Rosenthal Figurine - Squatting Dachshund by Karl Himmelstoss

by Cindy Taylor

Rosenthal Dinnerware Query: Rosenthal Squatting Dachshund by Karl Himmelstoss

Rosenthal Dinnerware Query: Rosenthal Squatting Dachshund by Karl Himmelstoss

Rosenthal Dinnerware Query: Karl Himmelstoss Figurine - Squatting Dachshund. I am hoping that you will be able to help me. Last night I broke my dead mother's cherished Rosenthal figurine of the Squatting Dachshund.

I believe it was designed by Himmelstoss in 1917 and is model #448. I am devastated as my Mom and I laughed for hours during her lifetime over the beautiful, yet funny figurine. She always kept it in her glass display case.

After she died I had it on my bookshelf and while dusting last night I broke it. I am devastated. Do you know where I might find a replacement? If not, do you have any idea on what I can expect a replacement to cost?

Thank you very much for your help!

Cindy Taylor

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Reply by Peter (admin)

Dear Cindy

What a sad story, you must be reeling! To lose such a rare figure by Karl Himmelstoss for Rosenthal - one of the modelers I would look up to and aspire to become as good as. Rosenthal is my very favorite European maker (along with Villeroy and Bosch). All that plus your sentimental attachment due to your mother's memory - I am so sorry.

Never fear, hope is at hand and together I KNOW we will find a replacement.

Ok here's how. Above all - be patient and you will find one. There is a trick to it, and I will show you how - just follow instructions and promise to tell me when you find one, please!

I know they appear from time to time at ebay - mostly either in the German ebay or the US ebay. The last one I could find went for around $200 USD.

So my advice to you is to find one through Ebay by following these instructions:

Here's the secret......

NOTE: I'm presuming you have signed up for Ebay (if not you will have to sign up).

Go to my Rosenthal page.

About half way down find the link which

"If you require an online value price guide for US, UK, Canada and Australia for Rosenthal china items - click here".

Click on the link and you will go to a specially coded ebay auction page. There you will see a 'buyer' search box which says "Rosenthal".

Change that search term to "Himmelstoss Rosenthal Squatting Dachshund".

Then tick the small box underneath which says "Search title and description".

Click the search button.

There will most likely be a page that comes up saying "0" items found for: "Himmelstoss Rosenthal Squatting Dachshund"... although if there is one, your troubles are over.

Look for a link that says Save this search and say yes to this option. Follow online instructions on how to save this search.

Hey presto, ebay will email you when "Himmelstoss Rosenthal Squatting Dachshund" comes up for sale.

For a wider search, try using different variations of what you are looking for, eg allow for misspellings of 'Himmelstoss', or leave out the word 'squatting' etc. Be creative.

There was a very lively market for Rosenthal Dachshunds on ebay at the time of writing. When I looked there were 6 for sale - but none of them yours. Ebay has become THE place for collectors to gather to buy and sell (especially now that stores have smaller china & glass sections).

I feel sure you will find another sooner rather than later if you use this method.

Hope this helps, good luck with your search.

For any visitors reading this who may be wondering about the value of their Rosenthal wares, check out my my 'Bring In The Experts' page. You don't have to pay any money upfront to use this unique service, and I've designed it especially to protect my visitors from wasting time and money online.

Best regards,

Peter (admin) (These pages show our new English made bone china figurine collection) (This is my bigger site covering all aspects of fine china making)

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