Pottery Mark Query - Tree or Flower in box over USA

by John
(Brandywine, MD)

Pottery Mark Query - Tree or Flower in box over USA

Pottery Mark Query - Tree or Flower in box over USA

Pottery Mark Query - Tree or Flower in box over USA:- I bought a storage lot recently and found a bunch of pieces with this symbol on the bottom of them. I don't know anything about pottery and don't know if they're worth anything or what.




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antique china values

Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Pottery Mark Query - Tree or Flower in box over USA

Hi John

Thanks for the interesting pottery mark submission. You sent in a great images.

Also compliments on your purchasing prowess. You have unearthed some interesting pottery. I don't actually know this particular mark, but I know it is interesting. It is very similar in 'style' to very valuable old American pottery maker Van Briggle in that it is incised with a geometric makers mark (in the case of Van Briggle it is the characteristic double AA mark - in your case it is a triangle within a triangle with a geometric device beneath depicting what looks like branches and leaves) above what looks like the artist initials.

The triangle within a triangle is characteristic of other old makers - this time from the UK - Chelsea and Bow had this type of mark as did Sevres porcelain form France.

So there seems to be
some type of 'homage' going on here. The homage all dates to an older period, although it is fairly unusual for very early US utility wares to have markings. For me this stuff is possibly contemporary with Van Briggle - but remember, I am no expert in American pottery.

I looked through the 'triangle' section of my Kovel's encyclopedias from 1650 right through to current day - but saw no marking like yours. I also checked online through 40 pages of Old&Sold USA Pottery Marks but found nothing like yours. Perhaps you could double check these online listings.

I would like to know what this stuff is too. I am quite good on 20th Century UK manufacturers. USA and early wares are specialist niches unto themselves with vast amounts of knowledge and research material required, but I will always have a go at researching these marks too, but my success rate is much lower.

If these are older wares, they may well have some value. The thing to remember is, I don't ever do valuations myself, as this is an area for specialists only.

However, I have written a special page to help people learn how to get a real good idea of what their china wares might be worth:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

Comments for Pottery Mark Query - Tree or Flower in box over USA

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Thanks for the note on triangle within a triangle pottery mark
by: John

I've honestly no clue what it is. All of the pieces seem relatively new as opposed to anything old, though I guess it's possible they've been well-kept.

I sure hope it winds up being something valuable, but I'm guessing it's more likely they're just something modern made that, while they look nice, aren't worth a great deal. Thanks!

Iron Mountain, Tennessee
by: Anonymous

I believe this is Iron Mountain Stoneware, as shown in Lehner's Encyclopedia of U.S. Marks.

Iron Mountain Stoneware Inc
by: Peter (admin)

Nice work. Many thanks to the submitter.

Another mystery solved in the public pottery forum.

The details of the company are:-

Iron Mountain Stoneware Inc
6421 Highway 91 N
Laurel Bloomery, TN 37680

Their wares seem to fetch quite good prices on ebay.

I believe you would find, if you asked their logo designer, it was influenced by the Van Briggle classic American style of marking (a kind of 'homage' to the great tradition).

Peter (admin)

Your Iron Mountain Stoneware
by: Ramon Vinas

Go to www.lambsgoodearth.com and meet the lady who started Iron Mountain Stoneware and how she came to laurel Bloomery, TN. Enjoy!!

'NP' Pottery Mark Mystery Solved - Nancy Patterson Potter (aka Nancy Lamb)
by: Peter (admin)

Another great lead!

Thanks Ramon.

SO now we have the artist. NP stands for Nancy Patterson aka Nancy Lamb.

Extract from www.lambsgoodearth.com/morebg.htm

"In 1954 I set out on a trip that took me around the world in seven years. On a scholarship I first traveled to Denmark, where I spent two years as a guest artist at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory. A year in Finland followed at the Arabia factory in Helsinki. I had an art studio there. Another scholarship permitted me to travel and study throughout Europe, the middle east, India, and Southeast Asia. Seven months later I arrived in Taiwan, where I was offered a job developing dinnerware for export. The ware was a unique product for it's time. Using native clays I taught the Chinese to produce some of the first stoneware dinnerware to come out on the market. In 1961 I returned to the US and with a native of Damascus, Virginia, Albert Mock, founded a factory in Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee, to manufacture hand crafted dinnerware, Iron Mountain Stoneware.

Iron Mountain Stoneware, with my NP signature, was manufactureed until 1992. Joe Lamb, my husband and an engineer, worked with me for nearly thirty years. While I designed shapes with clay, created glazes and new dinnerware patterns, Joe took care of the rest of the business, the administration and the sales. He also fired the kilns. Our three children grew up making forts out of packing boxes and constructing their own dreams with clay".

Whispering Pines china pattern of Iron Mountain Stoneware
by: JRL

It appears the pattern of Iron Mountain is Whispering Pines. Check with Replacements, LTD site to confirm pattern. Some pieces of this pattern are reasonably valuable. JL

by: Anonymous


a national treasure
by: Anonymous

My Grandmother, made these pieces,,,,I used to go to work with her when I was a child.... the best bisquits ever made are cooked on my very large plate.

by: Lynn

The pottery you were lucky enough to find in the storage unit you "purchased" was designed by Nancy Patterson Lamb for Iron Mountain Pottery from 1965 until 1992. It is no longer in production. Check out the value of your pieces at Replacements Limited.

by: Anonymous


Thank goodness for you!
by: Anonymous

All of your comments helped me, I just bought an entire set of this, including a pitcher and covered bowl..9 dinner plates, 8 saucers, 8 bowls, 4 mugs for..TEN DOLLARS at my local flea market. I knew it was quality just by touching it and feeling it's weight and hand incised markings..I just love it, can't wait to display it in my china cabinet!!

Iron Mountain Stoneware on Figurines-sculpture.com
by: Lois

Thank you for the most valuable information concerning the lovely Iron Mountain Stoneware.

We just purchased four bowls from a recent estate sale and just knew the bowls were something special although we did not recognize the stamp.

We have visited the sites suggested by responses and all the information was most helpful.

My husband and I have been offering antiques and collectibles on ebay for many years now and always enjoy the treasures we find to offer and share with others.

The Iron Mountain bowls we find are "Lookout Mountain" design and are quite fabulous. We checked with replacements, ltd and found the bowls priced at approximately 28.00 per bowl. They are cereal size. Of course we will offer them for much less on ebay with a starting price for bidding.

We appreciate your site and all those who contribute and am sure we will be visiting again quite often.



Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Lois

Many thanks for your kind words. That's what this website is for - a public record to help us all. It would be great for you to tell your friends and customers about this site - and even give us a link from your website or ebay listings - that helps us get found by the search engines because a link counts as a 'vote of confidence' for us.

I was particularly please to have the post above which identified this range of fine studio pottery.

Thanks to all contributors.

Peter (admin)

Mark on Iron Mountain Stoneware
by: Nancy Patterson Lamb

Thanks to all who have written such pleasing compliments. I designed the mark with no knowledge or homage to former potters. The IMS mark meaning is this: the square represents the four elements a potter needs: earth, air, fire, and water. The inside triangle on a vertical post represents a potter's tool. And the post with the two "branches" represents "man" or the potter.

Nancy Patterson Lamb


Dear Nancy

Many thanks for gracing this website with your personal comment. This is a very nice scoop for us! Congratulations on your art and your strong following. All we artists can do is make a living form creating things we love to create, and have other people love our creations too.

The secondary value of your pottery attest to its design and make quality.

Interesting you did not consciously design your mark as an homage to the Van Briggle style of art pottery marking.

Thank you again.

Peter (admina)

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