"Pottery Mark Query- 'S' Below Crown" OR Crown above S

by Suzzy

"Pottery Mark Query - 'S' Below Crown" OR Crown above S:- I found a porcelain figurine years ago...a farmer pulling a cow..the bottom only had a Crown with a S under and a "Foreign" mark...it was with some B & G figurines...and I cannot find it anywhere

...please help!!!

thank you



Reply from Peter (admin) below - just scroll down

Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Suzzy

Thanks for your interesting query about 'S' Below Crown OR Crown above S.

The answer is Porzellanfabrik Carl Scheidig - founded 1906 in Gräfenthal, East Germany

This is the maker of this piece, but first a caveat for other visitors looking for information on the 'S' with crown pottery mark.

This particular type of 'S' with crown mark was used by several different makers in the same region of Germany - Companies such as Voigt Brothers (Sitzendorfer)and P Donath used that type of mark.

You can find all the site information on crown with 'S' marks by using one of the search boxes at the top of any main page.

But getting back to your piece, Suzzy, from a professional point of view the sculpting of this boy & cow figurine is of the very highest class. I say that as a fellow professional.

The subtlety and fineness are really a different standard to what we can achieve today. As a whole it is beautiful and the details are really nice (the folds on the man's shirt for example).

The reason for that is we don't train artists like that any more as companies can't afford to pay the time and money it takes to achieve such skill and finesse in production.

As I say, the company which made this figurine is Porzellanfabrik Carl Scheidig - founded 1906 in Gräfenthal, East Germany by Carl Scheidig. After 1917 it fell under USSR state control but was not fully nationalized until 1972.

After the fall fall of the Berlin wall, the instability nearly saw the close of the factory. As German re-union took control in the 1990's, production stabilized and much of the original moulds and equipment were put back to use. The name was changes to Porzellanfiguren Gräfenthal and the company now has product range of over 10,000 items.

I hope this information is useful.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Sitzendorfer Porcelain Works (formerly Voigt Brothers)
by: George

had a look at that mark
not 100% sure but it does look like
Sitzendorfer from germany

edit **As Peter (admin) mentioned in his answer to the original query there were several makers in the same region using the 'S' with crown - see the maker Voigt Brothers of Sitzendorf which went onto become the Sitzendorfer Porcelain Works**

hope this helps you in your search

Crown over S
by: Anonymous

You are exactly right about this mark being from Carl Scheidig.. This mark and others are on the PM&M website under: Germany / Thuringia / Gräfenthal

Hope this helps :-)

same problem with S crown
by: Anonymous

I need help with Officier des Hussars figurine. the back stamp is S Crown in blue. Is it fake or real German?



thank you

by: Ingrid

hello, I have two figurines, with mark S under a crown. Can you tell me their origin, age?

how do I up load a photo ?

German Style Eagle with Winged Crown - pottery mark pic
by: marek (szczecin)

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Hi! i have 2 figurines with this mark and i don't know what it is.


Thanks for all help.

Marek (szczecin)


Reply to 'German Style Eagle with Winged Crown - pottery mark pic'

By Peter (admin)

Dear Marek

Great submission and interesting variation of the Carl Scheidig pottery mark.

As we know, this East German maker has nice artistic values and good looking production values.

Originally Carl Scheidig K.G. (1906 until 1972), this mark was used from the mid 1930's to Nationalisation in 1972. The letters are 'CS' on the chest.

The words 'KUNSTPORZELLAN' 'KRONENADLER' and 'GERMANY' can also sometimes appear on this mark.

Later, under nationalisation, the company became known as the 'GRÄFENTHAL' porcelain factory. The factory also used the three pronged crown over an 'S' as we see above.

Peter (admin)


Comment on German Style Eagle with Winged Crown

by: Patrick

Hi Peter

Thank you for the info. on the above eagle manufacturers mark.I have a statue of a Lady on a Dolphin with with the same mark.

I had been trying to establish where it was manufactured for some time. Now I know

Thank you for your help,


Pottery mark query - Crown above S with Germany inside S
by: Jill

Moderator says:- This post has been moved here as it helps us look at the various S marks together.


Jill says:-

I am interested in identifying the mark for the teacup and saucer set.

germany s mark on cup & saucer

This piece was given to me as a wedding present by my grandmother. She said it belonged to my great-great-great aunt who came here from Germany. She did not know much more about it though. I would love to know as much information as possible about it actually.

If anyone knew the age, the pattern name, manufacturer, etc. This is more a sentimental piece so I am not interested in identifying the value (which I would know is not allowed here regardless) unless it is necessary for insurance purposes.

This piece is a teacup and saucer set that has pink roses. There are some large roses and then clusters of smaller roses.There is gold around of the edges of the plate and cup and handle. The colored background seems to be black or very dark green that fades to white. It is in very good condition and stored in a cabinet.

I have been searching the internet but can not seem to find this mark so far.

Please help.

Thank you in advance.



Reply by Peter (admin)

Dear Jill

Many thanks for this query because, actually, although we have had several Crown over S queries before, we have never had this particular one.

It took me a while to identify it, but found it eventually in the Rongten book listed as the mark for K. Steinmann of Tiefenfurth, used after 1900, but before 1932.

The family were Jewish and unfortunately suffered under the hands of the Nazis, and so closed around 1938.

Peter (admin)

Crown over E
by: Steve

I have a friut bowl with a mark of a crown above the letter E. Please can someone help me understand what it is

Toby mugs
by: Anonymous

I was wondering if this company ever made a Toby style mugs?

Man with Cow
by: Richard

I have one of these and would like to know the value. And where would be the best place to sell one?

Girl Milking a Cow NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a similar question to the one posed at the top of this chain. I have a piece which is a girl milking a cow. The stamp looks the same as above, Crown above an S, however, under the S is GDR in small print. Any thoughts on what the piece is? Thanks.

confused as to the S NEW
by: Glenis

I have small milk jug with King Edward VII. picture on it and underneath a S with the crown above it is this of any Value please

confused as to the S NEW
by: Glenis

I have small milk jug with King Edward VII. picture on it and underneath a S with the crown above it is this of any Value please

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