Red Dragon Vase - Pottery Mark Backstamp with EL UNICO

by Wendy Dworken
(Boca Raton,FL)

Red Dragon Vase - Pottery Mark Backstamp with EL UNICO

Red Dragon Vase - Pottery Mark Backstamp with EL UNICO

Red Dragon Vase - Pottery Mark Backstamp with EL UNICO:- I found this vase in a consignment shop recently but have tried for days to identify the backstamp with no luck. Please see if you can possibly know the bottom mark.

Thank you Peter,

Wendy Dworken


Reply by Peter (admin)

to: Red Dragon Vase - Pottery Mark Backstamp with EL UNICO

Hello Wendy


Just a hunch, I have nothing really to base this on, but I really think you might have something exciting here.

Why am I getting excited?

Well strictly speaking I shouldn't be because when I did my usual looking up this mark in my books, I found nothing - not a trace of anything in Kovels or Millers or Goddens. I looked at the Kovels 1650 to 1850 encyclopedia too. Also nothing.

Then I looked online and there was nothing apparently mentioning EL UNICO or a dragon or griffin mark.

I searched some more and eventually came across an obscure listing on an auctioneer's site from 2007.

The auctioneer was Burke's Antiques, the auction was 434-251-5769, Auction Date Sep 07 at the REMINGTON LIONS CLUB BUILDING, REMINGTON, VIRGINIA.

This was obviously some sort of estate sale, selling a very long list of very valuable antiques such as:-

19th Century Chippendale high chest on bracket foot

Fabulous heavily carved & inlaid mahogany bedroom suite featuring exquisite king size poster bed, 2 piece chest on chest w/ crest and triple mirror dresser

Weller Jardinières

etc etc

Also listed was this:-

21 1/2 in Pedestal marked EL Unico with dragon mark.

I suggest that this item was likely in keeping with the rest of the items - i.e. old and valuable.

I would love to know the maker of this item myself. I think it calls for specialist knowledge though. 'El Unico' translates as 'the unique one'. Very mysterious.

Good luck with your search and please post here what you find.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Red Dragon Vase - Pottery Mark Backstamp with EL UNICO
by: Peter (admin)

Red Dragon Vase - Pottery Mark Backstamp with EL UNICO.

Thanks for your kind words, Wendy. Please let us all know the solution to the mystery!!

Peter (admin)

I also have a beautiful vase... with El Unico Dragon
by: joicey

with the same mark... El Unico Dragon. 11 and a half inches tall...beautiful image of a women...i am looking to sell....wondering if you found out the worth of your piece!



Another El Unico
by: Patty J

I also have a piece of el unico with the same griffinor dragon stamp on its base. ... It may have comme from an estate in Charlottesville, VA. The lady I acquired it from has roots in that area dating back to civil war times but I have no clue as to its age. I, too, am curious as to its value and origin ... It is possibly a floor vase but was used as an umbrella stand ...

El Unico Jardiniere and Pedestal
by: Jackie

I have a matching jardiniere and pedestal handed down through the family, said to have been a gift from a sea captain to the ship's chandlery owner family member in Baltimore, MD, circa 1900, brought on board ship from foreign parts unknown. Ah, the romance of it all! Both pieces are marked with the El Unico red dragon. The pieces are green and floral with gilded edges and the jardiniere has lions' head handles. Both are very heavy. Any ideas as to worth or origin? Thanks!

El unico
by: Paul


I have a jardiniere with the El unico stamp on the bottom. It was given to my grandmother by a Bostonian family that she worked for when she came to this country in the later part of the 1800's.

I remember growing up that my grandmother had a snake plant in it. (the plant was ugly and would never die) I just put a cymbidium orchid it; looks great.

It is shades of green and white with flowers and gilded edges that are scalloped. There is also a floral design along the inside edge.

El Unico Jardiniere
by: Jackie

Sounds similar to mine, Baltimore circa 1900, yours Boston circa 1800, let's keep searching for origin of El Unico, which was in existence for at least 1800-1900, if we use our evidence. What fun! Thanks!

red dragon stamp pottery
by: kim

Hi I recently bought a large jardinier with matching stand with the same to learn more about this

El Unico
by: Briarbrook Auctions

I have taken on consignment a beautiful jardinere with red dragon backstamp and the letter El Unico
Has the mystery been solved yet - anyone figured out this company background/origin ?

Mystery continues
by: Jackie

Hi - the mystery continues, and El Unico is as enimagic as ever. Please keep commenting, especially with more clues!

El unico
by: Matt tunney

Hey I was handed down this vase and and have not been able to find any info any ideas it's a smaller round face with a woman face on it

Red Dragon El Unico
by: Anonymous

I came across a blue/silver pitcher in my mother's cupboard with this mark. Its beautiful and obviously old

el unico NEW
by: Anonymous

I have done some research on this subject I too have a pedestal and jardinere. It actually goes back to Florida

red dragon marking el unico. NEW
by: Nancy

My mother in law gave his son a piece with the red dragon on the bottom. She has now passed but we will try to find out more information from the only living relative alive at the time when it was given to her. it has a note attached on the bottom that it was given to her mother from her father in 1914. I would call it a water vase(maybe). It is fat a the bottom has a very narrow neck and handle. the pattern is what might be oak leaves and acorns. the color of the vase starts at the bottom with light pink , goes into light white green and the handle and neck is brown.

El Unico
by: Anonymous

After researching this forever. I went to the Library of Congress. I luckily found the Interior of El Unico, St. Augustine, Florida. There are pictures of the actual jardineres and pedestals in the picture as well as vases. It was published by Detroit Publishing Co., and published between 1895 and 1910.

Pedestal and jardinere.
by: Alan

I also have a EL UNICO pedestal and jardinière, 32 inches tall. It was a wedding gift to my grandparents in 1909 and was purchased at Wanamakers department store in Philadelphia. Trying to determine the value and more about the company.

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