Pottery Mark Query - N&C Japan wreath red yellow green

by Elyse

Pottery Mark Query - N&C Japan wreath red yellow green

Pottery Mark Query - N&C Japan wreath red yellow green

Pottery Mark Query - N&C Japan wreath red yellow green:- Hello Pottery Marks Forum Members - It was love at first sight. While browsing Etsy for a present for my best friend, I stumbled across the most elegant, simple, modern, and vibrant teacup and saucer I've ever seen. I couldn't resist and invited the set into my home. Upon arrival, my husband said, "It's so you! Wouldn't it be nice to have a set?" I naively began a quest to find a matching cup and saucer.

Dozens of Google image and keyword searches later, I am no closer to finding a partner for my teacup. I submitted a china pattern identification inquiry to Replacements.com and was told "Thank you for sending us the picture of your china pattern(s). At this point, we are unable to identify your pattern(s)." However, they had in the header "Unidentified Pattern by Nagoya Shokai". I used the search engine here, but didn't find my makers mark.

Pattern: solid bright teal or sky blue surrounded by silver mirror finish and white stripes
Saucer: rim shaped
Teacup: one mirror finish silver stripe close the the rim on the inside, pedestal base
Mark: green wreath surrounding red letters "N&C" above JAPAN with a yellow background

Pattern by Nagoya Shokai?
Produced after 1921?

I am in love with this teacup and would like to find another one and determine if there are more pieces. I greatly appreciate any information you might have about it.

Thank you for combining your collective wisdom for those lost like myself!

Note: Photos are from the Etsy seller I bought these from. Their photos are far superior to the ones I took.


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Pottery Mark Query - N&C Japan wreath red yellow green

Hi Elyse

I like to hear love stories - this is a great one! Nice cup, looks very 1950's version of space age, so I can see why you feel it is modern looking.

Pottery mark from Japan or otherwise with an NC or N&C are something of a mystery in that we have talked about them a lot on this site, but still have no real answer as to who the maker is. Looking at your note from Replacements.com (which mentions Nitto Shokai - an early version of the Noritake organisation in 1916), maybe it's just as simple as the NC stands for Noritake Co (Noritake Co Inc was established in New York in 1947).

However, various contributors have told us there were several importers who used the N&C pottery mark. They are "Ucagco (United China and Glass Company), Lefton, Ardalt, Empress pottery mark and the Royal Japan porcelain mark.

This blurring of who made what and what does the mark represent is typical of marking in Japan and China, when the last thing a mark appears to be for is establishing the identity of the actual maker. This makes identifying marks from the Far East an infuriating and difficult task for the non expert (and even very tricky for the experts too, I feel).

Anyway, you have a great cup, whoever made it!

If anyone has seen other examples of this pattern anywhere, please post to this page, I am sure Elyse will be very grateful, let's all try to help on this one.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Still on the hunt!
by: Elyse

I just wanted to let you know I am still hunting for teacups like this. Every few weeks I spend a few hours online...

I found (and bought) one partner so far. It's not an exact match, but it is similar.

A blogger in the UK found one in an antique store and gave it to someone as a gift.

I have also found a few that are black instead of blue, made by a french company, around the same time. There is a tea service with the black version. I really prefer the blue and most of the black ones I found after sale.

Yellow one
by: Anonymous

I just bought a beautiful yellow one at a thrift shop for 4.95 as a gift for my daughter. She will love the mystery behind it.

N & C Japan Cup and Saucer
by: Anonymous


I came across this post


when running a Google search on NC Japan. I ran the same search on ebay and found this cup & saucer. Same as yours, although different color.

Thought I'd post for you.



N&C teacup
by: Debra

I have a bright blue and silver cup and saucer in perfect condition. Don't know anything about it

Yay, another!
by: Elyse

Any chance you're interested in selling, Debra? I have three total so far, with 2 being similar to each other and slightly different than the one I posted. I would really love to make a tea set out of these.

N & C Japan cups and saucers
by: Joanne

Just today I acquired three of the exact cups in your posted photo. They belonged to my grandmother. I remember them being in her china cabinet when I was a child. I am now 57 and she had these long before 1957 when I was born.

Unfortunately I am not interested in selling them as they have sentimental value to me but I did want you to know that there are probably more out there at estate sales. Good luck with your search.


Blue & silver cup & saucer
by: E. J. S.

I have the same cup & saucer only mine is pink. Belonged to my mother-in-law who was married in 1940. Willing to sell.

I have one also
by: marg

Hello, I have one also-belonged to my mother who would be in her 90's now if living. I always admired it in her china cabinet. Sorry I am not selling mine but it is beautiful with the blue and gold. Good luck finding more...

Selling the pink one on Ebay
by: Kim


I just posted the pink one on Ebay last night :-) My ebay seller ID is kristyksk.

Thanks :-)

Ebay link for Pink
by: KIM


N&C Japan teacup and saucer
by: Anonymous

My 94 year old uncle recently passed away. He was a world traveler. I found two blue floral teacup and saucer sets. The blue appears to be the same color as yours. They are both blue but are different from each other. Quite beautiful. They both have the N&C wreath red, yellow and green marking.

dot marks
by: Anonymous

What do dot marks on blue and white china auntiques

Still hunting NEW
by: Elyse

I still love my darling teacups and hunt for them occasionally, if anyone comes across anything.


Found one in pink...beautiful silver bands NEW
by: Donna

I was just doing some research on N&C teacups and found your post showing a similar teacup and saucer in teal. Mine is a beautiful pink with the silver/platinum bands. I would be willing to part with it. Any idea what they are worth in mint condition

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