Rabbit on cabbage leaf from Bassano region of Italy

by Sean
(Fairlawn, OH)

Rabbit on cabbage leaf from Bassano region of Italy

Rabbit on cabbage leaf from Bassano region of Italy

Rabbit on cabbage leaf from Bassano region of Italy:- Hello, Peter. I have a piece of Bassano Italian pottery that was imported by the Meiselman Corporation. The piece is a large cabbage leaf dish measuring 10.5 in. by 11in. Perched on the edge of the dish is a large rabbit sitting at 7 in. tall at the ears. I am aware of the fact that Meiselman preferred to keep the manufacturer of a product under wraps to discourage direct buyers.

However, this particular piece has two stamps on it. One depicts a covered bridge that is a location in Bassano and is generally used to show an item came from that region. The other stamp is a water pitcher with a flower flanked by a letter "c" on each side and crowned with three "stars" on the side of the pitcher. Could this be a manufacturer stamp?

If it is, who is the manufacturer? What, if any value does this piece have? I have been researching Italian pottery marks for a few days now and am unable to place this mark.

This dish was a part of my Grandfather's collection, as such I believe is was produced in the 60's. My original intent was to find a value for it so I could offer it on an
auction website.

Given the difficulty and depth of the research involved I have decided to keep it myself.

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance you may provide in answering these questions.



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To:- Rabbit on cabbage leaf from Bassano region of Italy

Hi Sean

Let's see if we get a knowledgeable person who happens upon this post. I have looked, but although I have many books and encyclopedias handy, Italian marks are something I have always found difficult to impossible. The industry there was just not set up in the same way as in the big producing countries like UK, Germany or the US.

Apart from Capodimonte (Royal Naples - which had closed down forever by 1800), and then Ginori plus a small handful of other producers, Italian production seems to be very regional, very area specific and not national or international in nature. The one highly recognised make they do have (Capodimonte) is not a brand at all but a very loosely defined style which any maker can put their name to.

So all in all looking up Italian pottery marks is a fairly fruitless pursuit for me, and I am hoping we can get some collectors or other Italian know-how to contribute to your Bassano query.

Peter (admin)


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Bassano Italy Porcelain Figurines
by: Tony

Saw your question and description of your Rabbit on Cabbage. I have two parrot figurines that are 9 1/2 inches tall and both of them have the same covered bridge Bassano mark you have noted in your description. One of them has a second mark same as you describe with the water jug. The parrots are not identical but very similar to each other like a set. The logs they stand on are different, the placing of the flowers and leaves on the bases are different, and the parrots setting on the log is different, one looks left, while the other looks right. The other mark on both of them is inside the base written in green ink TWH F300 ITALY. The figurines are mostly white with the accent colors in green and yellow. They have a floral print painted on their breasts. Both of them have crackling showing they are aged. I have not been able to identify the maker but just wanted you to know there are others figurines with the same mark(s) as yours.

white and blue pot
by: RD

I have a white octagonal ceramic glazed pot (7 3/4" H x 8" diameter at the top) with blue embellishments. The bottom 2 marks are the same as in your photos but mine says "1464 Italy."

So curious about this!

Hexagonal NEW
by: Josephine

Hello, I have a hexagonal plate, intricately worked and with crackling of age. It too has the covered bridge and the jug with three stars the crown and the C and C.
I don't know more but will try to take the plate along when I am next in the area. I was there last summer but did not own the plate then.

Keep me posted if there is more information on this.

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