Pottery Mark Query - Foreign Writing With Factory and Chimneys

by Nancy Chester
(Gold Beach, Oregon)

Pottery Mark Query - Foreign Writing With Factory and Chimneys

Pottery Mark Query - Foreign Writing With Factory and Chimneys

Pottery Mark Query - Foreign Writing With Factory and Chimneys:- I have had this vase/bowl for at least 25 years. It was given to me by my uncle and I remember it in his apartment in San Francisco Calif, as a little girl. Unfortunately he passed away before I thought to ask him about it. He traveled quite extensively and I assume he purchased it on one of his travels.

I have searched but have had no luck identifying the origin of the vase / bowl nor do I have any idea of it's value. Regardless of it's monitary value, it is worth alot to me because it was from a wonderful and caring uncle. I would love to be able to pass this on to one of my children along with any information I can get. I hope you are able to help me or give me some direction in getting some information.

Your site is a wealth of information for many people and I am hoping you can help me.

Thanking you in advance,

Nancy Chester

Gold Beach, Oregon


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Zsolnay Pécs Bowl
by: Blake

Dear Nancy, Your Uncle had an exceptional eye for Art Porcelain. Your bowl was made by Zsolnay of Pécs, Hungary. In 1865 Vilmos Zsolnay took over the running of a clay pit from his older brother, Ignác Zsolnay, and began the manufacturing of ceramics. The medieval name of Pécs was "Five Churches" which are the buildings you see in the mark on your bowl. According to the book "Zsolnay Ceramics: Collecting a Culture" by Federico Santi & John Gacher, the mark on your bowl is known as "Five Churches and Family Initials" and was designed by Júlia Sikorski, the daughter of Vilmos, probably for the factory's debut showing at the 1878 Paris Exhibition where the Zsolnay factory was awarded a gold medal. The mark includes the initials of the first name of the three children of Vilmos most heavily involved in the running of the factory at that time. To the left of the churches the mark reads Zsolnay over Pécs and to the right are the initials T.J.M.: T. standing for Térez, Júlia's sister, J. for Júlia and M. for their brother Miklós. The mark remained in use from 1878 to 1900. Usually there are also 3 or 4 impressed numbers called "form numbers" which indicate the date of the original release of the piece. (The numbers tell only the year the piece was released not the actual date of the object as the numbers were used on the piece for as many years as it remained in production. I can't see any impressed numbers in your photographs, however, there were also painted "decor numbers" which were used sporadically and do, according to the book, indicate a date. There appears to be a "71" decor number on your bowl.
To find specific information about your bowl I need to know if there are any impressed numbers, if the painted mark does indeed appear to be a "71" and the measurements of the bowl; including it's height and approximate diameter.
Many early pieces such as yours were given line or pattern names based on their decoration. Hungary had been under Turkish rule for 150 years prior to this period so much of the early Zsolnay has decoration heavily influenced by Turkish art.
I am going to contact some experts on Zsolnay to get their thoughts on the decoration as it is often key to dating Zsolnay as well as to valuing a specific piece such as your bowl. I would really like to have the information on any other possible marks and the measurements when I contact them as they are also crucial to identification and valuing.
You have a very beautiful & valuable bowl and it has been a pleasure researching what little I have been able to so far. I look forward to your reply and learning more about this wonderful bowl.

Sincerely yours, Blake

additional information on bowl
by: nancy chester

First of all, I would like to thank you for all the information you gave me so far and I hope the following information will give you the information you need for a definite identification of my bowl. The painted number on the bottom of the bowl appears to be a "71" and I can barely make out three numbers on the bottom of the bowl. I used a jeweler’s loop and saw a “519”. Directly above the imprinted number there are imprinted words “Zsolnay” and “Pecs”.
The bowl measures approx 9” across and is approx 4 ½ tall at it’s highest point. I would also like to know if you feel this particular bowl should be insured and if so, what should I insure it for?
Again, thank you so much for all your research and I look forward to hearing from you again.
Nancy Chester

same markings that nancy has
by: julie

hello, i was just reading about Nancy's bowl with the chimney's (5 churches) and i have the same marking's on my (I believe it is a planter pot) but mine is 4 feet round by 1 foot 4 inches high.
same marking's but about 9 inches away from the pottery mark is the number 38 in the same color blue as the marking, but underneath the marking is the number 2 painted in gold. Could you help me with this. I would appreciate it.

Zsolnay Pécs - 5 Smoking Factory Chimneys on Blue Pottery Mark
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Julie

As Blake helpfully pointed out above, the mark is identified as that of Zsolnay Pécs of Hungary.

Not sure what further help you require from this public forum, but more detailed reports which include value are available via this page:-

The ”Bring in the Experts” antique china and collectibles evaluation page

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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