pottery mark query Alsatian Dog Figurine - H Mark Within a House Backstamp


pottery mark query Alsatian Dog Figurine - H Mark Within a House Backstamp

pottery mark query Alsatian Dog Figurine - H Mark Within a House Backstamp

pottery mark query Alsatian Dog Figurine - H Mark Within a House Backstamp:- I was given a porcelain Alsatian that my mother picked up in Germany in 1946 but the piece may date from an earlier period.

The mark is in the shape of a house with an upper floor.

In the upper section is a capital H suggesting that this may be the manufacturer.In the lower section is either a shape or 2 letters which are unreadable.

There is a letter M in lower case below the pottery mark which may be the potters mark.



antique china values

Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- pottery mark query Alsatian Dog Figurine - H Mark Within a House Backstamp

Hi Peter M

Could have done with a picture of the wares and the mark, but interesting pottery mark submission nontheless.

The German Shepherd Alsatian dog figurine is a widely produced subject matter in Germany and Bohemia (also UK makers had a go too!). Almost all German & East European makers made them - Nymphenburg, Royal Dux et al. Hutschenreuther also made them, and these are valuable.

Thanks to contributor Roger this mystery pottery mark is now identified - This company is Katzhütte or Katzhutte or Katshutte also known as Hertwig & Co originally. Scroll down to Roger's post below and my reply.

My original answer continues below unedited...

Not forgetting, the letter 'H' is also Russian for 'N', so it could also be Russian. Needle in a haystack time!

The 'H' mark you describe is not an Hutschenreuther mark in my Millers book, but German and East European china is not my is not my area – I am quite good on 20th Century UK manufacturers, but foreign and early wares are specialist niches unto themselves with vast amounts of knowledge and research material required.

Feel free to await answers from knowledgeable others who may come across your submission in this thread {-----mystery now solved by Roger - see comment below------}

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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house mark
by: Anonymous

i too have a figurine with a house mark underneath has a signature m and n have you had any luck yet


To - Annonymous posted 21/2/10 I have sent a picture to the web page. We could be reading it upside down. The logo when turned forms a H with a V underneath. I will track it down & leave my comments.
Peter - England

Two White Porcelain Foals Also Have H Mark Within a House Shaped Device
by: Dallas

I also have a piece with the markings described. It is a small white figure of two foals . . . one grazing and the nearer one looking toward the viewer.

Answer to question about H mark Within a House
by: Roger from Sweden

This company is Katzhütte.

Katzhütte / Hertwig
by: Peter (admin)


Peter (admin) says:

Thanks to Roger for solving this mystery!! I have now read up about this company and researched the following:- The 'H' stands for Hertwig & Co. which was founded in Thuringia, Germany in 1864. In 1958, being in East Germany under the Soviet regime it was nationalized and renamed Katzhütte. This company did not continue after the fall of the Berlin wall unlike other Thuringian factories.

More on Katzhutte here:-
www.porcelainmarksandmore.com (opens a new page).

The mark looks to be the one used between 1914 and 1945. These Hertwig / Katzhutte items seem to have a value to them. To get an idea of value go to this China Replacement page and scroll down to the link which takes you to ebay.

Hertwig Co. mark
by: Douglas (PA USA)

I also have a piece of Hertwig & Co. with the 1864-1945 mark with "H" in house over cat. Also has the letter "G" below house.It is a porcelain lady golfer figurine in swing(12" high). Figurine is high quality and I would est. made 1925-1935. I have pics of mark and piece if anyone is interested. Thanks for info from others.

Katzhutte Figurine
by: Poppy

I also have a figurine with the same Katzhutte/ Hertwig & Co mark.

She is about 14" tall with a green dress and the letter G under the mark. There is also the No 270 stamped on the base.

House Mark...
by: John

I have the same Hertwig & Co mark, however there is a script included mark above it I can't read and also in block letters on another section it is marked Germany...

dancing lady
by: Anonymous 2

I too have a figurine with a similar mark, but this is on a dancing lady in a long burgundy dress. Under the house shaped mark with the cat is another mark W70 with an impressed mark of 69, I would really like to know something about her please

grayhound large figurine
by: Diana C

I have this medium to large porcelan figurine of two grayhound dogs on the run. On the back has the stamp with the name (logo) Hertwig. The tail of g is long and on it has the house stamp and also has a number 37. I would like to find out if possible the aproximate year of the making.
Thank you.
e-mail is diana1350@gmail .com

House mark
by: Alex

The mark you are enquiring about is Khatzhute (as mentioned in the previous post by Peter - a company previously known as Hertwig & Co). Hope this assists.

Hope this helps a little
by: Anonymous

I have a pair of figures with that same stamp .My figures are also signed geramny .I am tring to research mark myself .

lady figureine
by: Anonymous

i have a figurine in a slight dance pose around 5 inches tall, can you tell me more information please.

Skier/lady circa 120 outfit, wooden ski and loose sticks From your site definitely Hetwig and Co
by: Anonymous

Thanks to your site we have identified our lovely elegant 1920's dressed skier. She is about 12inches and fine porcelain.

We had heard that there was a man skier, but this seems to be unlikely from what we have read on your site.

by: Anonymous

laut meiner recherche arbeiteten für Hertwig&Co. um 1920 auch Künstler wie auch Josef Lorenzl und Stephan Dakon, eventuell auch Gustav Oppel.

Help Elf says:-

Translation from original German above reads:-

"According to my research on Hertwig & Co, around 1920, artists such as Josef Lorenzl, Stephen Dakon, and possibly Gustav Oppel were working with the company."

Pair of Skiers
by: Anonymous

We have a pair of Skiers: A Lady and a Man....circa 120 outfit, wooden ski and loose sticks.
I'm guessing Hetwig and Co also

An earlier comment said it was unlikely that there was a man figure too, but there is. My father brought this back from Germany in 1944. They are beautiful, in mint condition. How do I find their value?


Male Skier Figurine
by: Anonymous

Hi Mike

Thank you so much for confirming that my lady skier does have a companion.

I too would be interested to know what these figurines are worth. Can anyone help?

Also if you ever wish to sell your man Mike, please let me know. Or if there is anyone out there who has a male skier please post it on this site.

Can I add, what a super site this is. Thank you so much for setting it up. Your flagging system by emails is a wonderful service, for which I thank you again.

Best wishes.

How Much For Hertwig?
by: Peter (admin)

Normally we try not to get too involved with value of wares here on these identification forums. The reason is it can start arguments and grumpiness and, even amongst experts, valuations are a matter of opinion and fine judgements and can vary.

On one good day at auction, the same item can fetch double the amount it fetched a short time earlier and visa versa.

So based on the average one might expect on an average day, the experts take a view on the 'fair market value' of an item.

Retail prices, however, are a completely different kettle of fish. Retailers - especially those who are prepared to hold stocks indefinitely - put very high price tags on and then hope for the best.

I'll write this is BOLD, so as to shout it out:-


They are a good indication of the insurance value as the retail price is what you would likely have to pay if you needed to replace your china, but a private seller selling at auction would expect to attain about half the retail figure. A private seller might get something like the retail price, but only if he were prepared to wait indefinitely for the right buyer to come along (just like the retailer is prepared to do).

SO anyway, all that said, I looked up the past few years of auction prices attained for Hertwig & Co items in the USA, Europe and the UK.

There wasn't that much stuff around and I didn't see the skiers mentioned above, but what I did see seemed really exceptionally beautiful quality in terms of 19th and 20th century figurines.

The prices went from about $80 USD to $450 USD depending on the figure and how much work was in it. $300 seemed a happy average, but this is why you need experts.

Female and Male Skier Figurine
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for such an efficient an helpful service.

I fully understand what you are telling us about auctions and value etc.

Whilst I am really interested to find a male companion for my lady skier, I would not know where to start.

But thanks for such a super site. I am so pleased that I found this site when I was searching for answers.

Carry on with the good work.

Hertwig & Co Skier
by: Peter (admin)


Thanks for your kind words.

If I were you and I wanted to get hold of the 'other half' of the Skiing due, I would first use the 'save a search' function on eBay. I would actually save at least 5 or 6 different searches using different keyword phrases. Then ebay would email me whenever they had matches for as long as it took.

I would then see if I could do the same on


which is the online marketing aggregater for many hundreds of city and provincial auction-houses in the USA, UK and Europe. I am not sure if they have a 'save a search' function like eBay, but I do know they have a great search function for upcoming lots.

This is where I would start.

Peter (admin)

Male Skier Figurine
by: Anonymous

Hello Peter

Thank you for yet more useful information. I will do as you suggest in my search for a male skier figurine.

Best wishes

house with h in roof and arched cat
by: Anonymous

thank you for identifing this mark, i have a female figurine with a parasol and small dog at her feet. i can now do more research. thank you for saving hours of research

Madonna and child figurine
by: Nicola

I've been trying to find out what maker was attributed to the house with an H and Cat. Thank you for answering that query. My piece was handed down by my mother which is of Madonna and child which she bought, if I have this right, when she went to Oberammergau to see the Passion Play in the 1930's whilst still at school. Would love to know if anyone else has one of these figurines and how they came by it.

Male skier
by: Anonymous

My father just passed away so I am researching the value of the male skier (Katzhutte porcelain) from Dresden which was a wedding gift to my parents (father's family was from Dresden) in 1942. Please contact me if you are interested in seeing a photo of it - it's in perfect condition with wood skis and poles.


Message from Peter (admin)


Yes please, all you need to do is send the photo to me here:-


I can then add the photo to your comment right here.



Please mark it for this thread ("pottery mark query Alsatian Dog Figurine - H Mark Within a House Backstamp"), otherwise I might not recognise the photo straight away.

Lady with a Fan
by: Anonymous

The lower half of the house shows a side view of a cat with an arched back. The "H" is in the upper half of the house. My Lady with a Fan is about 11" tall and exceedingly elegant. The initials below the house are "HK" and below that is "42". On the rim of the base is "Germany."

Cat mark
by: Anonymous

Thank you I've been trying to find out about this mark for years. I have a little girl who is sitting on an open basket, which was possibly used for flowers? It has the cat/house/H mark with an oval under it, possibly a letter 'O' Also has 20 stamped into the material.

hertwig katzehutte
by: Anonymous

hii have a figurine of a lady holding a fan and a basket, the only thing im stuck on is the impressed number 1609,could anybody tell me how i could research this , it has the green house stamp and what seems to be the letter n in green underneath the house stamp many thanks

Mare and foal
by: Tricia

I was happy to find this post as I have always wondered why my lovely mare and foal was from
I have looked up katzhütte but cannot find my mare and foal as the foal faces to the right with one leg raised

I have the house with letter H and underneath is the letter K 18

I would love to know if this is definitely a katzhütte figurine

Thank you


Yellow dressed bookends
by: G bonfield

My mum has 2 yellow dressed lady's with the very first H inside the top floor of a house, they are bookends mint condition beautiful mark 81 underneath one and marked 1080 on the back of the other, incredible information here, to think they are so old

Lady walking dogs
by: Mary B.

I have a Figurine A lady walking her two golden retrievers the mark underside is a house with the H at top of the house and a cat on the bottom of the house but it has an A stamped below the house, I would est 1940s its been in the family for over 60 years. if you would like a picture of it send me an e-mail to cblovebirds2@aol.com I would like to know if it has any value. thank you

by: Elias

Hi guys!
Could anybody point me to a website where I can find prices of this brand?

H-mark in a house
by: phil

I have two Staffordshire dogs they have the H-nark in a House on the base of them, can any body give me more information. And are the worth any thing. they are brown and white with a gold chain.

by: Anonymous

I have a lady with this mark but she's wearing a large green dress with a purple bodice. The same mark the house with the H aim it but it has 7144 written underneath

Lady figurine blue dress
by: Anonymous/Sue G

Letter H in top section of house shape.
Unreadable squiggle in lower main house part.
Initials R.H. underneath the house.

I guess from reading previous comments this could be from Hertwig & Co , later Khatshute?

Am wondering about her age if you can help please.

How could I send a picture of her to you?

Mother and child
by: Missy

I have a mother and child figurine. That has the marking with a house shape cat inside with an H. Looking to know more about it. I could send a picture of figurine and marking.

pink figurine bookends NEW
by: Anonymous

i have the above, a boy holding a top hat and girl with bonnet. same house mark, both stamped 349 on back.hope this helps someone, thanks all for providing makers name.

Hertwig pottery
by: Dave

Hi I have a figurine of child holding flowers with a goose trying to steal them

Need help in identifying figurine
by: Dennis

I have a figurine that is 5 1/2 inches tall of a girl holding an envelope in her right hand, two shades of green on her dress. It has the H Mark within a house backstamp. Also on the bottom is a H 72 with a possible CV 1667. Any information anyone has would be appreciated. My great Aunt had this in her home when I was just a kid 60 years ago.

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