Pottery Mark Query JW WEBSTER

by Bill
(Tacoma, Wa )

Pottery Mark Query JW WEBSTER

Pottery Mark Query JW WEBSTER

Pottery Mark Query JW WEBSTER:- Grandfather was a rhododendron nut when they were first brought over to the US. This was obviously his.

The mug has a picture of a Rhododendron Macrophyllum double truss in bloom, below it are the words of a song, "Thy sons oh Washington be-loved lift up lift up their heads in pride". On the back is a single half opened truss with the word "Washington" along one leaf. The leaves are green and the truss is pink. There is gilt on the mug rim, handle and on the bottom

Bottom of mug reads:

No. 42
J.W. Webster
Bone China
Made in

I Googled JW WEBSTER in every way I could think of and get nothing!



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Pottery Mark Query JW WEBSTER

Hi Bill

J W Webster is not a known English maker, so no idea about this cup, sorry. Very interesting story though.

Hope someone can identify this pottery mark.

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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j w webster
by: Anonymous

I too found some of this makers tea cups and saucers- nevada, idaho, and kansas. I haven't found any other website but yours that even mentions the set. It seems to be an american state series. Located my 3 in an antique shop in glendale, ky.

J W Webster Tea Cup
by: Anonymous

If you learn anymore info I'd be interested I just bought one at a fundraiser for $2.50 in Fintry Provincial Park in Canada.

arizona cup
by: Sherrie

I just found a J.W. Webster cup & saucer for Arizona at an estate sale. Would love more information on these cups if anyone finds some.

mother in law
by: pam

have been clearing my mother in laws house and have 6 cups and saucers
no31 Calafornia yellow flower
no29 Owa pink rose
no20 Mississippi white rose
no10 Virginia white and orange flower
no17 Ohio red carnation
no35 West Virginia pale/dark pink flower

What do I do with them, do they have any value

North dakota Tea Cup and Saucer
by: Anonymous

I also came across a Tea Cup and Saucer by JW Webster. It has two Prairie Roses and Musical Staff on the front with the words NorthDakota, We will honor thee, North Dakota famed from sea to sea. Gold Trim and a lime green interior on mug and Saucer top.On Bottom of Saucer is imprinted Prairie Rose the State Flower of North Dakota..American State Flower Series..State No. 39 11-2-1889 Fine Bone China Made in England by Taylor and Kent and on the Teacup bottom it reads RD 1956 AMerican State NO. 39 Copywright JW Webster 1956 Bone China Made in England, Was wondering also if has any value??

JW Webster
by: Anonymous

Ihave 2 JW Webster teacups and saucers - No 32

re flower series
by: Joyce in Bolton uk

I have the Washington cup n saucer any offers?

J W Webster
by: Anonymous

I have number 2 with Pennsylvania dated 1956 .

I have no 2 milk jug and sugar bowl dated 1956
by: Anonymous

I have no 2 milk jug and sugar bowl dated 1956

J.W. Webster
by: Michelle

Stumbled on this thread while looking for info.on my find. I know this is an old post but I have a Tea cup/saucer marked ©J.W. Brewster Fine Bone China Made in England for Ardalt. It is called the American State Flower Series. Mine is Michigan, my home state, Apple Blossom. Don't know if this helps or any of you were still searching.

California NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the 31st State California. Says: Rd.1956 AMERICAN STATE No. 31 TRADEMARK J.W.WEBSTER 1956. BONE CHINA MADE IN ENGLAND. Saw a cup only on eBay for Wisconsin and Illinois for sale. No SOLD items however.

American State Flowers Series NEW
by: jeri K. M.

I just purchased No. 27 Florida from Ebay. I have a collection of cups and saucers and thought it was interesting. I would like to purchase an Illinois set if anyone has one.

No 33 and 28 NEW
by: Julie whiteley

27th july 2018 Harrogate england just bought these 2 in a charity shop paid £3.99 for both frim the little research i havw done i think he has done 1 of each so therefore i am thinking rare and collectable whats your thoughts

I have 2 NEW
by: Anonymous

I have no33 oregon lime green inside and no28 texas bright yellow

I collect these NEW
by: Diane M

If anyone has any of these for sale, I’d be interested. I have 10 of these cups and saucers for different US states.
14 - Vermont
16 - Tennessee
24 - Missouri
25 - Arkansas
29 - Iowa
30 - Wisconsin
35 - West Virginia
43 - Idaho
47 - New Mexico
48 - Oklahoma

Do you have any others? I’m in the UK.

RD 1956 Americanstate No 11 YANKEE DOODLE SONG NEW
by: Anonymous

Bone china made in England by J. W. Webster
No. 11 YANKEE DOODLE Dandy teacup
Any info? Any takers?

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