Pottery Mark Query - Crown above Letters WC (or W G)

by J. Bittner

Pottery Mark Query - Crown above Letters WC (or W G)

Pottery Mark Query - Crown above Letters WC (or W G)

Pottery Mark Query - Crown above Letters WC (or W G):- Does W C with crown mean Wileman & Co ? This tea set has been in our family at least 80 years. During that time, family has lived mostly in former Czechoslovakia, now Slovakia, but for a short time also in USA. The mark on the bottom of the cups shows W over C bellow a crown which suggests Wileman & Co. However, from what I've found on the web, none of the Wileman & Co marks look similar to this one. If any of you have seen this mark, please give me a clue, whether it really is Wileman & Co or something completely different.


J. Bittner


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To:- Pottery Mark Query - Crown above Letters W C (or W G)

Dear J. Bittner

Goodness gracious me! What have we here?

Well, well, well! I think you may have something of value to collectors. What an unusual set. Very quirky, very pretty and very nice.

Now, you were quite right to equate the crown above a W C monogram device as being associated with Wileman / Foley / Shelly - a very collectable company they have several submissions on this website - which may have brought you here in the first place.

However, you have something possibly even more collectable to the right collector. Even though my area is more UK 20th Century makers, I happen to know your mark is, in fact, not Wileman, but that of W. Goebel of Rodental, Bavaria, Germany. The mark you show is normally associated with a period 1923 to 1949. I am not an expert, so you might need to verify those dates.

I believe you would be advised to get a valuation done from an expert appraiser. I have no idea, but my guess is your set is rare and possible quite valuable. Obviously with their Hummel collectibles, they are a very sought after and popular company.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

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Vares/ pot
by: Anonymous

Hello just thought you might help me I have a varse or plant pot blue and white with the markings crown and shield what looks like the letters wc the pot as got women on and and some kind of metal arms so you can pick up the pot/ varse up could you tell me more about it thank you

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