Pottery mark query - Gold crown with no other marks

by Somer
(Dallas, TX)

the crown stamp on the bottom

the crown stamp on the bottom

My very much beloved Grandmother willed me a tea set. It's tiny and delicate, and has gold all over a lovely iridescent glaze.

I've looked all over trying to identify who made it. I don't want to sell it, and don't care to appraise it (it's priceless to me). I would like to find the maker so I can replace the lid to the sugar bowl, which is the only missing piece. My grandmother told me this was given to her on her wedding day, and she got so nervous holding it that she dropped the little sugar lid and broke it.

I'd very much like to complete the set and display it. Have you ever seen this crown before? I'm sorry my photo isn't clearer, but it's similar to the Wild Bros. crown in shape, but is stamped on the back in gold. There are no other identifying letters or designs, so I'm pretty stumped. I've also included a picture of the tea pot itself.



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Peter (admin) says:-


Read the comments below as Somer commissioned an report on her wares and has generously shared it on this forum. The expert was unable to identify the studio, but was of the opinion this was mid 20th century cabinet ware from Germany rather than being 20th Century Far East manufacture.

Subsequently, following clues given by contributors to this thread I have been able to write up a report below which concludes that we are talking about two different makers marks here, using a single crown on similarly themed cabinet style tea sets. One of which is Gräfenthal, East Germany post 1972 and the other is from Japan from the 1950's - 60's. See my report below for more details.

Peter (admin)

For general free advice on how to research your collection, I wrote these pages:

My vintage and antique china values page

value of antiques.

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teaset info - Gold crown with no other marks - comment
by: Samantha

I have a tea set with this exact same mark on the bottom. The teapot, sugar, creamer and saucer have the mark however the cups do not they have a geisha girl lithograph in the bottom. I am fruitless in finding anything on my set. i have been researching now for eight months and nothing if you have found who the maker is or any info on it will you please contact me.... in the comments section below ....i would greatly appreciate it.

Need a Better Photo for Gold Crown Mark & Wares
by: Blake

If any of you with this tea set could post a better picture of the crown it would be much easier to attempt to identify.

Yours, Blake

{EDIT:- For instructions on how to add photos see comment by Peter (admin) couple of comments below.}

Tea Sets With Single Gold Crown Pottery Mark
by: Lori

I have the same tea set. I bought it 30 years ago at an antique shop in Houston, Texas. I am very interested in finding out more information on the set. Mine too has the Geisha girl in the cups. You can contact me by writing on this comments thread.



Mystery Gold Crown Mark on Tea Sets
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Guys

This is becoming a nice little thread with a few followers - so it's time to get going and find the mystery maker for this particular gold crown backstamp.

I have a sneaky feeling who this might be (amongst the hundreds of crown marks which proliferate from lots of different makers all over the world) BUT!!****** I need photos from a many of you as possible.

Here's what to do:-

- Send me the pics to my direct email

- Put the following in the subject title of your email to me so as I know where the pics are for 'Gold Crown With No Other Marks'

- send the email to


- I will add the pics to your individual posts

- We will hopefully have a solution for all of you and also a great reference for other visitors who Google the same query

Thanks in advance

Peter (admin)

I Sent Peter Photos of Gold Crown Mark and Wares
by: Somer

Hi everyone. I've sent better (I hope) photos to Peter. My set doesn't have geisha though. All the pieces are stamped with that crown (4 tiny teacups, saucers, teapot, sugar bowl, and creamer), and all have a courting couple design over the iridescent glaze.

Very exciting!!

I have that same set as well!
by: Leslie

I also have the mini set - teacups saucers, teapot, sugar and creamer with the courting couple on the front -- trimmed out in 24K gold and stamped with the Gold Crown stamp on the bottom of each piece. The finish is an iridescent finish and I purchased the set from an antique store in Florida. I would very much like to know about the Crown Stamp and what it is worth. Does anyone know?

Thank you so much to everyone for your help.

what Peter found for me
by: Somer

Hi Leslie!!! First off, I'm really excited you found this set somewhere. My set is missing 1 piece, and if you still know the shop you got yours from, I'd be very interested to know the name so I could maybe call them and see if they could find that piece for me!!

Here's the report:
A German Or Austrian Porcelain Tea Service

Item Date: Mid 20th Century

Our expert's market report:
This service would appear to be European (Austrian or German) rather than Japanese export (studio unclassified), and from the period either side of the second world war. Interesting as family history, but transfer printed services of this type very are difficult to sell at auction at the moment, and many remain unsold at auctions. Replacement value equates to what you might see these services for sale at top retail prices and might be considered optimistic.

Estimated Replacement Value: Up to $100 USD

I hope you find this as interesting as I did! And again, please let me know if you have any info on the shop where you found it. I've been trying to find a lid for the sugar bowl for years.

Willing to Sell Gold Crown Set
by: Leslie

Hi Somer!

I just sent my photos of the china with the Gold Crown stamp to Peter in hopes of getting an appraisal / value / history for my set. Thank you for sharing the information you received! Once I have my research on pricing done, I would be willing to sell you the set (if ours do indeed match) but I don't want to break it up. The antique store I purchased the set from is "Antiques for You" in Orange Park, FL and they are located on Blanding Boulevard. I visit the store frequently and have not seen another set like the one I purchased. I bought it a few years ago and it was the only one like it in the store. I would be happy to send you the photos I have of my set so you can determine if our sets are the same. I hate to let mine go but I am out of a job at the present time and I am dipping into my collection of antiques to make extra cash. If our sets are the same, I would certainly be willing to make you a good deal! Just let me know if you would like to see the pics! Have a good evening,


by: somer

Leslie, please do send me the photos. My email is azzy23 at earthlink dot net (just replace the important bits with symbols).

I have a set that is the same
by: Barbara

it also has the sticker that says AA import co, St Louis, MO.

gold crown mark
by: Anonymous

was anyone able to identify this mark? I just ran across this site while doing some research on a cup and saucer set I have. iridescent with gold trim, colonial couple on decal in front of cup. cup has the backstamp, saucer doesn't.

Gold Crown Stamp
by: Mel

I am also trying to find the maker of these tea sets. I have Tea Pot, creamer, sugar bowl and 6 cups with saucers. Mine have a "royal" looking couple on them, gold trim, and are also irredescent. I see that several people found theirs in Florida, and that is where I found mine as well. I hope someone can track down the value!!

Same set in California
by: Mary

I have the very same demitasse tea service.
It simply has a gold crown on the bottom of every piece. I received this as a wedding present thirty two years ago in California from a relative who purchased it from local antique store. The gold and irridesence is beautiful but transfer of colonial couple is not very good quality. Because of this appears to be from the 1950's as said above - would love to know more about maker....thanks for everyone's input!

Hi, Somer again
by: Somer

I'm actually trying to find the exact set I have because it's missing the lid to the sugar pot. If anyone wants to send me pictures of their set (since my pictures were sooo bad), feel free to do so at azzy23 at earthlink dot net. I'll take a better picture of mine tonight, since we finally got the shelves up and are able to display the set.


Same tea set with the Crown Logo
by: Barb

I received the same tea set as a gift in the early 80's. I've never used it and its in perfect condition. I would be interested to know it's value. Barbie0306@yahoo.com

Solo Crown on Porcelain Cabinetware Tea Set
by: Michelle

solo crown mark on cabinet porcelain ware

Is this the tea set everyone is referring to? If not, do you have any info on this tea set? I bought mine at an estate sale in OK 15 years ago, I was told it had been in family for 75 years. I have 6 cups & saucers, creamer, sugar bowl with lid, and tea pot with lid. I am looking to sell...before it gets broken :)

Thank you for your time,




Peter (admin) says:-

Many thanks for the photos Michelle, nice and clear. See Somer's published expert report above for and idea of retail value. Auction value would be less (perhaps half).

tea set
by: Mel

My set appears to be the same set as Michelle has pictured. The couple in my applique seems to be a little clearer unless thats just picture quality. I am VERY INTERESTED IN SELLING MY SET. If anyone is interested in buying it please contact me at nowitsyours917@gmail.com

I have this tea set too!
by: Therese

It was bought in Japan when my mum was a little girl, the 70s I think, although I'm not sure how old it actually is. It has the gold crown and 'fine porcelain' on the bottom, nothing else. I'll try email photos soon =]

I've also found links to sets that look a lot like mine, in case they're of use to anyone.




Gold crown with no other marks-
by: Brenda

So glad to finally find a common thread to help identify a porcelian tea set that I was given in the 80's. All of the comments describe mine. I have searched endlessly and found nothing to help me place a timeline or value on these beautiful pieces! The first crown posted matches mine. I have a complete set with cups & saucers in ruby with gold trim. The other is only teapot with creamer/sugar bowls and it is simply iridescent! Thanks for the info!

Same Gold Crown
by: Erin

I know this thread is probably really old but I just want people to know that I also have that same gold crown on my teapot.



if you know anything about the mark, Please let me know

Tea set same as the Pics that Somer submitted
by: Novariders

Just wondering if anyone found out any more details on the origin/manufacturer of this tea set. I purchased one in excellent condition at an auction this week. Please post or email nivariders@yahoo.com

Single crown, no initials
by: Anonymous

I agree that it seems to be German - a similar mark of a solitary crown is displayed near the middle of this page,


only in green. If you read the 'marks notes' paragraph just above the photos of the backstamps, it explains why/when. Hope this helps!

by: Anonymous

my tea set is similar to your pictures but the picture is different and each piece is numbered.

Gold Crown mark
by: Sally

I have a teaset with the same features of the German teaset mentioned with the gold crown on each piece and the gold handles. Only difference is the people are old colonial style courting couple, her dress is red and blue top, his is all Red. would like to know what this china is. I have had it for 35 years.

Gold crown
by: Marsha

I had a gold tea set with the single gold crown on it, the trade mark was from Crown Potteries Co, in Evansville Indiana, 1891- 1955. I am looking for another one like it, it was 17 piece gold with victorian couple on all but the saucers. If you know where I can get one I would be greatful . You can contact me on FB . Marsha Funderburk , camden Ar.

Gold Crown
by: Anonymous

Does anybody know who the maker is for this? I currently have an entire tea set with the same gold crown marking on 1 piece.

by: Anonymous

I also have this set has anyone found more info?


almost the same except
by: Anonymous

I have exact picture and emblem


except mine is not green and slimer in design.

Is this from Indiana company that went out of business?

My Mom has the full set
by: Lisa

She has a 6 piece set complete with sugar and creanee set. If anyone knows it's value, please email me at lpage1516@hotmail.com

Victorian George and Martha
by: Lynda

When I bought my set it was called victorian George and Martha it also has only a gold croqwn stamp with no other markers or identifiers. I do not have any cups with mine and would be interested in buying some if the price is right. the set has a burgandy stripe around the top of the teapot, cream and sugar.

Search for sugar bowl lid
by: Anonymous

My mother has the same exact tea set (17 pc)... On the bottom of her tea pot reads A.A Importing Co. St Louis, Mo. Made in Japan It also has the gold crown on the bottom.

Tea Set
by: Chestnut

I recently found a similar tea set. It has a Gold crown on the bottom, but has roses instead of the Geisha or colonial couple. Can you tell me anything about this set?

is this it?
by: Anonymous


i found this listing on etsy; i have this and have been searching for that gold crown mark for some time! She gives a very nice little description and i think this set was made approx 1900-1909. :)


I have a similar set. It has two figures. A boy (young man) and a girl (young woman) in what appear to be an outside garden. They are dressed in what looks like early Colonial or period English nickers and a long flowing skirts. They are standing beside a column of some sort. That part is a label applied over the glazing. THERE IS A CROWN ON THE BOTTOM BUT THERE IS ALSO A 4 AND AN X IMMEDIATELY BELOW HE CROWN. Do I need to move this comment to another thread? I have service for 6. Need 3 saucers and a lid for either the sugar bowl or tea pot because the lid I have fits the sugar bowl perfectly but it has no opening for a spoon handle. It will sit upon the tea pot but it fits on top of the lip, does not fit tight and it wobbles. I'll take pics and sent for help with further identification. It is ok to use my email pj44870 @(AT) yahoo.com. for correspondence.

I have the seventeen piece rose set with crown mark on each piece.
by: Knox

Someone please tell me a roundabout year and maker for the rose iridescent 17 piece set with single crown mark on bottom of each piece.


Let's Solve this Crown Mark Mystery

by: Peter (admin)

Hi All

This thread is interesting but, I have let it slip into a little bit of chaos (interesting chaos though). Time for me to muscle in and reach some conclusions based on the evidence sent in by all your contributions.

Somer's slightly burry original photos haven't helped matters, so Stacey Ellis kindly sent me her much clearer pics . . .


So now it's all coming crystal clear to me....

I believe we are dealing with two distinct crown marks from two different origins, on (kind of) similar cabinet ware tea sets.

I think some people, like our first commenter Samantha, have even got mix and match sets where the two makes are so similar at first glance they can be substituted for one another.

One maker (see Stacey's photos above and also Somer's original blurry ones and also Knox's photos above) is German. I believe this is likely to be German, Gräfenthal post 1972.

The other is Japanese from c. the 1960's (the ones with the Geisha in lithographed the base) like these:-


The ones with the AA import Co stickers could be on either source, Japan or Germany because, as we discuss on a thread elsewhere, this AA imports firm imported from various sources, but we don't know yet quite where as we can't find much on them.

In fact, it may be that this firm is responsible for developing these cabinet style teasets, sourcing them from both East Germany and Japan over a period of the 1950's - 1970's. It wasn't until 1972 when they could switch the source from Japan to East Germany when the communist regime decided to sanction exports to the West.

We will never know too much about the Japanese firm, but we might know who at least one of the German sources might be.

In 1972 within the East German communist state (GDR), Carl Scheidig was merged into the Gräfenthal Group along with the other splendid old factory Wagner & Apel. What had happened was interesting. Once the GDR state formed post-war in 1949, the idealistic communists leaders of the state had decided they didn't need exports to the enemy states of the West (the Cold War had begun). So as a result, the very fine and historic porcelain factories like Sheidig and W & A were allowed only to export to fellow communist and Soviet countries. By 1972, the politicians had changed their minds, realising their utopian ideals in the cold light of day were somewhat falling short. They were a few export dollars short of a proper economy, so to speak. In a terrific hunt for exports, they geared up their jewels in the crown to make lots of porcelain tea sets for export. They used a variation of the crown stamp of Wagner & Apel to stamp the bottom. The porcelain factories were finally being geared to maximize export output.

So to conclude, personally, I don't think it would be inaccurate to describe these sets a being made by Gräfenthal post 1972.

Therefore, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to also identify the self-same wares marked only with a gold 'foreign' stamp as also being from the same source, Grafenthal.


Hope this post has cleared this up.

So, to conclude, the single gold crown is a classic cabinet style tea service imported by AA Imports in the mid to late 20th century and sourced both from Grafenthal in East Germany and also Japan. These items might be marked with a gold crown, or just the word 'foreign'.

Bear in mind that, just to confuse matter more, we have yet another thread on this site which discusses other similar cabinet style sets which also have a single gold crown (a bit different again from the two above) - but we know these to have been imported by Arnart, an importer promoting Japanese wares, often with slightly dubious fake labels, who I presume were a different company to AA Imports.

Peter (admin)


I just sent an email at your request to your email addy with pics of my "crown" tea set. You can reach me at pj44870@yahoo.com or JACQUELINE BORSICK-WELLING on Facebook. Happy tea time!

by: Terry

I have that exact set with the gold crown and it also has an AA Importing company... Made in Japan sticker on them...

Exact same set
by: Teri

I have this exact set minus 5 dinner plates and the only difference is below the gold crown on back, mine is stamped Japan. So from what I read on this thread, yours is like mine probably from 50's or 60's. One clue would be to find out what year your grandmother got married in. You know it's at least that old.

Tea set
by: Anonymous

I was also willed this complete tea set thanks soooooo much for all the info remarkable how we can find out all we need to know with the push of a button lol!!!

Gold Crown with no other marks
by: Anonymous

The photos of the tea set that Stacy sent to you I have the exact same set. I have the full set.

Found whole set with same crown got pics need sold!
by: Samuel

Found whole set with same crown got pics need sold! Not sure value can someone please help?

Somers tea set
by: Robert Bearse

Contact me at 3614242705 or email eudaimonia.bb@gmail.com or write me 131 east pryor ave, aransas pass texas ,78336 I recently came across a similar set and was trying to find it's value for the last couple days. It's the same as the others just more purple and I have the couple like Somer. I'll try to send pictures.

Can you help? NEW
by: Trish

I have a horse & carriage which belonged to my mum & dad. Just wondered does anyone recognise this stamp, although I can’t work out how to put a photo on here?

Tea Set with Gold Crown NEW
by: Pamela

July 1, 2018: I also have this tea set (like Somer), purchased at a resale/consignment shop in Houston, TX between 1993-1995. One of the early posts says she also purchased her set in Houston. Another post is from Port A, TX. I find it interesting to have several people in Texas. I don't have anything to add, but have enjoyed reading the thread and appreciate all of the information that you all have provided! Thank you, Peter, for the time you've put into this. Does anyone know when the thread started? I didn't see a date anywhere. Just curious.

Gold Crown + JAPAN mark tea set NEW
by: Barb

Just came upon my husband's mother's tea set that is very similar to all mentioned in this thread. I only saw one other person write having the CROWN + JAPAN mark. Does this marking make it any more valuable since it clearly is from Japan. It's a colonial type couple, not Geisha.

Gold Crown Porcelain NEW
by: Anonymous

Just letting everyone know I have the milk jug in this pattern - gold trim and want to sell
Stamped on the bottom'Gold Crown Brand'then the emblem and the words 'Fine China Japan'
Email nevandchris83@gmail.com if interested. I too have searched and searched for the answer on information on this china so I found the thread very interesting. Chris

Pearl swirl gold trimmed teaset
by: Megan

I have the full set!! 9367038481

Gold crown with no Mark's gold trimmed pearl
by: Philly

I have full set with plates plz contact me 9367038481

Full set NEW
by: dana

I have a full set of the colonial couple from Germany for sale. Must sell ASAP — 203-558-9829

i have the same set ! willing to sell NEW
by: kelly st louis

i have the same set pearly pastel coloring,gold tri, man and woman. german crown stamp. tea pot sugar creamer, 5 cups and saucers. please call asap!
need to sell!
anyone get a value ??

Gold Crown Symbol no other markings
by: Corrie

Hello I recently purchased a small teapot iridescent with gold detailing with a couple maybe English or French the girl has a blue top pink skirt on the bottom there is a symbol of a crown with maybe crosses in it . I am wondering about the estimated value of this teapot it is in excellent condition no chips no cracks no signs of wear also any information I could get about this little teapot I’m looking to sell it thank you I can be reached at MsCorrieMills At gmail dot com Thank Yoy

Gold trimmed tea set NEW
by: Anonymous

I have this set except mine have numbers below the crown and blue lids. If interested or have any info on this text me at 8122768945

Crown w 3 crosses only
by: Susan

This is the ONLY site I have found this mark on. I have hunted and hunted. I only have 6 cup saucers but am very interested in finding out info. The saucers have japenese buildings, trees and m's for birds. They are gold and the plates have a pearl finish. Thank you

Another mistery NEW
by: Mirella

Hello! May I have Facebook or e mail of Peter. I cant post here intetesting photos abiti this mark. Thanks

I have the complete set NEW
by: Carol

I have the complete set with the woman in a pink skirt and blue shirt. If anyone need replacement pieces they can have the whole set. You pay the shipping. Email me at cgeehring@ gmail.com

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