Pottery Mark Query - Impressed Beehive With 1539 Date

by Barry Shuttleworth

I have a small - 2.75''high x 1.75''wide x 1.75'' deep - pottery container with CHA printed on it. It also has blue glazing which can be seen in the photo. On the bottom is the date Dec:1539. and a shield with 2 horizontal lines across. Wondered who made it.




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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Pottery Mark Query - Impressed Beehive With 1539 Date

Hi Barry

Thanks for sharing your Beehive 1539 pottery mark.

The Beehive mark is a much copied mark, only ironically, the original is not a beehive at all, but the shield mark of Royal Vienna. The imitators mistook it for a beehive and tended to stamp it upside-down.

I have no idea what the date Dec 1539 refers to, but it may be a significant date for the city of Vienna. 1744 is the date the Royal Porcelain Manufactory of Vienna began production, closing in 1864. Their wares are priceless museum items.

Many makers in Austria, Germany, Japan and the Far east produced Royal Vienna type pottery and my guess is your maker is one of those.... complete with the original 'beehive' mark.... der!

Let's hope someone else comes across this listing who knows a bit more than me.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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pottery container
by: Anonymous

Your pottery container was produced by Waechtersbach in Germany. It dates back to 1905-1910. "Dec." is not a date, it stands for "decor-number". btw: the mark is not a beehive but the ysenburg emblem. simply search for "ysenburg wappen" on google and you will see.

I collect this set
by: Judy

Hi. It is by Waechtersbach. Dec 1539 is the design ID, not a date. I collect this set. Is it for sale?

Possable Waechtersbach
by: jacquie

I also have a ceramic box which is cream with orange or tan design it is 5" high and about 6" long by 5" wide with the same mark its design mark is 7351 it also has in blue design 2923 and below that 18 it has a lid which is trimmed with metal a metal handle and a metal fastening it has a Edwardian look but I could be wrong.
Any information would be nice
Thank You

Wachtersbach bowl
by: Anonymous

I have a large white ceramic bowl with date on the bottom Dec:1827. There is also the blue and white shield imprinted under the name. Bowl has rows of black dots coming from base up to top edge. There are also gold moon shapes painted around the edge between the rows of dots. Width across top is 17inches or 43.5 cent.
Is anyone able to give me any info on this bowl lease?

Champagne coaster (?) with mystery mark of KZM/0 and Impressed Vienna Shield or Beehive with no 53
by: Elizabeth Bowen

Champagne coaster (?) with mystery mark of KZM/0 and Impressed Vienna Shield or Beehive with no 53

Hi All

I love a puzzle ...! A wine or champagne coaster with a ceramic tile base. Bought at a local charity shop recently, mostly to identify the back stamp, which I thought would be easy!!! The rail of the coaster was silver plate, but now worn away. Still, I thought the tile was pretty enough to use for another project. I would love to know who made it.


Best regards


Vienna Shield with KZM mark on ceramic coaster
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Elizabeth

Whoever made it, I can see this is a really wonderful piece of art pottery. I cant find reference to who KZM might be at the moment. If anyone else knows this, please post.

I so love the delicacy of the artwork, modelling and decoration. It has the Vienna shield impressed stamp which although not one of the marks normally associated with the original factory, may well be Bohemian and antique - such is the finesse of the work and the quality of the markings themselves.

I think if an expert were to confirm this as genuine antique Bohemian art pottery it may have a nice little value to it perhaps.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Vienna tile
by: Elizabeth Bowen

Thank you so much for your help, it is very much appreciated .....All I need to do now is find the tile again ..... It's around here somewhere !!!

Beehive Mark Query
by: By: Laurie, Jacksonville, NC, USA


Up from the rabbit hole. Hello I am Laurie. Basically I started collecting platters years ago because I didn't want to bring my dishes to the neighborhood yard parties, then I ended up looking up a set of glasses my neighbour bought and that lead me to looking up the platters and now I've found your website.

Before I retired part of my job entailed..."the specifications call for this, we don't know what it is, no one is providing a price for it. Find it"..one thing would lead to another and so naturally here I am..After I retired I ended up doing the same thing on an unrelated subject so I'm guessing it's just natural to want to know. On a lighter note this realm shares and solves. In my travels I have found several pieces that have found there way into the mystery zone.

Today I offer this platter which is white with gold trim and is decorated with gold roses, there is black inlay within the roses.

On the back by one handle 3351 is imprinted under the glaze.

In addition is the back stamp which is blue and looks like a barber's shop pole. I have researched the bee hive and noted that the shield can vary which lead me to the bindenschild Mark.

I purchased this piece in CALIFORNIA at a yard sale which was a down sizing of belongings from and elderly ladies belongings. Most of her items were Bavarian..

Back to the Mark..it's blurry..we have placed various magnifying glasses over it, on it, by it..reflected light near it..to no avail..there is also a 52 under the mark.

I have found a potential pattern match 191 fine china, Gold Rose pattern, Schonwald German...however the back stamps don't match so possibly one is a copy of the other or the factory changed hands? Each time we think we have a spelling nothing turns up.

Once I find out more about it I might consider selling it, but I don't want to misrepresent an item..

Back down the rabbit hole...any insight would be appreciated....Thank you for your time and efforts


Dutch China collections
by: Marty

How can I post a picture of my China piece to get information?

Fish bowl
by: Fanny

Hi I also have one of this porcelains marked Dec 1539 there are more markings but all I can read is Germany in, has the shape of a fish it’s deep and the bottom of the ball you have the fish painted in blue, can someone help on this.

square pot NEW
by: Alan R

I also have one of these for sale.

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