Pottery Mark Query Double T Double Diamond

by Tina
(East Peoria IL USA)

Violet Double T Diamonds Vanity Set

Violet Double T Diamonds Vanity Set

About 5 years ago my Mother passed leaving me all this wonderful stuff. Mostly dolls but a lot of glass, pottery, etc. too. I have an antique vanity set with porcelain china round tray, matching tall hat pin holder, footed cotton ball holder and exact dish w/o lid. Nippon or Noritake painted style with "Hand Painted / Made in Japan" on bottom in green with Double T's in double diamonds. Painted purple violets, green leaves and with gold rim edges. Background color darker yellow to cream tops.

I would like to know mfg maker name. And is there more to the set? What is conservative value?



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Pottery Mark Query Double T Double Diamond

Hi Tina

I think we can leave this one to one of our resident Japan experts - check below for comments

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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i have this also, what is it, help
by: tina

i was given a teapot and creamer and they marked with the double diamond with t's in them just like yours did you find out anything.

chocolate set dbl. T.
by: c.c

My father got this set of a hand painted scene of a hut by the ocean / sunset. Got then in Japan during the Korean war. Only a pouring pot and lid and 5 ea. Cups n saucers.

Update on query - Is TT Diamond Pottery Mark (aka Double 'T', Japan) Takito?
by: Peter (admin)

Update on query - Is TT Diamond Pottery Mark (aka Double 'T', Japan) Takito?

Note:- Thanks to Jehna (a specialist Japanese collector) on her updates and sharing her research on this mark.

This mark is one of the standard mark of the Japaense company called The Takito Company (1880-1948). Known for lustreware (lusterware) decoration taken originally from the technical developments done at Noritake. They also made moriage wares in the Satsuma style and many other types of tablewares.

The diamond/rectangle pottery mark with the "T-T" mark is found on much of their lustreware production and so likely dates from the 1920' and 30's when this decoration style was fashionable.

The period 1913-1926 is referred to as the Taisho period. The 1930's onwards is the Showa period.

Peter (admin)

I have some Takito too
by: Lynn

I collect the Takito violet pattern and want to know what type of items were manufactured?

other double t marks
by: Tee

I have a couple matching pieces that have the double t mark, but the ts are lower case, more script looking, and without the diamonds. Is this an authentic mark?

double T dbl diamond
by: Anonymous

have what i would call collector plate with this LOGO, plate has japanese woman in traditional sitting position & trad. dress. raised features on rim. is it authentic? where can i find it's worth?

TT double T tea set hand painted
by: Patrick

I also have a 6 place cup, saucer with a tea pot, one double handle small pot with a lid and a small creamer with a pour spout. I think this set was a wedding present for my parents in 1932. They have a water scene with a swan, two trees and a colorful sunset painted on. the painting carries onto the lid of the one with a lid. The saucers are also painted. These have the double T in diamonds which is only visible on some of the pieces. They are so pretty and fragile looking and somehow are still here.

by: Sherry

The company in Japan who made your porcelain piece was the "TAKITO COMANY". The Takito company 1880-1948, is mostly known as one of those specializing on the Lustre ware type of decoration originally developed by the Noritake company but pieces with moriage decoration in Moriage a'la Kyoto Satsuma on porcelain, are also common. Between 1891 to 1921 the products should be marked 'Nippon'. Marks later than 1945 usually comes with the addition of "Made in Occupied Japan ".

Mark: "T T" in two rectangles. Date: probably late 20s to early 1930s when this type of ware was mostly in vougue.

I'd like to get in contact with the person that commented:
by: urmajestyarthur@aol.com

I'd like to contact the person that commented on the china ware with the double T's in rectangles or diamond shapes and stated it may have been given as a wedding present in 1932. We neeed to talk.

by: Sarah Hittson

I have a tea set with the double t's that belong to my husbands Grandmother and would like to know more about it. It is orange and light green with a tree scene and white flowers.

Double diamond double T Lustre ware
by: Laurel

I was given a chocolate set with a rose and a small house in the background. How do I find out what it is worth ?

Dragon Tea Set with Double T/Double Diamond
by: Lori

I have a beautiful hand painted tea set with oriental decoration of blue, orange, brown and gold (not the color), high raised painted dots, and a beautiful iridescent inside (the color of carnival glass). You can see completely through the cups. Sugar bowl, creamer, tea pot and about 6 - 8 cups/saucers. I have read the comments about the maker (very helpful). How can I find out what this is worth?

Azucarera y tetera TT
by: Anonymous

Necesitamos saber precio herencia de Abuela

Translation: We need to know the value of our Grandmother's inheritance

Tea set with Double T
by: Anonymous

Hello, I would like to get in contact with how much my tea set I inherited from Japan. It is a full tea set and is from Takito with the double T print on it. Would like to know how much it is worth and who to contact directly. Thanks,

Same Pattern
by: Heidi

Not certain how old the original posting and comments are. I have the exact pattern of the violets (with same markings on back) as the original post. However, the pieces I have are cups and saucers. They are from my grandmother (location: Upper Midwest). It is thought she had them in the 1930s or earlier. In 2013, I actually found the missing pieces of the set (creamer, sugar cup and plate) in a local antique shop near where my grandparents used to lived. Wondering (hoping) these missing pieces really were from my grandmother's tea set. In any case, I too would like to get more information on this set. Thanks

T T in triangles tea cup
by: Diane

My Grandmother won a tea set when she was a young woman in the 1920's. I would love to get a replacement tea cup. Can anyone help me?

Tt teaset
by: Maria

I have a complete tea set blue and white with a green bird on a Japanese tree branch that i want to sell. I can prove authenticity. My husband's dream is to build a chopper. He has made ALL of my dreams come true.It's his turn for me to help him accomplish his dream. We aren't young chicks anymore. My email is mlarjones@Yahoo.com

1930's Tea set
by: Michael

I have a Tea set with Double T with diamonds around them but the marking is in Red. Does anyone know what the different colors mean? The tea set are hand painted made in Japan. Apple blossoms. Blue in center and tan around the plate.

Tea set
by: Linda

I have a tea set that is orange with a green at the top and gold handles. It has the double T's in diamonds with the words hand painted made in Japan around it. I would like to know more about it and what it may be worth.

by: Cassie

I have a mini condiment set with double TT and SHOFU on one of the pieces who actually made this and what year?

t t marks on purple violets pattern
by: Diane

I would like more pieces of this pattern

Old tea set
by: Anonymous

I have an old tea set with double t’s in diamonds I was wondering if someone could help me and tell if if they are real or not. Thank you

double T double diamond
by: Sabrina

Haven't even checked how old this thread is but I just read that this mark is for the Takita Co.

by: Anonymous

I to have the chocolate dbl T dish set,with the hut,and ocean, and sun set, green, brown, and orange.2 plates, two tea cups, and the tea plates. A creamer,and sugar dish to. If I can get an idea of what they are worth, I would be very grateful. Thank you

Double T in diamonds inked in blue
by: Anonymous

Could you give me more information on my grandmother's porcelain ware. It has the double diamonds with the T stamped in blue. It is handpainted sunset with swans.

Dragon teaset with iredecent blue rings wiyh dragon handles. NEW
by: Wanda

I have a teaset with Red markings, 2 T's inside 2 diamond shapes. It is iredecent bluevwith Dragon handles and Dragon heads on top of lid to teapot and sugar bowl. Was given to me would like to more about and its value.

Pig w/ these symbols NEW
by: Karen

I have a pig about 8-10 inches tall with a little removable top hat. You can fill this china piece and pour from it's mouth. It has the double diamond double T symbol with hand painted made in Japan around the symbol.

Self NEW
by: Melody

My Nippon has a TS in a diamond shape what does it mean

I’m buying THE cutest little birdie pitcher!
by: Cyndi

I’m so glad to have found your site. I love pottery, especially Chinese and Japanese. I just found the cutest bird pitcher that I’m buying on eBay and it’s got the TT in 2 diamonds on the bottom.

I’d appreciate anyone from your site to get in touch with me so I can know more about it rather than just saying it’s cute! 😂

Thanks! I hope someone’s out there!


Lower case double t
by: Deb

I have an adorable mustard jar.
Porcelain with purple flowers and detailed in gold.
Made in Japan
and below it are 2 lower case t's.
Who made this?

Bright blue dinnerware with snowflakes NEW
by: Gail

I have a dish set that includes teacups and saucers, tea pot, creamer, etc. I traced them to this brand. They are hand painted blue with a snow scene and tan on the inside. They belonged to someone in my husband's family, he inherited them years ago. I am getting ready to move and I will take them with me, but just wondering if anyone knows anything about them. they are really cute. Just trying to find out their history. Bright blue, tan inside with a little house and snowflakes. Wish I could attach a photo to share. :)

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