of my little dish!

Unknown mark, candle-L
by: Saulius G

Dear Elisabete and Peter, I would like to show you my woodpecker with this sign, but I do not know how to put a photo to the web.
Best regards,

Saulius G.


Peter's Reply

Hi Saulius

Please send the pics to me at


and I will post them right here for you.


My porcelain Parrot has a is similar mark
by: Solveig

My 14" porcelain parrot has a similar mark. It is has the 5 lines with a point on top not in a candle form, but one one longer and 2 shorter ones on either side on top of a cursive L. No other information including no country name of origin.

Also found this mark
by: Anonymous

I have a seabird figurine with the same mark. The muted coloration, with an emphasis on bluish gray, reminds me of Lladro.

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