pottery mark query- stamped. native american

by Jean
(British Columbia)

 marbled finish vase - pottery mark query- stamped. native american

marbled finish vase - pottery mark query- stamped. native american

pottery mark query- stamped. native american:- I recently purchased a narrow necked ceramic vase ; fat bottomed; about 8" tall x 6" wide at the base. I was attracted by the distinctive cream coloured, bisque fired, green and smokey black marbled matte finish on outside with clear interior glaze.

The visible mark is stamped in india ink colour; a circle enclosing the bust of a native american,wearing a two feather headdress, with sun shaped shield(?)motif behind; part of the name; "-----d?,ree Pottery " and "USA" are also visible.

There is a paper label for the Blackfoot Trading Post in Browning, Montana...they don't respond to queries and none of the obvious internet and library sources have been helpful.

At first I thought this piece was a happy accident from a local slip craft shop selling to a tourist attraction but it looks too intentional.

Any ideas?



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Hi Jean

Many thanks for submitting, and hope you are finding the site useful.

This time, my knowledge has failed me, apart from the moulded vases of this marled finish (but I haven't seen this shape before) were made by Mueller (using leftover clays). To see the listing on Mueller, please use the in-house search box at the top right of the page.

Let's hope knowledgeable others find this thread and help us out!

See comments section below for a lively discussion on this pottery mark and who made these wares.

Best regards,

Peter (Admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Nemadji Pottery Vase
by: Blake

Dear Jean,
Your vase was made by Nemadji Pottery of Kettle River, Minnesota. They began making pottery in 1922 and, the last I heard, they are still in business. They often make pottery to order for businesses to sell as Souviner wares; they made a lot of pottery marked "Garden of the Gods" circa 1960 for the company that managed the Garden of the Gods park in Manitou Springs, Colorado just outside Colorado Springs.
Several other potteries made wares similar to Nemadji's but you can always tell Nemadji because the inside of the piece has a clear gloss slip glaze over the same color buff clay that is on the outside.
A myth about Nemadji is that it is made by Native Americans. The pottery was never owned by Native Americans and I have not ever seen mention that anyone of that ancestry has ever even worked there.
Try running a search on eBay to find a value. Usually only very large or very early pieces bring high prices. For the other pottery, value is often determined by the number of colors in the pottery and how attractive the swirl pattern appears.
I hope this helps.

Yours, Blake


note by Peter (admin):-

Many thanks Blake for your wonderful and amazingly knowledgeable replies. This swirl pattern is similar in appearance to the Mueller vases we have been discussing on this interesting thread ....more

Cultural Appropriation-Nemadji
by: Jean

Hi Blake, Well, I was kind of right in my first estimation. The curious thing is, Nemadji make pleasant enough wares but someone, at the beginning, felt that the "indian maiden" motif (a depiction of a person from a group of people [unjustly] more disadvataged than others) would give them a commercial advantage /enhance the product... I would have purchased it in any case ( at thrift store prices).

Indian Names
by: Blake

Dear Jean,
If you think about it, Native American images & names have always been popular. Shawnee is the name of an Indian Tribe and the pottery's logo is an arrowhead with the profile of an Indian. (It's noted in books on Shawnee that the pottery name came about when the original owner was looking over the land on which the pottery was later built and found an arrowhead.)
Other potteries with Native American marks include Lonhuda & Shenago China Co.. There is a Comanche Pottery in both Mississippi & Texas, Catawba Pottery etc....
I'd list more but I've got to take my Pontiac to the shop. A friend who flies Apache & Kiowa helicopters for the army is picking me up and we're going to the Kokopelli Inn for diner.

Yours, Blake

Question for 'Jean'
by: Carol

I have just purchased a small piece with this same mark on the bottom. I was told it was 'Nemadji' but the piece is lighter in weight that the Nemadji pieces. The mark is identical to the one it the picture, and the letters I can read are: "???NOREE POTTERY" above the Indian Girl and "MADE IN USA" below. Can you give any clarification on this? Was it early 'Nemadji' before they called it that? Or was it another company? Thanks for your help.

Nemadji Pottery ?
by: Jean

hi carol, Your pot sounds similar to mine; it too has a mark that appears to end in "ee"...maybe someone else can tell us more.

by: Anonymous

Just a note that Nemadji factory stopped producing in 2002.

Nemadji ?
by: Jim

I too have a small vase with these marks except I can make out ey?noree. Any more help out there?

'Native American' Pottery
by: Carol

There are a number of potteries in the Enoree, South Carolina area -- I am strongly suspecting that is where hit comes from. I have not been able to locate any information on that particular mark, but with that clue, maybe one of us can find it. I am 99.9% sure this is not Nemadji - the marks is not like any of theirs I have seen, and the weight and feel of the body is totally different.


ey-noree Pottery
by: Mike

The piece is not numangee as I have several pieces marked all the same way, the piece I just saw was marked ey-noree pottery , made in the USA, and had the Indian maiden mark on the bottom, price I saw was high for a thrift store in the 15.00 dollar range.

small glazed vase
by: Jay G

I purchased a small qlazed vase (black and bluish white with red flecks. On the bottom it's dated 1966. It has an S with something in the bottom loop. It has a figure that may be a cloud to the right of the S. It appears to have a pictue of mountians between the S and the date. There is a tree on the left mountain and some squiggles under the mountians. Can anyone tell me if this was made by anyone of note?.

Thanks in advance

Jay G

Unusual Nemadji Mark?
by: Jim

I've had lots of Nemadji Pottery vases over the years but never to best of my recollection none were ever marked with circular black mark NEMADJI POTTERY within which is U.S.A. Outside of the circular mark is impressed mark NEMADJI below which is impressed U.S.A.

Is this a scarce to rare marking?

Rare/Scarce Nemadji mark?
by: Sunny

To Jim-
I am a nemadji collector with over 200 pieces. I have several pieces marked with the round "Nemadji Pottery" & USA , stamped in black ink. This mark was used mostly between 1973-1980. I have only one piece that has this mark & also an impressed mark of, "Nemadji USA". The book on Nemadji Pottery written by Michelle D. Lee, does not show or mention the impressed Nemadji USA mark. It would be nice to know more about this impressed mark. Hope I was of alittle help to your inquiry. And if I ever come across more information, I will post it here.
Regards, Sunny

Ey-Noree Pottery
by: Carol

Somehow this thread seems to have gotten off the track of the original question... we were not asking abour Nemadji Pottery, but about a similar swirled 'tourist pottery' piece witha totally different mark. Please see the earlier posts on this thread - if anyone has more information on THAT mark, please advise...

Unmarked Nemadji ?
by: texianpedlar

I have several very old pottery pieces with "swirl" paint decoration and clear glazed interiors in the form and styles of marked Nemadji Pottery .
I was recently told that "all Nemadji Pottery is marked on the bottom". ALL is a pretty strong assumption and statement .
I have read that early pieces in the 1920's-1930's were not always marked . Is this true ?
Many thanks for your excellent blog and site !
Crockett, Texas

Ey-Noree pottery
by: Anonymous

I have a small vase..blue and cream swirl buff on the outside,cream color and shiny on the inside...mine does have the mark of the indian maiden in a circle,with the words EY-NOREE POTTERY above her head and MADE IN THE U.S.A. On the bottom of the circle..I purchased mine for 25 cents at a garage sale. On ebay one like mine is listed for $ 89.00 . I am having trouble finding out any more information on the piece.

american indian artist mark
by: mommagama

I have a handthrown redclay unglazed bowl about.12 inch's across & 3&1/2 inches tall . black & white designs inside top & outside of the bowl the artists mark is a painted black pueblo with smoke coming out of the chimenies . would like to know who the artist is . I Never resell anything I buy , I buy things be use i like them . Really curious as to who the artist is & which tribe . if you can help this would be great . Thank you , Mommagama

Is pottery made by Native American?
by: AnonymousJan Gornicz

I bought about a 6" swirled vase and on bottom it has circle with a 2-feathered N.A. woman. Outside the circle at top it says EY-Noree Pottery and Made in USA. Can someone tell me if this is N.A. made? I found it in thrift store.

Ey Noree not Native American
by: Anonymous

There is no tribal affiliation, this is not Native American pottery. I have seen it attributed to Eric Hellman, who worked first for Nemadji, where he developed this decorating technique. He also worked for Van Briggle and Broadmoor Potteries, and established and ran Garden of the Gods pottery in Colorado. He was known to create whatever stamp his wholesale customers requested, just as Nemadji did, so it is possible he was connected with Ey Noree. What is known for sure, is it was roadside tourist pottery, not Native American made.

Sunny: same stamp?
by: Tim S. in PA

"I have several pieces marked with the round 'Nemadji Pottery' & USA, stamped in black ink. This mark was used mostly between 1973-1980." - Sunny

For clarification, the stamp on my vase reads "Nemadji Indian Pottery" and "Native Clay USA". Is this the same stamp that you are describing?

If so I have found the date range for my piece! thx, Tim S.

Un-glazed on inside, different mark NEW
by: DeeDee

I just bought 2 tiny pieces. On the bottom it says 'Garden of the Gods Pottery' in a circle. It does not say anything else. The inside is not glazed on either piece. The swirling looks exactly like what you are all talking about. I bought these at a church thrift store because I thought they were very cool looking. Saw one on ebay that sold for about $25. Just concerned about the mark and the non-glazed inside. Any ideas?

Nemadji NEW
by: Tammy

I am so sorry but, I don't see a place to add a picture.

Eric Hellman, Nemadji, and Garden of the Gods Potteryods NEW
by: Anonymous

Eric Hellman was the Danish potter (he had worked for Royal Copenhagen Porcelain in Denmark) who moved to the U.S. and worked for Nemadji, beginning in 1929, where he developed their distinctive swirled paint decorated souvenir pottery.

In 1931 he moved to Colorado and worked for Van Briggle Pottery in Colorado Springs.

In 1932, he opened his own studio at the Garden of the Gods Trading Company, making the same type of pottery he had produced at Nemadji.

When Broadmoor Pottery and Tile Works opened, Hellman worked for them for a couple years. He then returned to work briefly again at Van Briggle, and even Nemadji.

Hellman served in the Army during World War II, and after the war, he returned to Colorado Springs, and again made his own trademark Garden of the Gods pottery.

Although there had been discussions of Nemadji and Garden of the Gods combining, it never happened, and both companies continued producing similar pottery. Hellman produced Garden of the Gods pottery until his death in 1985.

Nemajdi Pottery With Male Indian Head Silhouette mark NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a piece marked Nemadji Pottery with the side silhouette of a male Native American.....the little I've read about Nemadji is they did use a mark like this one but haven't found where they used a mark with a maiden. Just my 2 cents.

Ey-Noree pottery
by: Wendy

The wedding vase I purchased came with a paper inside. It reads, All about Ey-Noree pottery Your beautiful, handmade finished Ey-Noree pottery is a reproduction of vessels used by ancient Indian tribes of North America. We have taken great care to duplicate these useful and decorative objects for your enjoyment. The muted tones capture the spirits of water and the sky that were so revered by the original inhabitants of these lands. The fines clays and dyes available have been used to make these pieces unique and distinctive. They are fully glazed on the inside, but may not be used to store or serve food. Made in the use enjoy your pottery.
I hope this helps some.

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