Rosenthal Figurines - Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Otto Koch and Hugo Meisel - Antique China, Fine China and Modern China Manufacturers Query

by Philip

Rosenthal Figurines - Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Otto Koch and Hugo Meisel - Antique China, Fine China and Modern China Manufacturers Query:- I am trying to find any info on some figurines I have - my father brought them home from Germany after the war. They are Rosenthal and on the bottom is stamped H. Meisel and the number 864.

They are signed Otto Koch and under that it looks like Wilhelm. they are Nubian servants carrying trays of food.

Can you tell me anything about them? I can't seem to find any info on the internet.



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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Rosenthal Figurines - Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Otto Koch and Hugo Meisel - Antique China, Fine China and Modern China Manufacturers Query

Hi Phil

Wow, great query. This is just the sort of submission that gets my interest.

Can you send photos of your figurines for reference please? Just use another submission form. I'd love to see them. I am a big fan of Rosenthal. They have pure class. I have always been in awe of this company's history and integrity of artwork and quality of design.

Your father had very good taste indeed. The figurines are from a period of very rich artwork (we will forget the unfortunate fact that many leading Nazis were Rosenthal collectors of this period - you can't blame artists and artisans for who collects their work. Nazis loved Renaissance paintings too!)

Your figurine pottery marks sound like a who's who of important German ceramic designers. The marks on the bottom refer to Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Otto Koch and Hugo Meisel. Quite a combination of talents!

Otto Koch (1901 - 1974) worked for Rosenthal from 1920 to 1966 and was an important figure within their history. Koch was a sculptor and painter. In 1920 he became head of the art department of the factory Bahnhof, Selb which, at that time, was newly founded in Plößberg. In 1931 he was promoted to a senior position within that factory and in
1945 he became factory manager. Philip Rosenthal was quoted as saying about about Koch: "He would ever scrutinize to the last, but was especially open-minded towards his team of employees. The training of apprentices was a big issue for him."

Hugo Meisel (1887 - 1966) worked for Rosenthal from 1936 to 1937. Meisel was a porcelain "master-sculptor" (the same profession as myself) as well as bronze sculptor and so we can most likely attribute the actual sculpting of your figures to him. His figures are notable for what is described as a "restrained naturalism". An important figure, he was head of the Staatliches Museum of Heidecksburg from 1950 to 1959. Hugo Meisel created the famous "Mohren" figurines as well as "Vogel flieg" (bird flies) and "Pfeifer" (pipers).

Wilhelm Wagenfeld (1900 - 1990) began working with Rosenthal from 1936. Dr. Wilhelm Wagenfeld - a famous "Bauhaus" pioneer - was a forerunner in utilizing industrial bulk production into the ceramic design and make process. Rosenthal greatly benefited from his knowledge and skills. He is therefore justly famous as a pioneer of European industrial design and is a multi-award winning pottery production genius. A famous potter indeed! For Rosenthal he created the famous "Frucht- und Lichtschale" for the brand Thomas the form "Gloriana" inter alia.

Some of the famous potteries of Rosenthal of Selb include:

Selb Kunstabteilung factory
Bahnhof-Selb factory
Selb-Plossberg factory
Studioline factory
Bahnhof Selb Keramik factory

I feel your Rosenthal figurines may be valuable but I am not a qualified china appraisal expert.

To continue your online search yourself, see my 'China Replacement' page for instructions on how to price compare your items.

You can use my in-house search engine located on the home page (and on many other main pages) to check for answers to any other queries you may have.

Hope this information is useful.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Keywords: rosenthal figurines OR figures +"h. meisel" OR "864" OR "otto koch" OR "wilhelm" OR "nubian servants"

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I know Rosenthal Figurines!
by: coquettebreeze

I have just published a new book on Rosenthal porcelain figurines. I will be happy to answer questions about identifying Rosenthal figurines and marks. I can be contacted at


Peter (admin)

Hi Coquette

Thanks for the heads up on your book. If you give us a link I will be happy to post it up. I have added a simple 'title' code to your email address so the horrible spam bots can't harvest it and start sending you rubbish spam at that address. I am happy for visitors to contact you there, but I would be even happier if the queries were posted up here for all of us to read your answers. That is what this site is all about. When you answer queries, be sure to add a signature tag at the end of your answers to promote your book.

Peter (admin)

Rosenthal - Prof. Frisch Figurines
by: Anonymous

I have a figurine of a dancer ( Harold K...) by Prof Frisch

made by Rosenthal...I believe there was a second figurine

of the same dancer. When was it made?

Rosenthal Sculptor Waldemar Fritsch
by: Coquette Breeze

In answer to the question about the "Frish" figurines... Waldemar Fritsch created 10 figurines for Rosenthal in the late '40s to early '50s. The figures you are asking about are titled "Lucifer I" and "Lucifer II", characters in a play portrayed by German actor Harald Kreutzberg. My book, "Rosenthal Porcelain Figurines" illustrates 7 of the 10 Fritsch figures. See a preview of my book at

Ann Banduhn
Coquette Breeze, LLC

Rosenthale - Pan Kneeling with a butterfly
by: Christa

I was bequeathed a beautiful Rosenthal figurine of Pan, kneeling with a butterfly. The mark reads Rosenthal Selb-Bavaria. The appears to be a heart in a V. I have had no luck finding any information on this piece. Can you help me?

Thank you.

Rosenthal Pan with Butterfly
by: Anonymous

The figurine you refer to was designed in 1912 by Karl Himmelstoss, a prolific sculptor who designed 134 figurines for Rosenthal. The actuual title of this piece is "Faun with Butterfly" in English, and "Faun mit Schmetterling" in German. The model number is 124.

This piece is illustrated in my book "Rosenthal Porcelain Figurines" on page 482 in the Mythology chapter.

See a preview of my book at

Ann Banduhn
Coquette Breeze, LLC

Rosenthal Moose
by: bev

I have a rather large Rosenthal Moose with detachable Horns.
How can I get a value?

How to get a value on your Rosenthal Porcelain item
by: Peter (admin)

How to get a value on your Rosenthal Porcelain item:-

The Bring in the Experts antique china and collectibles evaluation page of this site will give you the low down on how to get a value for your Rosenthal item.

People in your position basically have several options.

Some options are free, but are less convenient.

Some cost an arm and a leg and are not good value.

My own expert liaison service which I run with a very hands on and personal approach - no anonymous computer uploads, no taking money upfront, represents the best valuation service money can buy.

Designed for the people by the people, testimonials tell me it is the best value for money around. Many thousands of visitors have taken advantage of this service.

There is a full money back guarantee which has been called on only once...... and we are still friends. The client wanted an identification and appraisal of an unusual pair of vases. My expert in this type of wares explained these were of German origin and of the latter part of the 19th century. There was no discernible mark as such, and therefore not possible to associate them with a famous name collectible fine china maker, so the expert valued them up accordingly. It turns out, after the client had discussions with a specialist museum the vases may possible have been made in America at the date specified - by a German immigrant using German materials and methods. Although the value was not effected, the client asked for a refund as the country of origin had been wrong. I granted this refund immediately with no questions asked, although I did think this a slight technicality in that there is a precedent for this situation in Japanese and Chinese wares of the early period where Japanese raiders would capture Chinese imperial potters together with their materials and tools, and hold them captive reaping the benefits if their fine skills. Experts consider these wares Chinese rather than Japanese although they are clearly made in Japan.

Anyway, my service is there for anyone who needs it, together with my personal guarantee of a quality report or your money back.

Peter (admin)

Chinese Dancer Chaokium Mod 534 des. 1919
by: Norbert

I inherited the above piece from my late father. It was desiged by Holizer Defanti in 1919 and modeled in 1920.
I would like to know if I should have it insured and for how much, as I do not know what it is worth.
Please could you help or pont me in the right direction

The Value of Rosenthal Wares
by: Joyce

I have a fiqurine it is white, a ladies head I think it is a oil or vinegar bottle it has a spout and a stopper it has the Rosen thal stamp on the bottom from Germany could you pls tell me what its worth is? tks pls answer me!


Peter (admin) says:-

For value of Rosenthal items, please refer to my (long and detailed) answer to Bev a couple of comments up.

B. Boes?
by: Anonymous

Hello there,

I hope you can help me.
I would like to buy a Rosenthal figurine from 1915 by a B. Boes
The stamp mentions a Selb-Bavaria Kunst-Abteilung 1914- 1915
It is a little figurine 21,5 cm and I find it overpriced something like 800 dollars.
Can you help me identify the real value, I would like to give it to my daughter as a present.

Thank you very much

B. Boes Inquiry
by: coquettebreeze

The questioner (Maria) contacted me separately and I replied in detail directly to her questions. There are many variables to consider, including the difference in online pricing and "in store" pricing, condition, age, etc. In my book, I discuss the nuances of determining "value".

However, for the sake of others here, I will discuss the piece in question.

It is titled "After the Bath" and was first sculpted in 1913 by Berthold Boess (aka Boes), model #202 from Rosenthal's main factory in Selb, Germany.

The price Maria quotes here is on the high end of the scale that I gave her. The piece is quite lovely (Maria sent a pic) and appears to be one of the early production pieces. Only one size was produced, at little over 9".

Boess designed 24 porcelain pieces for Rosenthal between 1913 and 1934.

Hopefully, this very brief reply will help others.

Preview my book at:
Ann Banduhn

Matador and Bull
by: Ann

When Mom and Dad passed away, my husband wrapped up the Rosenthal Figurines and brought them home with him. They are the Matador and Bull. The sword was replaced and you can see tape on it if you look closely. Other than that, they are in perfect beautiful condition. We use to see them on Mom and Dad's wooden stereo credenza. these were purchased on one of their many trips. They were very fond of travel. Any idea how old they may be and the value? I do have photos.

rosenthal sculpture
by: sharene

Good day we have a rosenthal horse sculpture of two 2 stallions fighting on the bottom is 921 imprinted and H meisel. Where can i have this item valued? We are in south africa so dont have places that would know the value of such an amazing piece.
thanking u

This will be worth a bit
by: Peter (admin)

Please contact me, I can help get a top expert to look at this and the fee will not be extortionate and only take 3 days max.


Peter (admin)
Owner and administrator of this site

Trying to obtain Rosenthal1944 Boston terrier figurine NEW
by: Steven Larry. Kaye

I have now looked for five years on all social media sights, yet I cannot not even find one person who is willing to sell at premium this outstanding figurine. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could give mea lead

I can be contacted at or 401 8854572

what is correct name NEW
by: Anonymous

Which is the correct name of the Rosenthal Artist:
Berthold Boes, or Berhold Boehs

Rosenthal nude woman on horseback NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a figurine and I think it is a Rosenthal nude woman on horseback but I can not find out much information on when it was made what is its value and if it is authentic. Wondering if you can help. Thank you

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