"Pottery Mark Query - 'B' Inside Star" , Germany

by Mark
(Andover, NJ, USA)

"Pottery Mark Query - 'B' Inside Star" , Germany:- My mother recently passed away, and in going through her things we came across an old tea set that belonged to her sister. My aunt got married around 1950, maybe it was a gift?

It consists of a Tea Pot 8 inches tall, 10 inches with lid. A Creamer and sugar bowl (also with lid). Also, four demitasse style tea cups with saucers. There is a fifth saucer, so I don't know how many cups it originally came with.

The set is white with two shades of pink and lots of gold trim...VERY ornate.

The only markings are a capital "B" inside a star like pattern, and "Germany" under the star.

I hope the photos come though OK.

I'm not looking to sell the set. I'm just curious to find out whatever I can about it....dates, manufacturer etc.

Thanks for any help!


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"Pottery Mark Query - 'B' Inside Star", Germany

The forum Help Elf says:-

Hi Mark

This mark is not shown anywhere else on this site, or elsewhere online that I can find (for example, the excellent but jumbled efineantiques.com site), nor in my Kovel's Guides or Millers guides.

However, frustratingly, in the back of my mind, I feel I have seen this mark before somewhere. If it comes to me, I will post. It looks like it could be Bayreuth/Tettau ware, but this is not a mark of theirs.

Other knowledgeable contributors please post if you know this B inside a star mark.

For general free advice on how to research your collection, Peter wrote this page:

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Chocolate Set
by: Kathleen

I too have this same set in different colors and have been trying to find out the manufacturer, age, etc. of this set. I believe it is a chocolate set and it belonged to my grandmother. I believe it is over 60 years old. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

B inside a Star
by: Donna

I have an ornate set passed down from my great grandmother through the years with the same B inside a star with Germany below. I cannot find any info on this from research either. Assuming this is antique from early 1900's perhaps.

Germany B inside Star
by: Yettalass

I have a beautiful porcelain hinged box with raised cherubs on the lid ormolu edge and dresden flowers inside. I sure hope someone can identify this mark.
The cherubs actually resemble capodimonte but the flowers inside are very fine resembel dresden styles.

Same set
by: Tina

My aunt just came across the Sam exact set she has no sugar bowl but five full cup n saucers, any information on age value anything appreciated. My grandmother believes she obtained it around 1937.


B Germany
by: Anonymous

I too have a three legged demitasse set with B inside star logo. My mother tells me it was purchased by her mother with green stamps.
Has anyone discovered the designer?

B in Star Mark Germany
by: Kara

I just purchased a teapot, sugar, and creamer on ebay with this same mark. Would love to know the background.

B within a star
by: Shari

I have the same set. I know it is at least 75 years old. Was told it was a hot chocolate set. B within a star and Germany printed underneath

Also have a set
by: Johanna

I also have a demitasse (or hot chocolate) set. Same B in a star marking - from my mother's estate. If I remember the story correctly, it was her mom that got this - so figure it's circa 1920's-1930's. Mom said that they used to give sets away at movie theaters as a bonus. But who knows. If anyone can find out what the marking means I'd love to know. Thanks.

marking B in a starburst Germany
by: Donna

I to have a set Teapot, Sugar bowl with lid, creamer, 3 saucers and 3 cups. I have searched everywhere to find more info. What I do know is it belonged to my great-grandmother when my grandma was a baby. The set is early 1900's. Mine is cobalt blue and gold trimmed with painted ladies on them. Very beautiful. Would love to know who the german crafter was.

B within a Star
by: SarahF

I have the same set with same mark on bottom. It belonged to my Grandmother. Have been wondering about it as well.

Tea or chocolate set NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a set with same markings. However, my set is royal blue with gold trim & mother of pearl in the middle. It was a gift to my grandmother from one of her nephews. Supposedly he brought it back to U S after being in Germany during WWII. I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift from my grandmother as a child. Would love to know more about it. It is priceless to me.

Question NEW
by: Anonymous

Anyone found out about the B inside the star pattern mark?

german tea set NEW
by: B

i also have this tea/chocolate set my mom had said has been in the family for many generations. She recently passed and i have found a few interesting heirlooms such as this. Has anyone received any info regarding the value?

My mother has a very similar chocolate set
by: Brian Lev

My mother has a set that looks very much like the one in the original photos, but the primary colors are a deep red and a sort of pale olive green, with a white background and lots of gold... all with the mysterious "B in a 12-point circle/star" mark on the bottom. I've been researching this for some time but unfortunately this comments page is the closest I've come to an answer so far.

“Pottery Mark Query-‘B’ Inside Star, Germany” NEW
by: King George Treasures , LLC

July 2021 ~ I handle estates for families out of the area of the passed on family member and usually the home is signed over to me to handle all the contents. I just found a tea set in the attic that is identical to the discussion in this thread. It consists of teapot, creamer & sugar bowl and 6 cups//saucer. It is purple and blues marbled with white separation lines with gold trim and the tea cups are tan inside. It’s of course Lusterware and the tops of the teapot and sugar bowl are purple and the lids purple to tan to gold pull knobs. It has the "B" inside the start trademark. Has anyone discovered who this is?? As there are no dates on the previous comments I cannot see when the last one was made but it seems you were all baffled at that time. Anyone?? Thank you!
PS~ I have done over 400 estates and have /never seen a tea set like this.

July 2021 Attic Discovery (Update) NEW
by: King George Treasures

An update to the comments made earlier ~ We missed including that the tea set had transfer-ware of works by Angelica Kauffman and that the # 15 was also on the bottom where the B inside the starburst & made in Germany are marked. This may be helpful in research.

Polish NEW
by: Teta Barb

Look under Bogucice, prior Giesche.


Oct 2022
by: LauraH

I too have a tea set with the B Germany marking and have no idea where it was made. It is brown and orange.

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