Pottery trademark Bird Suriname

by Jo

Pottery trademark Bird Suriname

Pottery trademark Bird Suriname

Dear Peter, while traveling across Suriname (South America) I came across a beautifull piece of pottery the Suriname owner, he found it in the ground while Building a house in de jungle of Suriname. He is a local Guy iving in the jungle. He asked me if i knew where it was from, i don't but maybe you van Help me. Suriname had had many visitors over many years, Holland, America, spain, Herman, so i don't really no which directionele o search in. Suriname history archives are not that Big so it is diffult to search. It is a beautifull Country with Rich history, but few things have been saved. Most of it went back to europa or to other countries. I do't know of this piece os Old or maybe just from late years, bu it looks great, and the owner is very proud he found it. Hope you can Help. Many thanks and greetings from Suriname. Jo

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Bell Pottery
by: Anonymous

This is J and MP Bell & Co. Glasgow Pottery, Triumphal Car.

Thanks for this info!
by: Peter (admin)


This is such a brilliant assist. I looked up the marks for J.& M. P. Bell & Co of Glasgow in Goddens and sure enough they did have an eagle mark - which Goddens had no record of to go to print with.

Her is the listing and a blow up of the mark above.

j & mp_bell & co eagle pottery mark

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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