Pottery Mary Query - Victoria above Crown

by Tony Pitt
(Basingstoke, England)

Pottery Mary Query - Victoria above Crown

Pottery Mary Query - Victoria above Crown

Pottery Mary Query - Victoria above Crown:- I have a coffee cup and saucer of unknown origin, though I suspect it's 60 years old or more - it's come from a family house clearance.

The pattern is of two birds on trees with a butterfly. There is a ring of green leaves around this. The rims of the saucer and cup, and also the handle of the cup, bear a gold pattern of triangles. The pattern is subtly different on the cup and the saucer - the butterflies are different, the birds' beaks are different, and so on.

The pattern appears fairly crude, as does the maker's mark, which is a crown with "Victoria" above it, all in orange. The maker's mark appears only on the saucer.

Can anyone identify who the maker is, and how old this is, please?




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Pottery mark - 'Ford' inside oval with a cross like an 'x'

Peter (admin) says:-

Hi Tony

Thanks for this interesting post - just the sort we like on this site! We should be able to sort this one out for you.

It's always tricky with crown marks as they are so common and often two completely unrelated companies (even from different countries) can have very similar

For example, this crown looks identical to a mark of a firm shown in Godden's Encyclopaedia - Cartwright & Edwards of Staffordshire founded in 1857. They were taken over by Alfred Clough in in 1955.

From what I can see of your photo, which is very small, this mark seems to have been either rubbed away, or only partially printed, as the bottom half of it is missing.

If it were Cartwright & Edwards, it should have the bottom detail of the crown, then the C & E initials, then 'Bone China England'. This mark was used from 1929 onwards, so that is the earliest this piece within the set can be. The unmarked pieces could be any date is this was a standard type of pattern.

Other backstamp brands of this maker, apart from 'Victoria' were Norville Ware and Boronian Ware. The brand 'Victoria' was named after the new works they moved into in 1912. They were also making from the Longton and Heron Cross Pottery from 1916.

Now, by a coincidence, looking for something else, I found this mark on efineantiques.com

austria-crown pottery mark

- who say this:-

"The books show this Victoria Austria mark to have been used somewhere during the years of 1883-1945"

So if anyone can clear up this question, please post below.....

Peter (admin)

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Victoria over crown
by: Heather

I also have a plate/bowl with the back stamp Victoria over a crown stamped in reddish brown. Dont know maker or age. Makers mark of the number 251 painted in gold . The plate is two tone green with a scene ? roman figures. Very ornate rim.

Can anyone help me please

Possible correction
by: Tony

The mark with a crown underneath "Victoria" could be of Bohemian origins - Austria, Czechoslovakia, Germany.

Schmidt & Co. has this mark but with 'Austria' underneath. 1904-1918 possibly?

Check out "collectorscircle.com".

We have a plate with the same mark.


Cup with Victoria on base
by: Sue

I have just seen the article and I am interested for any help I have a small cup white edged in a delicate blue pattern on the base the stamp is green the words Victoria above a crown and with what looks like Czecoslavakia under the crown (all in green) any help with its age would be brill.Thank you

love this pattern!
by: Wendy

My grandparents were given a similar set while in the American consular service in England, probably about 1905. I have noticed that some pieces are of fine, beautiful quality and others are coarse. I wondered if there was a change of management!

need advise
by: Anonymous

I have a set of lovely cup and saucers that are marked victoria under crown. and numbered cups and numbered saucers...can you help me find the origin and possible time frame of these pieces

red victoria stamp under red crown
by: eric

i have numerous cups saucers and plates with a red crown stamp and c and e written inside the crown and VICTORIA WRITTEN UNDERNEATH CAN ANYONE HELP ME please

Victoria Austria
by: Rebecca

See the following sites - Victoria was the primary porcelain maker in Austria and is known for beautiful, delicate pieces. I have some and they are wonderful.

Description of company: http://globerove.com/austria/victoria-austria/1418

Images of marks: http://www.collectorscircle.com/bohemian/porcelain/marks_table2.html

Delft plates
by: Pam

mine are victoria, crown, and czechostovakia under neith printed in green, with a numbers on them 159 i think they are show plates with 2 colourfull birds on a branch and birds around the edges with green leafs on them. Any comments that you can give me

Pottery Mary Query - Victoria above crown
by: Christina

This is 'bird of paradise' made by the Austrian Austria Victoria porcelain factory. Some pieces have just a crown mark and others a crown with Victoria above and Austria underneath.

Victoria Austria Bird of Paradise
by: Chris M

In cleaning out my Dad's house, I came across 6 unusual plates with this Bird of Paradise design, and Victoria above the crown, and Austria below.
It's a matched set of 6 plates, though they're sort of a hybrid between a plate and a teacup saucer. I guess you could put a teacup on them along with a sandwich!
At any rate, I have no use for them, so I'll list them on ebay. I really appreciate this site for providing the info and the venue for other interested users to find other interested parties.

Victoria above the crown England
by: Anonymous

Hello, and thank you for your website.

I have a tea pot with the most beautiful romantic image looks hand painted not sure. It is marked in blue color VICTORIA ABOVE THE CROWN AND England below the crown.I wonder How can I send you a picture.


Hi admin here:

Send to


and be sure to mark it for this thread.

victoria austria
by: sally Place

I was trying to trace history of a green shamrock tea set trio i have with stamp Victoria Austria and crown. I found this site which explains it well and I think has relevance to above thread


The key bit of history was: "The Victoria Porcelain Factory was operated by Schmidt & Co in Altrohlau, Bohemia (at the time in Austria, now Stara Role in the Czech Republic), which is a suburb of the famous town of Carlsbad (now Karlovy Vary). It is located in the Ore mountains, which contain a lot of Kaolin, the clay used for porcelain manufacture; this is the reason that the Carlsbad region was a major centre of porcelain factories. Combined with the fact that many wealthy Europeans and Russians used to come to Carlsbad to enjoy spa retreats in the medicinal hot springs, there was a huge trade in porcelain luxury goods. This beautiful cabaret set is clearly one of those items; you can't think of a more stylish way to have your hot coffee on a cold winter's day".

Perplexing Plate
by: Juls

I have a Plate with Victoria above the crown and Austria below in blue it depicts a Womanin a flowing robe with what appears to be an American flag draped around her as she is Floating on top of the water looking down at a nude male and female in the water as if in a marriage ceremony perhaps. Do not know if they are Gods, deities, nymphs, is there a way to upload an image which might help date the piece?

Victoria over a Crown NEW
by: Robert

I have a wind-up clock in a porcelain shell, the clock says made in Germany and on the bottom of the porcelain housing is where the Victoria over the crown is with the number 250, anyone with any information would be greatly appreciated.

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