Pottery mark query - Simple blue crown with 'A A' below

by Sarah

Pottery mark query - Simple blue crown with 'A A' below

Pottery mark query - Simple blue crown with 'A A' below

Pottery mark query - Simple blue crown with 'A A' below:- I have a china Siamese cat figure, playing with a slipper, that has no name or embossed stamped number on its base, just a very simple blue crown with 2 capital letter 'A's below it. These look like they may have been printed or stamped on under the top glaze, rather than hand painted.

The figure is about 3 and a 1/2 inches tall.

Can anyone make a guess at which maker this is from or any other details about it?

Many thanks.



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Many thanks for submitting, and hope you are finding the site useful.

This might be yet another pottery mark of Japanese importers Arnart - but that's just a theory based on the A A stamp. In fact, the modeling, crown mark and make do have a distinct German quality about them.

We have had other submissions with a similar looking gold crown on small tea sets which the experts thought were European not Far East.

I will publish your submission and with a bit of luck, one of our knowledgeable contributors will help out on this one – (check out the comments section below for replies).

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the A A Importing company
by: Peter (admin)

I have found out more about the A A Importing label. On their website, they say they specialise in antique reproductions. Perhaps someone based in the US can give them a ring and ask about which country they source their ceramics from - is it Germany or is it Far East - or both?

AA Importing CO
7700 Hall Street
Saint Louis, MO 63147

Peter (admin)

crown AA
by: Anonymous

I have a kitten with a crown with two AA with a blue ball.

Blue Crown
by: Thomas

I have a ballerina figurine with what looks like the same blue crown as you. Underneath it is some symbols I can't recognize. However, it gives a city (I'm assuming a city) and country. I can't quite make out the city, but it begins with a D and the country is Germany.



Peter admin says:

Great clue Thomas. If you get time, could you please send your pics to me or post them in a new pottery mark submission form here - and I will add them to this thread manually (commenters aren't able to add photos to a thread at the moment, unfortunately). Be sure to tell me your post is related to this one "Pottery mark query - Simple blue crown with 'A A'" otherwise I might have a snr moment and forget.

Peter (admin)

Blue crown over 'A'
by: Anonymous

I have a pig the same blue crown but it only has one 'A' below the crown, can anybody tell me more about this mark of maker?

pottery mark
by: Anonymous

I too have a pig with a crown and a single A, also have a calf with the same mark.

double A's and crown
by: Anonymous

I have a sitting collie about 6inches tall this too has a blue crown with two capitalA's beneath it

Blue crown over AA
by: Anonymous

Today I bought a small figurine of a monkey sitting on a white dome, approximately 5 inches tall. The marks underneath are a blue crown with A A immediately below. I paid £1.99 for it at a charity shop. It looks good quality so at first I thought it a piece of Royal Copenhagen but the back stamp doesn't match any listed.

cat figurine
by: Peggy

I have what looks to be the same mold cat figurine with slipper that has a crown and what looks like a D with a K inside of the D. There is also writing beneath the letters which I can't make out. Very confusing. I haven't been able to find another mark like it, but your cat looks the same as mine except mine is black and white.

Arno Apel
by: Wanja

I've got a cockatoo perfume lamp with the same marks, according to PM&M it's Porzellanfabrik Keramika, Inh. Arno Apel (1954 until 1974). http://www.porcelainmarksandmore.com/germany/bavaria/lauenstein-01/index.php

by: Amanda

I have a Dachshund Dog with the crown and double AA I have always believed it to be German

Boxer/ Bulldog
by: Jeanette Martin

I have a China dog which I bought for my Mum in 1968/9 from the NAAFI at RAF Gatow in Berlin. It also has a blue open crown with AA in blue below the crown. I’d love to know more about it!

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