Pottery Mark Query - Figurine With Crossed Swords With a Circle

by Lynne
(Wellington, FL USA)

Pottery Mark Query - Figurine With Crossed Swords With a Circle

Pottery Mark Query - Figurine With Crossed Swords With a Circle

Pottery Mark Query - Figurine With Crossed Swords With a Circle:- Hi, I purchased this 8" figurine of a woman sitting with a basket of grapes on her lap. The mark on the bottom as can be seen in the photo is crossed swords with a circle in the middle of the lower half of the swords and the number 1433.

After reading several inquiries on your site I saw no mention of the crossed swords with the number. Any ideas? Authenticity? Age?
I really appreciate how you so lovingly help us neophytes :-) Thanks in advance for any light you can shed.



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Reply by Peter (admin)

To Pottery Mark Query - Figurine With Crossed Swords With a Circle

Hi Lynne


The answer to this query is the mark os that of HOMCO. A distributor said to be associated with Japanese importer to the US Arnart. See comments section below for more details.

The answer immediately below is my original unedited reply before we knew the answer

Thanks for your interesting query about your figurine with crossed swords with a circle. It would be great to have seen the style of sculpting work on this piece as this tells all about the era it was made and the standard of the artwork. Visitors will get more from me the more photos they send in - you can now send in up to 4.

The photo of the wares is even more important in this case because the mark is not an obvious one i.e. it is not a well documented crossed swords mark from a famous or notable maker as shown in my reference books.

I also checked using the searching resources as outlined in my China Replacement page with no luck so far.

If you want to see a genuine Meissen Lady with basket with a proper Meissen crossed swords mark, look on this page:

The problem with the crossed swords is the fact that fakers use it as well as the good companies. The first class makers use the mark as an 'homage' to Meissen. e.g.:-









Hope this helps. If you upload photos, I will be able to help some more. Look forward to seeing them.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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      of the figurine with Crossed Swords and Circle


      Peter (admin) says:-


      Thanks for the sending in the pics of the Crossed Swords with Circle or 'O' Pottery Mark. I have loaded them at the top above.

      The figurine looks modern (20th Century) in the style of Italian Capodimonte (unglazed). It could be Eastern Europe or Far East in origin. I can't imagine it would be expensive.

      edit 2 weeks later:

      I have discovered the mark to be that of Japanese maker HOMCO - said to be associated with Japanese maker Arnart (see other articles on this site - use the search box to locate).

      Peter (admin)


      by: Poppie711

      My Figure is of a man and Boy fishing. The colors are soft (no glaze). The size is about (7" High X 5" Wide X 3 1/2" deep).


      figurine withe cross swards and circle

      by: Anonymous

      I have a figurine with an old man sitting on a stump that has the same marking with the # 3070 on it and I had a old lady figure that went with it but it got mixed in with some yard sale things and my husband sold it I was wondering if they were of any value does anyone know?

      figurine with cross sword and circle #1401

      by: Anonymous

      i have a woman 9 1/4" with basket and duck. does anyone know if he she is valuable? beautiful soft colors, no shine.

      Guan Yin Figurine

      by: Laura

      My Asian figurine is Guan Yin, white glazed, with 2 crossed swords and a circle in between in black, with the number 1233 stamped or printed next to it. I have been searching for the maker to no avail. Found the statue in a quaint antique shop in New Orleans,LA. I think she is beautiful and would like to know who made her, can anyone help?


      Peter (admin) says

      The mark is that of Japanese maker HOMCO - said to be associated with Japanese maker Arnart (see other articles on this site - use the search box to locate).

      Help with valuations on the following page:-

      Valuations Advice

      HOMCO Figurine #1436 of #1431

      by: Anonymous

      I have a HOMCO figurine with the blue cross swords in the bottom it is a little over 7 inch tall and has the number 1436 or 1431, it is a Man wearing a hat and holding a bird on his right hand, with a chicken at the bottom of his right foot, he is wearing boots and he is wearing a white shirt with kind of orange red vest. He also has a beard very cool and I need to know how I can find value, it belonged to my Godmother.She would be well over 100 now if she was living.


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How would I add another photo?
by: Anonymous

I thought I could only send one picture, is there a way to send another? I have a photo of the figurine itself. I just need to know how. Thanks, Lynne


Reply by Peter (admin)

You can now send in up to 4 photos with one submission, as the technology has now caught up.

Figurine with cross swords and circle
by: Anonymous

Thanks Peter,
I sent a new photo of the figurine.

figurine with crossed swords and 0
by: victoria

I was looking up a couple dog figurines that I purchased that has the same type markings...crossed swords and 0 in the middle and the number 1407. I found the same item for sale and the seller said they were made by Homeco-Home Interiors.

Three piece porcelain figurine set - sword in a circle mark
by: Anonymous

I have a three piece porcelain set with two boys and a girl, that has the sword with the circle in the middle and it has the numbers 5213 on each one... are they worth anything?


moderator says:-

The place to go for values is here:-

The 'Bring in the Experts' antique china and collectibles evaluation page

Crossed Swords with Circle and numbered
by: PS

I too have purchased two figurines. One is a man and the other is a woman. The also have the same marking on the bottom "the crossed swords with the circle" The man has the numbers 1440 under those swords and the woman has 1452. This is something completely new for me and it has become very interesting to find out all about different markings and such.

Homeco-Home Interiors
by: Anonymous

Yes, These are Homco Brand marks. I don't know the year, but I am guessing around 1970's to early 80's. I have the owl set.

crossed swords horizontal with "o".
by: Anonymous

This is on a very nice lake with large swan and 2 little ones. A large thatched roof cottage and barn in the background. Back: crosed swords with "o" and the number 1429 all in blue.

My recent purchase
by: Rosemarie

I recently purchased two statues I will describe herein.
One is of a woman sitting in a chair with a straw hat on her knee. The mark is two crossed swords with and small o and the # 1439.
The other is of a man in a tuxedo carrying a walking stick. He also has two crossed swords with a small 0 and the # 1440.

Can you give me some information on these statues and if possible their value

Thank you


Peter (admin) comment:-

Hi Rosemarie

Only certain submissions are selected for publishing.

In order for new submissions from site visitors to be passed for publishing, they have to be of a certain length (if not, the whole website gets downgraded under Google's new rules for having 'thin content').

Also, the actual query must not have been answered in previous submissions on the site, as this, according to the new Google search rules, counts as ‘in-house’ duplicate content which also severely hampers the site’s search ranking.

If we don’t feature in Google’s top 10, we don’t get the people to answer our mystery queries (the ones my books don’t show and cause severe Google burn-out symptoms when trying to find online!).

We have had some MASSIVE successes in this area recently and I am soooo grateful to our readership.

So, in the past couple of months I have had to go through and re-write 1000 pages of previously published queries to make sure they passed Google's new rules of webspam (thin content).

This has meant I have not been able to look at the new submissions and there is now a massive backlog of new pottery mark queries waiting in a queue to be looked at.

Thanks for your understanding and patience - but I will get there in the end, I can assure you.

Peter (admin)

XX mark
by: Irish

Hithe cross or x marks in a figurine is Meessen. If you search Meissen marks you will find all the marks they have. Its made in germany and very old figurines. Goodluck

1981 HOMCO Figurine #1433
by: Lynn

I found this site helpful in identifying this statue I just purchased of an peasant woman holding a basket of fruit. It has the usual mark of two swords with an "o" nestled between them as well as numbers 1433. The sticker on the bottom says Made in Taiwan. I noticed in the photo that was submitted that the number four is written differently than the four on my figurine. The numbers on the bottom of mine look stamped and the four is the style one finds on the computer, 4, instead of the version in the photo.
Is mine a reproduction perhaps? Thanks for your input and having this site Pete!! And my hats off to you for reentering all those past queries to meet googles' limits.
Thanks, Lynn

Not reproduction, just a marking variation
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Lynn

Thanks for your comments, nice to know the feedback. The rewriting really swamped me, as this isn't my day job, as you probably know. So I'm still trying to catch up with the new submissions (about 300 waiting!). Plus Google are still down-ranking the site for reasons unknown to me. I thought we were doing exactly what Google wants - free information, really useful to thousands upon thousands of searchers :-(

I think your mark sounds like HOMCO/ARNART, just a variation of a mark from a slightly earlier or later time period (where they invested in new tooling, or used a different factory).

Peter (admin)

crossed swords with a circle
by: Hal

crossed swords with a circle Numbered 1401.
I have an unglazed figurine 10" tall of a woman with a basket of fruit and a rooster at her feet standing if front of a tree stump. Can anyone give more info on it? Thanks, Hal.

8" man figurine with crossed swords & circle #1433
by: Anonymous

I have an 8" figurine of a man sitting on a stump with a shovel in the grass placed between his legs. the mark is also the crossed swords with the circle between the blades and #1433. Curious about the maker and value.

What is this mark
by: Robert

Hi, I have a 15" tall white bisque lidded urn with cherubs and a lot of decoration on it. No color at all. There is a mark on the bottom of either an x or crossed swords with an s on top. Can anyone tell me what this? Thanks so much. The mark is indented.

12 inch high woman with #1436 or1426
by: Marty

Figurine is white,woman seems Asian,her right arm seems be holding a large stemed leaf. ,she has a beaded neckless,some type of headdress,each shoulder has some type of rounded robe straps with a halfmoon hole in each with a long draped robe,she stands on a pedestal with what looks like two flat flowers or leaves,one small ball like flower or Bud and other unknown designs among the flowers,Bud or leaves.The large leaf with stem she is holding and flowers and leaves seem to have been applied separate from the main figurine She also has a dress which reaches down to her feet with toes of one foot showing.The pedestal is also attached separately.

Crossed Swords w/circle #8921
by: Roseann

I also have a figurine with this unusual marking. Happy to find out it is the marking for Homco. It's been mistaken for a LLadro figurine. My figurine appears to represent the Holy family. "Mary" is sitting and holding a toddler size "Jesus" sitting in her lap. "Joseph" is standing next to them gazing down at them and holding a "staff". Muted blue, gray, and off white coloring with a shining glaze. It's quite pretty.

Identify trade mark
by: Anonymous

Can you tell me if the crossed swords with three eights and a one. Are Homco?
I have two statues. One of a young boy and the other a girl, both dressed like peasants. Looks like he is holding stalks of wheat. Would be happy to send photos, but don't see how I can send them. Thanks

Whats this
by: Adam

I have the girl with a basketof flowers in one hand and holding flowers in her hand the inprint is a circle and two crossed swords with numbers 1436 and in between the swords is a0 what is it

8 - 805. What is the worth
by: Teresa

I have found a figurine of a woman with grapes on the bottom is two Crossed Swords with a circle and a number 8 - 808 could you please advise me as the value

Porcelain Figues
by: Maria

I found a glazed piece with Maty Joseph and Baby Jesus sitting in Mary's lap. It also has the cross swords and an o with the number 8921, can you give me more information? ThankYou!!!!!

But Homco figures not necessarily made in Japan
by: Anonymous

Correct? One comment states that Homeco equates with Japan, but it doesn't from what I have read.

Homeco, aka Home Interior and Gifts, was started by Mary C. Crowley, in the late 1950's?

I have the porcelain figurine woman 1433. I would like to know in which country it was made, but I enjoy this figurine very much, regardless. The detailing is very fine. The porcelain - and it is porcelain, is it not? - and not ceramic - in any event, very beautiful work, and lovely expression.

Questions about value of ceramic dogs
by: Anonymous

How/where can I send pics of two vintage ceramic dog sets that I have? Thank you.

Christmas's ornaments NEW
by: Anonymous

I have two figurines that appear to be two bears one is holding a white sack and has on a red coat and large red hat the other one is holding a candy cane and is wearing a red coat and Santa hat they both have the sticker of homco made in Taiwan and the mark of 5609 above two crossed swords with the zero between their blades please send me an email about them r worth to barclayida5@gmail.com thank you

Also have figurines with these markings NEW
by: Randi Lyn

I have a few with the cross circle and numbered. Also a few with just WB stamped on them. I’ll post them separately. All made in China, Taiwan and japan.

Figurine with crossed swords with a circle NEW
by: JEB

I have two figurines, both 8 inches tall.
They are of old farmers. Man with a squirrel and the woman has a basket and a bunny.

The markings are: Crossed swords with circle and 1409.
Any information about these pieces will be helpful.

The age of the items, who make them, what country and hopefully the value of the two.

I receive these as a gift a few years ago.


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