pottery mark R & D below lion standing on left hind leg

by Jenny Davies
(Sydney, Australia.)

pottery mark R & D below lion standing on left hind leg:- I have 12 plates and 12 saucers, cups and sugar bowl etc. it is a daisy type design, edged with a lace decoration all in blue and very old and worn. On the back is a lion standing on its left hind leg and below is R & D, all in blue.

In red below is hand written 2050 with a 3 or 5 below the 5.

Can you tell me when and where it was made. I'm particularly interested to know its age.

many thanks for your time.

I need your email address to send photos as I have Kodak easyshare and i have difficulty sending attachements. Sorry.


Jenny Davies.

Reply by Peter (admin)

to :- ‘pottery mark R & D below lion standing on left hind leg’

Hi Jenny

Please send photos simply by saving them as .jpg files and uploading them on one of our online submission forms (these are not 'attachments', they are uploads). Make sure you reference which submission they belong to otherwise they may get lost.

Your items are by R & D - Redfern & Drakeford (ltd) founded 1892 in Longton, Staffsordshire.

In 1933 the name was taken over by Royal Albion china. We already have information on the site. To find it, all you needed to do was to use one of the search boxes at the top of any main page):-

The Redfern & Drakeford R & D mark also sometimes appears in association with the trade name Balmoral China.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

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R & D pottery below lion on left leg
by: Derek

We have 6 cups and saucers plus 12 side plates and one larger plate (approx. 10" diameter), marked R & D with the lion standing on left hind leg.
This was a gift from Lady Pilkington of the Pilkington Glass family, given to my elderly Mother about 30 years ago, and has since been passed down to me. Could you please give me some details, and a valuation.
Thanking you in anticipation

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