pottery mark id - MCP Co OR MPC Co OR CPM Co OR CMP Co OR PMC Co OR PCM Co

by Robert Jimenez
(Columbus, OH USA)

pottery mark id - MCP Co OR MPC Co OR CPM Co OR CMP Co OR PMC Co OR PCM Co

pottery mark id - MCP Co OR MPC Co OR CPM Co OR CMP Co OR PMC Co OR PCM Co

pottery mark id - MCP Co OR MPC Co OR CPM Co OR CMP Co OR PMC Co OR PCM Co:- i have a green bowl 7.5" dia. 2" tall with potter's mark

large M with a C on top of it and a small p on top of the M (in the valley of the M) and Co. below the M.

Below the mark is the number 129M

any thoughts?



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To:- pottery mark id - MCP Co OR MPC Co OR CPM Co OR CMP Co OR PMC Co OR PCM Co

Hi Robert

Many thanks for your great photos.

MCP Co. logo stands for Mount Clemens Pottery, Mount Clemens Michigan 1915-1987.

As the order of the letters is not obvious within this somewhat obscure pottery mark, other searchers may be input the following keywords: MPC Co, CPM Co, CMP Co, PMC Co, PCM Co

Founded in farm buildings in Mount Clemens, Michigan in 1915, the Mount Clemens Pottery was the result of the local Business Man's Association campaign for new industry to be brought to the locality. A committee had traveled to Ohio and Pennsylvania to learn more about pottery production.

World War I stopped the supply of English clay and threatened production. After the war a good recovery oversaw the growth of the fledgling company and in 1920 the S.S. Kresge Company, a client of the pottery, bought the company out.

Unfortunately, in 1941, the pottery became embroiled in a very long lasting industrial dispute about mechanization. This dispute lasted 6 years, eventually reaching the Supreme Court.

In 1962, Charles Doll, general manager since 1915, retired aged 80, succeeded by his son, Charles E. Doll, Jr. - serving as general manager until his own retirement in 1966. In 1965, the Kresge company sold out and the new concern became known as the Jamestown China Company. In 1983 ownership passed to Action Industries of Cheswick, Pennsylvania, but the Pottery ceased production in 1987 reporting $10m losses. At that time there were 200 employees. There was a failed management buyout in 1988 and the old plant was demolished in 1993.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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by: Anonymous

Thanks for the info. I have been looking for this for months. I have a small platter 7 by 9 1/2 also green.

Different pattern
by: Sandy

My MPC Co China has a mark of 734R underneath the Made in USA stamp. The of the china is creamy white (this might be age as it was my grandmother's) and the edge has a row of pink flowers, green leaves and gold colored scroll work. Any one have any ideas as to the name and/or value of this china?

mcp co
by: Anonymous

I have a similar bowl as above but teal color with
the numbers 431c. Any clue on the value if any?

An oval platter
by: Antigone

Thanks for the information. I have a lovely oval platter marked with this logo and 1030G under it. It's a cream color, with beautifully painted poppy flowers triangulated from three points on the periphery to different depths toward the center.
Does anyone know the current value of MCP Co pieces?

Fish Plate
by: Nancy

I have a fish plate with the words usa the a square with a pitcher in it the mcp under that any idea how old

by: Jean

I have an oval platter, same green color & design as your bowl. Has the same mark with the number 831G underneath the mark. My mother received this as a wedding gift in 1938. She always thought the gift was not new at the time she it was given to her. It has one small chip. I have been looking for info on this platter for quite sometime.

52 pieces of MCP dinnerware
by: Anonymous

Finally someone knows the name of my dishes! I would like to sell them but have not been able to find the name or value of them. Any suggestions?

by: Anonymous

I have 2 plates. One plate says 99m and the other is 109R. I found a plate that looks similar but have distinct differences.

small salad dish with animal art
by: Mark

my plate is cream colored and has 2 brown dogs in the center. Around the edge of the plate are a duck, followed by a cat, for a total of 3 ducks, 3 cats. Under the logo on the bottom of the plate is the number/letter 632M.

Found this while cleaning out my dad's place. Looks like he had it as a child. He was born in 1928. I'm thinking about keeping it. Thanks for the information

Have a beautiful oval 11 inch cream colored plate has the prettiest pink roses with this mark 1033r
by: Leah

green glaze ware
by: chris

I have the green set. I am looking for 3 plates with 932M. And 2 with 832G. I have all the serving pieces & 6 dessert plates. I either want pieces, or someone to buy mine. Email me: c_gurgul@yahoo.com

436h or 436r
by: Jason

We have a set of dishes with the marking of MPC Co with the mark of 436R and 436H on the plates. We also have tea cups and saucers. The design on them is a cabin or a mill house, by a stream. Can anyone tell me more?

by: ymous

Have desert plates with number 934R. Do you know what they might be worth? MCP

by: Anonymous

Hi I have same MCP desert dishes with number 934R under the made in USA do u know if they r worth anything?

2 green bowls
by: Anonymous

I have 2 bowls in the same green as above, one is 7 1/2 " with the #433H, the other is 8 1/2" with the #533H. I would love to know the value of them.??

Small oval platter (10" x 7")
by: Hildy

My item seems to be the same pattern around the border with the pink flowers and green leaves. there is also a fine gold line about 1" from the edge. So now I know what the MCP stands for, and the history of the Company. But I still do not know the NAME OF THE PATTERN, unless I missed something.
My small platter has the number 1033B under "made in USA". Now after learning the history, I wonder if it has anything to do with the date of production. Like maybe October 1933. I don't know about the B,
Does anybody have more information?

Rare silver china
by: Anonymous

I have an entire set.. 40 plus pieces of plates bowls side plate ect!! The number below the stamp is 932M
White with a solid sterling silver ring.
Please any information???

roses-ornamet plates
by: anja-leena

I have inhereted from my great ant´s some plates with rose-decoraations, (circle) on the edge . Code 934C and 534 B. Is anyone interested on these ? I do not know when they have been made or from where they been bought. Boston USA ?

PCM co
by: RB Alien

I have one dinner plate, a couple small dessert plates, saucer plate, and saucer cup. Cream color with 22 karat gold trim. One of the small plates and dinner plate is marked 835H.and marked Made in USA. Anyone know the year or value? Was given to me recently by my mother.

by: Anonymous

My mothers has her grandmothers China with the MPC marking the number 335c is under the made in USA. What do you know about this. She has a complete set I believe

Great Site
by: Sally Sweet

First search and found the answer to MCP! Thank's to your site!! Thank you!!!

PCM Co. Made in the USA
by: Sharon

I have nine plates with 935B, 935C,or 935R. They have two rings of pink and yellow roses and other small flowers as well as a small bouquet in the center. They are white with an ornate, gold trimmed rim. Iwould like to know the pattern and when and where they were made. They are so beautiful. I will try to submit a picture.

Oval Plate
by: Brenda

I have an oval plate about 9" x 7". Has a silver leaf trim with three groupings of roses. The edge is wavy (fluted). Marking on back is either B32H or 832H. Can’t find value. Can anyone help?

by: Erica

Found an old creamer? type jug laying among some trees on a property that used to have a turn-of-the-century lake resort...it was torn down in the late 1990’s. It has the MPC co. marking, but no number or any other marking besides. Any ideas on how I’d figure out the year it was produced? Thanks! Shortee161@hotmail.com

Thank you! NEW
by: Vickie

I have had a tough time with this , and your answer is a blessing. I have looked everywhere for this back stamp which is on my favorite plate. The plate is a creamy white with three rose sprays on its border. Under each pink rose spray is a robin perched in a blue forget me not wreath. Thanks so much. The plate has a thin blue rim.

MPCco.pre depression set.. NEW
by: AnonymousHELP, MPCco. 1234R. Pink Rose with green leaves, yellow/gold along plate rim, bronze edging to tulip center? A 5 point pink flower..

Set from 50s, & MPCco.from pre depression. Both my geraman grandparents, farmed Aberdeen So.Dakota thru depession, have Morgen set of PMCco. 1234R. At 'warriorbuildcraft62@gmail.com., Loveland, Colo..

Green server
by: TK

I have a green server mpc 632 m any ideas or value?

Platter NEW
by: Momma Z

I just purchased a oval platter with a bee on the middle.

Looking for value of plate
by: Mike

632m mcp

Looking for value of plate NEW
by: Mike

632m mcp

Looking for value of plate
by: Mike

632m mcp

MCP Co. on Stetson China NEW
by: DeanneW

What's the connection with this MCP Co. and Stetson China? I have pieces of Stetson China - both with the MCP Co. mark 635C and the steson Warranted 22 KT Gold. Pretty gold filigree border pattern.

Robin Roses Forget-Me-Not Wreath NEW
by: Jean

Hi, Vickie. I have an oval serving dish which matches the Mount Clemens Pottery plate you describe--with three robins, each in a wreath of forget-me-nots below a spray of pink roses. Very charming. If I could find a way to contact you, I'd send it to you.

Dish with flowers NEW
by: Jade

This particular dish has 735C What might be the value of them? Thank You

by: Anonymous

I inherited 4 cups and saucers and 4 dinner plated from my grandmother. There are delicate rosebuds on them. On the bottom it says MCP USA with what looks like a pitcher. I cannot seem to find this pattern anywhere on the Internet. Any ideas as to where to look?

by: Kathy

I have large MC P on top C on bottom Made in U>S>A> 1034B



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