Pottery mark query - 5-pointed star on teapot - a Brown Betty?

by Yvonne

main pic of teapot -  a Brown Betty?

main pic of teapot - a Brown Betty?

Pottery mark query - 5-pointed star on teapot - a Brown Betty? - I have a teapot....I *think* it's (guess I need somebody to identify that part for me also!). It has no writing anywhere on it, and the only marking it has on it is a 5-pointed star embossed on the teapot bottom. Teapot exterior is a dark brown glaze, and the interior is a gold glaze. Just curious as to know where the teapot was made, when it was made, etc.

Thank you!



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Star Teapot
by: Blake

Dear Yvonne, Is the star impressed, i.e lower than the bottom of the teapot base inside the star or is the star higher than the bottom of the teapot?

Yours, Blake

5-pointed star on teapot
by: Yvonne

Hi Blake! The star is impressed/embossed into the teapot (that is, it is sunken into it, not raised up off of the teapot).

Star Stoneware Teapot
by: Blake

Dear Yvonne, The mark as you describe it is impressed. (Embossed is when it stands higher than the surrounding body.).
Your teapot was made by Star Stoneware of Crooksville, Ohio. They were in business from 1892 to 1945. Your impressed mark is an older mark dating from around 1903.

I hope this is the information you were looking for about your teapot.

Yours, Blake

5-pointed star on teapot
by: Yvonne

Thanks so much for your information Blake! This is great! Are you able to tell from the picture of whether or not this might be a Brown Betty teapot?

Brown Betty Teapots
by: Blake

Dear Yvonne, All authentic Brown Betty Teapots have two things in common: they were made from a red clay and they were made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.
Try doing a Google search for "Brown Betty teapot". There are several excellent sites on the teapots history etc.

I hope this helps.

Yours, Blake

i have one too
by: flowers_and_stars_meadow@hotmail.com

wonder how much $

good luck on your search.

Raised star mark
by: Anonymous

Might be Paducah pottery before Bauer Pottery

Brown Betty
by: Anonymous

Hi there:
Your teapot is NOT a brown betty but it is a 'brown betty type'. The real deal is made of English Brown clay and is only made by one pottery manufacturer now. Use one and you will never want to use any other teapot.... If you can get one, don't let it go - or break it. The more modern ones are not as well made as the old ones so do look in estate sales and the like as you might get lucky.

raised star
by: Anonymous

I have a dish sourrounded by pigs which has a raised star. What would that be? - ruth

5-Star Raised asian Teapot NEW
by: mike i got it

I also would like to know about the raised 5-star on the bottom. I have an Asian set with this on the pots along with T T in double diamonds. Can not find out about the raised star.


Blake - or anyone that can please help me identify this marking on my Brown Betty Teapot...

It ENGLAND clearly impressed on the bottom but just above that impression is an impression of the letter C with a smaller letter S inside the C. I have searched and searched but cannot identify this marking. I wish i could send a picture...

If you could please help me I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you!

Chinese bowl with 5 in center of it NEW
by: Damon

In blue mark reads - Made in China and a 5 point star with the number 5 in the center of a it

Impressed Star on Teapot
by: Anonymous

I have a teapot w/ tea bowl stamped Meyer with an impressed five point star and can't find anything remotely similiar to it. Any sugesstions?

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