Pottery Mark Query - PPC England Fox Teapot

by chris whatson
(london uk)

Pottery Mark Query - PPC England Fox Teapot

Pottery Mark Query - PPC England Fox Teapot

Pottery Mark Query - PPC England Fox Teapot:- I am in posession of two of what looks like teapots with a fox hunt and the spouts and handles are a foxes head and tail, they have the marks p p c england on them????

I hope we can get a great discussion going about this maker and style of teapots!



Peter (admin) says about: "Pottery Mark Query - PPC England Fox Teapot"

Hi Chris

Let me make the following comments to kick start the discussion......

I couldn't find much on PPC pottery marks. It is always preferable to upload a photo of the pottery mark too because without that identification can be hard.

Here are a couple of possibilities. I am not too familiar with the wares of either company, so we are relying on collectors to help out here.

The first PPC backstamp is that of the Portland Pottery Ltd of the Regal Works, Cobridge. They made earthenwares, during a very short period from 1946 to 1953 when they were swallowed up by the giant Ridgway group. The PPC stands for Portland Potteries Cobridge.

Then there is the PARAMOUNT POTTERY CO. I can't find much on this company at all, but did see a butter dish in the style of a house on eBay which looked very much like the fanciful artwork of your teapot. So maybe this is a big clue we should not overlook.

Let's hope a more knowledgeable visitor can shed light on this query.

Get an idea of value by following instructions on this page:


Hope this helps.

Peter (admin)

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P.P.C. Pottery Mark
by: mike

This stands for PARAMOUNT POTTERY CO. and is absolutely nothing to do with Portland Pottery which has a black printed backstamp!

Cottage Teapot
by: Dennis Foster

I have a Cottage teapot with Stamped Paramount Pottery Co.Ltd ENGLAND Hand Painted Also PPC and ENGlAND. Cannot find anything about it My mother bought it round about the 1950s. England is on the stamp and the teapot. Can anyone give me any info please

by: Anonymous

I have the very same teapot except mine is not painted and has a regular spout instead of the fox head. Everything else is exactly the same. The only hallmark on mine is that it says England on the bottom (pre glaze). Is mine a fake?

Cottage Teapot THIS IS THE ANSWER!
by: Enid

PPC is for Paramount Potteries Co. Hanley, est. 1946 making white cups and cottage wear.

Between 1947-1949 Keele Street Potteries acquired many small firms, one of them being Paramount Potteries.

1949 49% of shares sold to South Western Industrial Gas and Water Corporation

1950 Name changed to Staffordshire Potteries Limited

1951 Became a quoted public company. Began to lease buildings at Meir Airport

PPC Pottery Mark and Staffordshire Potteries FURTHER INFO
by: Peter (admin)

Hi All

Many thanks to you all for solving this mark query. Once again, our site visitors come up trumps!

I wanted to just comment on how small a world this is - the close knit world of fine china ceramics that is.

I was in Longton (one of the famous towns of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire) the other day talking to a wonderful Staffordshire maker who makes a variety of beautiful quality wares (I was looking for a maker for my new Staffordshire flatback range).

The owner has been in the ceramics business all his life. He comes from a long line of Longton potters - his brother is the last Staffordshire mould maker for Royal Doulton). Sadly, most Doulton production is now in Chinese or Malaysian hands (or other far flung foreign lands).

A couple of times in conversation he mentioned the sad demise of Staffordshire Potteries. I thought he was talking about the generally declining market in Staffordshire. Then I realised he was talking about a specific nearby Longton firm "Staffordshire Potteries Limited".

To my shame and ignorance, I had never heard of a "Staffordshire Potteries Ltd" - I had only heard the term "Staffordshire potteries" used in reference to general pottery production in and around Stoke, I didn't realise there was a firm who had taken up this general phrase as a brand name.

Following Enid's information, I researched into it a bit further using Godden's encyclopaedia and www.potteries.org.

Paramount Pottery Ltd. were established in Hanley in 1946, and went into making item like the one shown above (known as "cottage ware") and also they made plain white cups and mugs (utilitarian white ware). They were quickly acquired by a larger company called Keele Street Pottery, founded in 1915 by a group of 4 dynamic and well known Staffordshire ceramics experts. They set up the company to specifically for "the mass production of utility wares". So they were the other end of the scale to the fine bone china makers.

This company had taken over the site of the old Meir airport in Longton and went on a spree of buying up smaller companies to fill the space.

Between 1947 and 1949 they bought Paramount, Winterton Pottery, Thomas Cone, Alma Works, Collingwood Bone China, Conway Pottery, Piccadilly Pottery, and Lawton Pottery.

This firm carried on growing through the post war period and in 1950 they made the name change to "Staffordshire Potteries Ltd". I suppose this name indicated the pooling of resources that had happened with many of the small local companies joining together to form a bigger concern.

Then in 1979 this firm was bought out by Grimwades (Royal Winton - the people who invented chintz). By the 1980's Staffordshire Potteries Limited had become the largest manufacturer of mugs in the world, making an incredible 3 million mugs every month. One of the brand names you may have heard of was 'Kilncraft'.

Thanks all.

Peter (admin)

PPC Fox T Pot
by: Anonymous

Excellent spent so much time looking for clues on this wished I had found this sooner

PPC England Fox Teapot, Milk Jug & Sugar Bowl
by: Petemace

Hi, does anybody know the value of the above items? as they have full PPC marks....would just like to know....thank you.

Fox head tea pot
by: Anonymous

About 4yrs ago I saw Fox head teapot for sale £40 so don't get too exceited as I have one too

not expensive
by: Anonymous

there are many jugs and tea pots i also have a biscuit barrel they dont seem to make much on ebay but in private shops they are all around £25 i paid £40 for biscuit barrel i have two full sets and different sized jugs i got carried away a bit

fox head tea set
by: Anonymous

I have the fox head teapot, along with the milk jug and sugar bowl. Does anybody know if this is worth asking an auction house to sell? Thanks.

by: Carol

I have the Paramount cheese dish, which is of a field type pattern with a cow sitting on the top as the handle to take the lid off. It's kinda different and unusual. I always liked it. I got from my Mom before she passed. Glad to find out something about paramount. Though the item isn't going to make me a millionaire it is nice to know more about it

Me Too!
by: Sterlin

I also have the Fox Spout teapot, pressed mark
Paid £2.00 for it quite a few years ago.

Fox hunting Pottery
by: Karen

I too have a Fox spout teapot and milk jug with the PPC England mark. I have been looking on ebay for rough prices and feel they aren't worth a great deal, even as a set. My milk jug though is in excellent condition with all its guilding still in tact (even on the fox's head). I also have a fox hunting sugar bowl, but this is marked with the Keele St Pottery stamp - I suppose this is slightly newer than the the other two. My Nanna collected them during her life, then left them to me. There is a butter dish with the collection, it has a Price Kensington stamp and looks like an imitation, or bad copy, the lid has slight crazing on it. Is there any relationship between Price Kensington and Keele St potteries?

Value on eBay
by: Sue

I have this teapot and I am a shop trader on eBay. This site has helped me identify and describe this item accurately on eBay. It is worth whatever one buyer is willing to pay on any one day, but I don’t do auctions. From the information obtained through the postings it is my intention to sell on a buy it now basis for £39.00 plus £7.99 post and packing as a starting price and see what happens. Happy to report back result.

toby jug
by: chris bibby

I have just picked up a Neat toby jug with the stamp ppc England & underneath ppc is the writing paramount pottery co ltd only paid a quid for this, its my first toby jug & makes me want to collect them

E Mckeating 20-11-1953 portland pottery
by: lesley symons

can anyone help me find out who this person is signed on my piece of portland painted flower dish ? is it the artist and what happend to them ? did they do other work for portland and any one else ? my dish is dated 10/1953 AND THE ABOVE NAME 20/11/53 ?

Fox and hound pottery
by: Ann

I have a set of the teapot,water jug milk jug and sugar bowl, it was given to me by my grandmother in 1964, it was in her collection. I have it displayed on my dresser here in Perth Western Australia. Our family are all from Enfield Middlesex England.
I love this set its brings back a lot of memories
Ann G

e mckeating artist portland pottery cobridge
by: lesley

Can anyone tell me who E Mckeating was, his name appears on my painted dish 20/11/53 and the dish stamp made in england 10/53. Is he the painter of the dish and did he work for the potterys for a long period of time also signing his work ? Ihave tried to find out about him, but have hit a brick wall. so your help would be most welcome.

Foxhunting set
by: Rita

So... my Mum has the teapot, sugar bowl, and milk jug. Should it have had the water jug with it?Thank you.This site has been so useful!

PPC and KSP Toby Jugs
by: Dave

I have two sets of "twin" Toby Jugs. The first are largeish - about 6" tall and marked KSP, whilst the smaller (but identical design Tobies) are only about 3" tall and marked PPC. Both sets are just plain beige, no colourings at all. Are they worth much?

Fox hunt pottery
by: Susan

I also have a jug with the fox hunt scene and PPC England
It was my mums', given to her in the 40's
She married 1946 so could well be the company you mentioned
The glaze on mine is cracked a little but wondered about the value

fox and hound jug
by: geoff

Could someone tell me the maker of this.
it has a single p slanted on rim
then a marking I cant tell what they are.
icould inbox an image to anyone who can help

fox and hound jug
by: geoff

I have a fox and hound jug with the marking
p on the rim. Its slanted.
on the other side of the rim theres a marking of
possibly stoke then england.
can somebody help with the maker please

Hunting scene milk jug and creamer jug
by: Anonymous

i have a fox jug 1 large 1 small painted with fox hunting scene and fox head pourer. on the bottom it has England and the number 1. Any ideas where, when they were made and how much they may be worth?

Winterton jug and bowl
by: Wendy

My parents have found a jug and bowl with Winterton stamp and a good hand written 193 on the bottom, slight ship in the bowl before we use it as a garden ornament, does anyone know if it's worth anything? Bright blue with flowers and fruit on.

PPC fox teapot set NEW
by: m.foad@sky.com

I have the complete set ie , teapot , water jug , milk jug , and sugar bowl , my late wife loved the set but I have no idea About origins , or history ,

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