Royal Sandringham Fine Bone China - Antique Bone China Page Query

by Lesley
(Nottingham, UK)

Royal Sandringham Fine Bone China

Royal Sandringham Fine Bone China

Royal Sandringham Fine Bone China - Antique Bone China Page Query: I have a small vase approx 4 inches high with Royal Sandringham fine bone china made in England underneath pottery mark.

I have tried searching for this manufacturer on the net but have not had any success.

Any information would be helpful




Answer by Peter (admin)

Hi Lesley

Thanks for your interesting query. You have got me going on this one. There is virtually no English maker I can't look up - even if they are small and I have not heard of them before.

No other English bone china maker query has got me stumped before. However, I can't find anything in my encyclopaedias on Sandringham China and it is the only maker I have never been able to find listed on the excellent online database. The other information online is very scant.

I have found a few pieces of Sandringham bone china for sale at ebay - to find them, go to my China Replacements page and scroll down to the link to eBay (this will get you into the right place for a deep level search)

China Replacements

From there put in this search:

"SANDRINGHAM CHINA" (Include title and description)

There you will see perhaps 7 or 8 items such as classic bone china tea cups and saucers and commemorative plates by a maker called "Sandringham Fine Bone China" (I didn't see any 'Royal Sandringham' at all).

In the mix you will see several of the big makers and famous china manufacturers with items called "Sandringham", ie patterns and different ranges - makers include Wedgwood, Johnson Brothers, Coalport, Royal Worcester, Paragon etc. So they are all at it. Obviously the association with the Royal 'Sandringham' Estate has a good association for the china manufacturers.

To my mind there are two main possibilities of who Sandringham China are. They could be either a sub-brand of another more famous maker like Colclough or Hudson & Middleton (made for a particular purpose). Or they could be a very small maker with a relatively short lived history. My guess would be c.1950 to c.1970.

I would be interested to find out more. Thanks for flagging this one up.

Let's call this one 'work-in-progress'.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Comments for Royal Sandringham Fine Bone China - Antique Bone China Page Query

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sandringham china
by: Anonymous

An anonymous visiter has said:-

"Sandringham is made by Wedgewood".


Further comment by Peter (admin)

Many thanks for your kind contribution.

However, as I said in my main comment, many of the better known china manufacturing names have sub-branding associated with the word "Sandringham" including Wedgwood, Johnson Brothers, Coalport, Royal Worcester, Paragon etc. All of these names except Worcester have been or are part of the Waterford Wedgwood Group.

So it would be inaccurate, in my view, to say "Sandringham is made by Wedgewood".

Perhaps you could say who you are and what your base of knowledge is and expand further.


Peter (admin)

Sandringham China
by: Patricia

I just picked up a cup and saucer today from our local thrift store.

It just has the words Sandringham Bone China Made in England on the bottom of both saucer and Cup. Also the gold markings that look like 2007 on the bottom of the cup.

I too, can't find information about this 'company;.

Sandringham China
by: Sandra

I also have a cup and saucer set called the "You & I series" but cannot find anything on the internet regarding this. It looks like it tells a story of a couple who meet and go dancing. The style of the couple I guess from the design looks around the 1950's. Unfortunately I broke a saucer during a house move but wasn't looking to sell the set anyway just to find some history about it. If anyone knows anything about this series I would be very interested.


You and I Series
by: Jo

I have two small plates from the You & I Series - Sandringham Fine Bone China. I have been searching for more pieces as I really like them can anyone help?

sandringham fine bone china
by: Silvie

I also have a a Sandringham marker on a saucer. I have an identical saucer marked Windsor- on eBay I found a matching cup, the maker's mark being British Anchor. The pattern of a crinoline lady is called Dainty Miss

You and I series
by: Fiona

I have been searching for more in the Sandringham "You and I" series. I have 4 teacups, 4 saucers and 5 tea plates that belonged to my Grandmother. I would love to own a complete set, if anyone has any more info I would be grateful.

You and I series
by: Maureen

My aunt in Sheffield Yorkshire gave me 6 plates
6 saucers 6 tea cups for my wedding present 50 years ago. have often tried to research the name with no success.This is the first time i have heard anyone else mention them.

by: Anonymous


You & I series
by: Melissa

I am finding it difficult to find out anything on this series by Sandringham. I have a teacup and saucer with what looks like a french painter painting a female model. I picked them up at an antique store.

Sangringham bone china
by: Shirley

I have pretty yellow tea cups with a band of pink flowers around the top of them and a gold edge...4 tea cups and 1 saucer that were my grandmothers, they say Sangringham bone china made in England and 1997 written in gold on the bottom....would love to have more of these to make a complete set.

You and I series
by: Anonymous

I came across a small plate of this series today and love it! I wish I could find some more information about the maker etc

by: Anonymous

I am also having the same problem...I need a small cream jug..which has been broken.. from my coffee set.

Royal Albert roses is similar pattern.

I have found a jug on ebay but the pattern is upside down.

You & I Royal Sandringham
by: Dennis

I have 5 cups, saucers and plates which I'd like to sell. PLease contact me below

Dennis have you sold your china?
by: Jo

Hi Dennis I would be very interested in buying this china from you.
I am not sure how to contact you from the pages


Peter (admin) says:-

Hi Guys

Just make a comment leaving your email addresses so you can contact one another and I will protect your emails from the dreaded spam-bots by putting in a special code which the spammer's crawlers can't read. If you are in the same country, a telephone number can be useful too.

Sandringham-Pink, Wedgewood Bone China
by: Lynn

I have an 8 dinner plates, cups and saucers, large serving platter, oval serving bowl and gravy boat with the "made in England" mark and the W3510 mark. I can't find anything on the gravy boat or the oval serving bowl, though it has the same markings as the other pieces. Does anyone have any idea what the value is of the gravy boat and serving bowl?

Wedgwood Sandringham
by: Lynn

My Sandringham china is marked as Wedgwood

by: Lynn

Hi, I didn't intend to leave off my name on the previous email referring to 'Sandringham is made by Wedgwood', sorry. My Sandringham fine bone china markings show that it is Wedgwood Fine Bone China made in England. It does not have Royal in the name.

In a previous email I said I have an 8 place setting but also have an oval vegetable bowl and a gravy boat with the same markings but cannot find anything which gives me the value of these 2 pieces.


coalport fine china pattern sandringham
by: Anonymous

I just picked up a teapot and just made a phone call my $7.50 fine at the thrift store is worth $591.00. It is in mint condition. I am still in shock.

by: Tamar

I have two cups and from sandrinham fine bone china made in england and has handwritten on bottom 3224 P and the other 3226 G and a plate from roslyn fine bone china series of 6 world famou wheat croft roses no 5 prelude. would these be collector items?

sandringham fine bone china, you and I
by: maryg

I own a complete tea set bought in London 1959, never used .The pattern has a woman in pinkish dress sitting on a park bench ,talking to a man in a blue shirt. there is a blue scottie dog nearby. Any comments appreciated

Sandringham made in England
by: Shaun

hi I have a pair off Chinese blue & white vases 10 inch high brought from a car boot 20 yrs a go anybody have info please contact at thanks

You & I Series
by: Sue Wallis

I have a trio, cup, saucer, plate, Sandringham Fine Bone China England. "You & I" Series which I will be listing on eBay Australia this week, if anyone is interested. I'm happy to post overseas.

Sandringham bone china
by: Aimee

I too have a piece of sandringham bone china. I can't find anything about it. It's is a yellow cup and saucer with gold trim. I am following this.

by: Peter

I have one plate ( Sandringham fine bone china
Charlotte Ven Owen I can't find any info on Sandringham fine bone china , I was going to sale it but can't fine anything about her and what the pleat is worth

Sandringham still unsolved
by: Peter (admin)

Dear Mary

Thanks for the email prompt on this one. Send me your pics and I will post them with your comments (above). The 1959 date is great evidence of provenance.

This mystery maker is still one of our outstanding unsolved cases. We don’t know who the brand ‘Sandringham bone china’ was made by, and we know nothing about the ‘You and I’ range, apart from what our visitors have written.

Some of the dates seem to suggest recent production, so this may be a small maker still surviving today, or a marketing brand of one of the bigger names. My copy of Goddens goes up the the mid 1960’s and had Sandringham have been an older make would have almost certainly listed it, so this, again suggests a maker from the mid to latter part of the 20th century.

Mary's pics arrived so I uploaded them below:-

you and i sandringham  bone china



You & I
by: Anonymous

I have 5 cups and saucers and plate of this series. Each one is different each cup trio has a couple doing something different On the bottom it has written
Fine bone china
" you & I"

They look 1950 ish to me but would love more information!

sandringham, you and I series
by: maryg

I understand from a china supplier at my local market that sandringham was Stoke on trent maker. There were 3 patterns from c 1938 to 1960, you and I , a circus pattern ,and a third one whose name she cannot remember. I hope this might help rather than confuse!

Stoke Maker
by: Peter (admin)

Dear Mary

Your contribution is very welcome and an interesting word of mouth clue.

Many thanks

Peter (admin)

You & i
by: Wendy

I have just this morning purchased 6 side plates from a local British Red Cross shop.They are beautiful &I would love to collect the whole set.

by: Anonymous

I also have some Sandringham fine bone china.

I also need replacments.

I've come to the conclusion it's made by Royal Albert.A slightly different design, maybe a cheaper edition for the less affluent.

by: Anonymous

I disagree, in all my research I don't think it has anything to do with royal Albert. I agree with the above, it's a smaller manufacturer that probably started pre 1950's.

Cottage scenes
by: Sheila G.

I bought four beautiful plates from the Sandringham Collection yesterday.
They are marked 'Designed by Hanson' with 'Bridgeman Art Library' also being printed on the back, beneath the artists' name.
Three (painted by Helen Allingham) depict country cottages with a lady and child/children, while one (by E.W. Waite) depicts an old farmhouse with animals grazing.
My attempts at including photos here for your appreciation, have unfortunately not been successful.
I am interested to know if anyone has similar items, and whether this is a vintage or more modern collection?

Kind regards,
Sheila G.


Update by Peter (admin)

A big thanks to Sheila who sent her pics to me as requested.

The clue on the backstamp gives the maker as

"Designed by Hanson, Rose Cottage, Haslemere" (see image below).

The painter of these plates is "Helen Allingham (private collection, Bridgeman Art Library)"

So, the backstamp in full says

"Sandringham Collection - Bone China - Designed by Hanson, Rose Cottage, Haslemere, painted by Helen Allingham (private collection, Bridgeman Art Library)"

Does this clue give us any idea who exactly who Hanson, Rose Cottage, Haslemere is?


Still no idea who this maker is....

But big thanks to Sheila for this very helpful clue.


Interesting New Info
by: Peter (admin)

Thanks Sheila

Great new lead. Please send the pics to me and reference this thread please

Let's post the pics up and all have a look.


Peter (admin)

Tea cup trio
by: Jane J

I have a tea cup trio with a lovely scalloped edged saucer and plate very fine and translucent with pink irises a blue and yellow flower. I would love to know how old they are. Found at a flea market in Australia.

Sandringham, Salisbury cornflower trio
by: Linda Suban Anonymous

I have a Sandringham trio too. Both the cup and plate are stamped Sandringham fine bone china made in England. The saucer is stamped Salisbury fine bone china made in England cornflower

'You & I' Series
by: G

Hello, I'd like to buy as much of the 'You & I' Series as possible. Does anyone have some they'd like to sell? Please text message me on 07961056027. Thank you

'You and I' series
by: Anonymous

Hi, if anyone has at least one side plate from this series that they would like to sell please let me know. I am happy to purchase more if you have anything. I inherited this set and one of the side plates was broken. I love this set and it holds a special place in my heart. My contact number is 07803061588 please feel free to text me. Regards Sharon

Sandringham fine bone china
by: Kylie

I to have 5 saucers, with a crown, Sandringham fine bone china England. "You and I" series.
I to can't find information on them.
Thank you. God bless.

Re Sandringham china NEW
by: Carolescosies

I bought an Elizabethan china cup and saucer .I then came across a Sandringham China cup and saucer same cup and saucer shape different flowers but identical otherwise.
So could Sandringham been part of Elizabethan china or vice versa?

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