Pottery mark question - Vase With Crown, RC, Bavaria

by Sandy
(Denver, CO)

Pottery mark question - Vase With Crown, RC, Bavaria

Pottery mark question - Vase With Crown, RC, Bavaria

Pottery mark question - Vase With Crown, RC, Bavaria:- I received this vase from my Great Grandmother around 1973 when I was eight years old. I don't remember her sharing any history of the vase, she just pulled it off of a shelf and said I want you to have this.

I would love to know more about this piece.

Thanks on advance for solving a long standing family history.




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Pottery mark question - Vase With Crown, RC, Bavaria

Hi Sandy

Many thanks for submitting and telling us a lovely story. We like these types of details on this website, you got the idea.

I am glad you found this site when you sat down to search for your answer to such a long standing family mystery!

Well, you came to right place this is what this website is all about - a public record for all to benefit from and solve their china mysteries quickly.

So thanks for your great clear photos and here's the answer you were looking for.

And by the way, it is good news for you - your great grandmother knew what she was giving.

This company is one of my
all time favourite companies - Philip Rosenthal & Co of Kronach, Bavaria. They used this particular mark from the late 19th century until the 1930's

When I was young, I remember working in fashion retailing in London in the upper-echelon district of Knightsbridge (just opposite Harrods, if you know that shop) - my work place was right next door to the Rosenthal shop. Although I couldn't afford a bean, I couldn't resist a regular visit into the design-rich ambience of the Rosenthal ceramic gallery. It was like an art gallery, and I loved it. I am sure those early forays into the world of Rosenthal which turned me onto a career in ceramics later on in life.

Your mark is known as the 'Versailles mark'

You can read up more on the history of Rosenthal by searching in my in house search engine on the top right of the page. There is the main listing, but several other thread which give more detailed information about Rosenthal.

Knowledgeable contributors are welcome to help further with this one if they have more info (check out the comments section below for replies).

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Another 'Philip Rosenthal & Company' Vase
by: 40coupe

Just Googled 'Bavarian Vase marked R.C.' and found your listing.
My vase has been in the family since the early 1900's...I believe it was a present to my maternal grandparents at their wedding in 1910.
E-mail me at

vondavis51 {AT} gmail {dot} com

for photos of it, including the bottom with the crown, and initials R. and C.

Help identify R.C.
by: Frank

Just bought some lovely bowls...floral decorations on rim and a thin gold line w/in the bowl. On bottom a half wreath over the letters R.C. Can anyone identify? Thanks

Painted by family member
by: Joyce Jordan

My father's aunt painted four small bowls with which were bear "R C VERSAILLES BAVARIA". Her name was Forest Jordan and each of them has "Jordan 10/" written on the back of them by the "Bavaria" mark. All four bowls correspond to a bigger scalloped bowl with gold leaf edging. This bowl is labeled "H&C! L France" which we know as Haviland. This larger bowl is not signed but, is clearly painted to match the bowls. I am so grateful to this website for all it's content & making this so easy to identify

versailles plate has name and address
by: Lori Marsik

I recently obtained a plate that has the RC Crown Versailles stamp, but it also has IV stamped into the plate material and also hand painted the following:

L. Clark
517 1/2 Main St .06

something similar
by: Michelle

I have a piece of china with this same mark but without the word Bavaria... just the crown with R.& C. and a little red number 65 above the crown... no words at all. Any ideas what time period this would be? Thank you.

Crown, RC
by: Sherri Monington

I have a porcelain plate with this stamp on the back. It is white and has a revolutionary soldier on his knee holding a lady's hand. She is wearing a pink dress and is carrying a parasol.

Staffordshire RC NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a small cat that has RC on it along with Staffordshire Made in England. can you tell me how old it is according to the stamp?

Scalloped dish
by: Melissa

I have a beautiful white scalloped dish. The bottom has two swords a crown and the initials R. G. On either side of tje swords. The words (sorry trying) to make out letters. MONBISOU (the S is what is hard to tell) tje stamp is in a green color. I'm wondering the year of this. Does anyone have an idea? Thank you

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